Migration deadline looms

As countdown looms to April 2014 and the end of life of Windows XP, Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), a leading South African technology management company focused on IT Technology and Service Management, is assisting companies to manage and plan for the difficulties associated with migrating from Windows XP and ensure that they are ready to migrate to Windows 7/8.


Blue Turtle through its ChangeBASE solution assists companies to prepare applications for a migration to the latest version of Windows; as well as Internet Explorer and application virtualization platforms such as Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp and Vmware ThinApp.


Companies often underestimate the major obstacles caused by application compatibility issues brought on by Windows migrations, which can involve stressful and time-consuming manual processes.  Therefore effective planning and management of your company’s migration is vital to ensure that it happens on time and to cost and at no risk.

Furthermore, ChangeBASE can quickly assess and repair application compatibility issues that can hamper productivity and delay migrations. It is therefore a business imperative to conduct application compatibility assessment as early as possible as the accurate results help ensure that rationalization decisions are sound.

ChangeBASE reduces the risks associated with Windows 7 / 8 migrations by allowing companies to leverage faster application compatibility assessment, automated testing, remediation, and packaging ready for deployment.

Blue Turtle delivers a process that simplifies ensuring application readiness and eliminating the support for Windows XP migrations.

For a consultation and additional information, please contact Blue Turtle at info@blueturtle.co.za or 011 206 5600.

More info on Dell Software’s ChangeBASE : http://software.dell.com/products/changebase/


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Blue Turtle takes on FrontRange

FrontRange, the only provider of Hybrid IT Service Management solutions, today announced that it has selectedBlue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) as its Master VAR for the African region.  The agreement sees Blue Turtle take responsibility and commitment for promoting, selling, and supporting HEAT Hybrid Service Management and HEAT Client Management solutions to customers throughout the region.  The partnership with Blue Turtle provides FrontRange customers in the region with localized ITSM expertise for support and services.


“Working with Blue Turtle, one of the leading ITSM distributors and customer service providers for key African markets, will enable FrontRange to be even more responsive to customers while also expanding our product delivery reach in the region” said Fred Johannessen, vice president of international sales, alliances and channels at FrontRange.


Blue Turtle, who will be an exclusive distributor of FrontRange’s ITSM suite of products within the region, will apply its extensive expertise in ITSM and IT operations to deliver world-class support to customers in Africa.


“The combination of FrontRange’s Hybrid Service Management offerings and Blue Turtle’s support and delivery organization will provide an entirely new level of customer service throughout key African geographies.  We will bring singular support to current customers and our goal is to rapidly expand in the region,” comments Geoff van den Bosch, managing director at Blue Turtle.


“The trend within the ITSM market will see an increase in Mobile and Social IT to continuously offer new and exciting opportunities to evolve service delivery and support. Furthermore, the requirement for new technology to be integrated within ITSM vendor solutions and the maturity of mobile device management (MDM) will help expedite the advancement of these solutions.  The agreement further entrenches the market’s recognition of Blue Turtle as an IT market leader in Africa with exceptional expertise, with a level 4 BEE accreditation, supported by sound business principles and service level agreements,” concludes van den Bosch.


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Blue Turtle appointed Ayehu reseller in Africa to extend IT Automation offering

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) as part of its service management strategy has signed a partnership with Ayehu to provide advanced automation to the South African market.


Gabby Nizri, Founder & CEO at Ayehu advises:  “Ayehu identified South Africa as a growing market with extensive opportunities.  Blue Turtle is an IT leader in the southern African market and we needed a strong partner with exceptional expertise, support and knowledge of the local market.  The opportunities for growth were a real factor when identifying a partner and we needed a partner with a solid track record for delivery.”


Ayehu develops and markets innovative enterprise-class IT Process Automation solutions. Ayehu helps IT professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex operations and achieve improved control over IT infrastructure


eyeShare™ is a light-weight IT toolbox that lets you automate complex IT processes within hours. Using a visual workflow designer with over 500 pre-built activities and 100’s of pre-packaged workflow templates, you can automate IT tasks across physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Andrew Parsons, product manager at Blue Turtle Technologies comments:  “Ayehu’s suite of solutions brings with it an extension to Blue Turtle’s automation solutions and the value proposition is the realization of a quick ROI, increased profit and improved uptime. This is further complemented by the ability to integrate the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.  Additional benefits include reduced IT costs and minimized risks through simplifying IT processes, improved quality of service and increased business performance is realised.”

“There is a trend in business to transform workload automation which includes the requirement for SLAs (service level agreements) as an important business process automation (BPA) throughout the enterprise as businesses depends more on IT than ever before to not just support, but also deliver, its most basic functions. SLAs are being imposed on workload management to make sure that BPA functions are carried out as expected. There is an expectation that there is a more advanced monitoring and alerting in IT automation, as well as critical path analysis to ensure that high priority processes receive the necessary computing resources as they need it. Workload automation is expected to provide the complex workflows necessary for real-time, or near real-time, data processing.  eyeShare™ is able to meet these business requirements at a fraction of the investment and the return is realised within a short period of time,” concludes Parsons.


Andrew Parsons                                                           Gabby Nizri

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Blue Turtle named WHIPTAIL reseller to deliver extensive data storage

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with WHIPTAIL, the storage-industry innovator powering faster and more energy-efficient computing for today’s global businesses via Flash storage, at the official partnership launch held at the Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead.   WHIPTAIL helps improve hardware and application performance across a wide variety of use cases and vertical markets with its ACCELA and INVICTA Flash storage arrays.


The demand and expectation from users for optimal technology performance creates challenges for IT managers, as performance suffers with widespread simultaneous activity – a problem compounded by the demands of the modern data centre including databases, OLTP, batch processing, analytics, VDI

and more.


“Blue Turtle continuously explores new technologies that enhance our capabilities and deliver robust value to organisations.  Adding WHIPTAIL to our solutions portfolio extends our offering through this innovative approach to data storage. The technology provides highly scalable IOPS, ensuring that organisations are equipped to cope with increased data transfer demands of virtualised environments,” commented Ronnie Koch, Consultant at Blue Turtle.


Brian Feller, VP and General Manager of WHIPTAIL EMEA, predicts substantially increased uptake of Flash-based storage: “IT managers are realising that traditional hard disk drives are no longer equipped to deliver the quality of end-user experience expected when business as usual is at stake. Companies are struggling with the ramifications of moving data fast enough, Big Data applications and the continuing pressure to make rapid decisions. Technology that can increase performance in these arenas is in strong demand.”


He continued: “More organisations are increasingly relying on Flash storage to provide the necessary resilience for demanding environments where performance is critical. But the historical perception of Flash, such as the high price point, short lifecycles and lower write capabilities than traditional storage, have meant that businesses have hit roadblocks with other vendors. We have smashed these Flash myths and are offering Blue Turtle’s customers the ability to move data faster than ever and stamp out sky-rocketing costs.”




ACCELA, the next generation of the world’s most widely deployed all-Flash storage array, and INVICTA, the first true enterprise class, scale-out, highly available, modular and multi-protocol 100 per cent NAND flash storage array ever constructed, provides highly scalable IOPS, extreme bandwidth, and ultra-low latency at groundbreaking performance and cost.


WHIPTAIL has engineered its arrays so that migration from traditional storage is easy and seamless, ensuring user organisations achieve radical improvement for overall system performance.  ACCELA features traditional-functioning storage subsystems, but hundreds of thousands of times faster than magnetic, mechanical based systems.


ACCELA and INVICTA can be seamlessly integrated to work with any application used in the enterprise and run in existing SAN architecture. The array is tuned to reduce latency in high IO environments and possesses a proprietary operating system designed to overcome the write performance and longevity challenges typically associated with multi-level cell (MLC) Flash storage.


Koch concluded:  “Blue Turtle and WHIPTAIL realise that these solutions are vital as they assist organisations effectively manage and accelerate their storage at a fraction of the time and cost of normal storage solutions, while delivering optimal performance, reliability and scalability that supports all standard storage networking and file protocols.”




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Blue Turtle, JDisc announce partnership

The need for a cost- and time-reducing network discovery system sees Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) and JDisc, a leading network systems expert, announce a partnership agreement.

Thomas Trenz, CEO of JDisc, comments: “JDisc are expanding continuously and have a worldwide presence. Africa is a key target area and we identified Blue Turtle as a leader in the southern African market with a strong foothold in the region that would add know-how, expertise and support.”

JDisc is a network inventory and documentation solution. One of the benefits is that it targets all sizes of business, irrespective of the location, size and network. The solution can be purchased for ongoing operation, and is also available on a project-based licence for short-term requirements and audit exercises. There is a trial device for 25 devices (PCs/servers) that is fully functional and never expires.

Andrew Parsons, Product Manager, Blue Turtle, adds: “The added benefit of JDisc enables companies to obtain a quick overview of network including detailed hardware and software inventory, as well as allowing you to determine the relationship and dependencies between systems and devices. A key advantage is that JDisc is agentless working in the network, centrally deployed with a common management and reporting system.”

“JDisc feeds other ITIL components such as CMDB systems. Additionally, JDisc runs across any and all operating systems. It is non-proprietary and suited for any size company. Import data into CMDB to manage IT processes,” says Trenz.

“Annual support includes software upgrades, patches and repairs (as part of a signed SLA). If no support agreement is in place, then this is charged per item. Installation time is nominal; however, this does depend on customer environment and that the customer is able to provide the accounts on the PCs. The focus is to get a quick snapshot and quicker return on the investment. The true value is also seen in JDisc’s ability through the addition of asset inventory and network discovery as a service. A sound solution to any organisation with a network that offers highly competitive pricing and no limitations,” concludes Parsons.

For more information, contact:

Blue Turtle Technologies
Andrew Parsons
Product Manager
(011) 206 5600

Thomas Trenz
(+49) 703 493 2953

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Blue Turtle partner NetApp positioned as storage leader

Blue Turtle Technologies’ partner NetApp recently announced that Gartner positioned NetApp in the leaders’ quadrant for Storage Resource Management and SAN Management Software.[1]

Storage resource management is critical to NetApp’s ability to drive innovation that transforms business and to enable customers to gain the agility, efficiency, and flexibility to achieve successful business outcomes, as well as to offer partners the best technologies, solutions, and programs to grow their business.

In the recently released research report: “Magic Quadrant for Storage Resource Management and SAN Management Software”, Gartner asserts that vendors in the Leaders’ quadrant “have the highest combined measures of Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. They have the most comprehensive and scalable products. In terms of vision, they are perceived as thought leaders, with well-articulated plans for ease of use as well as how to address scalability and product breadth. For vendors to have long-term success, they must plan to address the expanded market requirements for change management, root cause analysis and performance analysis.”

“We believe our position in the Gartner Leaders quadrant is strong recognition of NetApp storage management solutions and demonstrates the flexibility and efficiency our innovations offer customers to address their storage infrastructure manageability requirements,” said Krish Padmanabhan, vice-president of Manageability Products, NetApp. “As customers increasingly move to virtualised, shared infrastructures and service-based cloud environments, they are turning to NetApp OnCommand to maximise storage and service efficiency and drive greater business impact by leveraging powerful yet simple storage automation and analytics.”

Gray Farrell, Business Development Manager, Blue Turtle, comments: “Global prediction reveals that data storage and storage infrastructure will intensify and continue to grow exponentially. IT professionals, therefore, face the challenge to address these situations with limited budgets, difficult financial markets that make acquisition and roll-out of new infrastructure difficult. Additionally, storage efficiency and virtualisation, consolidation, archiving, transparency and scalability require IT professionals to achieve better returns with greater efficiencies in shorter timeframes. With an unprecedented acceleration of unstructured data and mobile applications, the need for energy efficiencies and cloud, IT has to ensure that this is all managed efficiently without risk to the business.

“Blue Turtle is committed to enterprise by ensuring that we provide the best solutions and support underpinned by exceptional expertise, support and leading technology partnerships. The recognition by a leading analyst of NetApp as a global leader in the storage arena affirms our view that we need to continuously evolve and enhance our solutions to help business contain costs and improve efficiencies,” concludes Farrell.

The NetApp OnCommand product portfolio of management software improves storage and service efficiency through functions that help customers control, automate, and analyse their shared storage infrastructure. Control products enable element management and monitoring of NetApp storage with System Manager, Report, and My AutoSupport products. Automate products, including Unified Manager and Workflow Automator, enable storage management at scale with policy-based automation, service catalogue, and SnapManager software for application and platform awareness and protection. Analyse products represent the Insight and Balance products for performance, configuration, and capacity management of NetApp and third-party storage. Most recently, Insight Balance was selected the Gold Product of the Year for Best Storage Management Tool from Storage Magazine-SearchStorage.com. For more information regarding OnCommand, visit www.netapp.com/oncommand.

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Blue Turtle Technologies, Adaptiva announce partnership to extend global reach of IT management solutions

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) (http://www.blueturtle.co.za), a leading South African IT management solutions provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Adaptiva (http://www.adaptiva.com), a provider of IT systems management solutions.

Blue Turtle will extend its IT offerings throughout South Africa by offering the Adaptiva suite of IT systems management software solutions. Adaptiva holds premier status as Microsoft System Centre Alliance Gold Partner and serves clients around the globe.

“Adaptiva offer simple, elegant and mature best-in-class solutions which simplify the complexity of IT,” said Martyn Healy, director of marketing at Blue Turtle. “Blue Turtle can now leverage Adaptiva to streamline IT management, rapidly deliver content and increase the ROI on existing systems.”

“We are pleased to partner with Blue Turtle Technologies,” said Todd Floyd, vice-president of sales and operations at Adaptiva. “Blue Turtle’s offerings complement Adaptiva’s IT systems management software suite and extends Adaptiva’s presence in the South African market. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Blue Turtle.”

Through this agreement, Blue Turtle Technologies will offer Adaptiva:

* OneSite. Provides simplified, complete and cost-effective desktop management by eliminating server infrastructure and improving ROI on software distribution, inventory and the operation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Adaptiva OneSite provides visibility and control, offers more efficient, secure and streamlined processes to deliver any content to any client anytime, anywhere. (http://adaptiva.com/products_onesite.html)

* Companion. Offers complete, cost-effective PC power and configuration management. Adaptiva Companion provides end-to-end system visibility and control, coupled with advanced PC power management, and is backed by robust reporting to improve processes, reduce costs and increase ROI. (http://adaptiva.com/products_companion.html)

* Green Planet. An extension to Adaptiva Companion, Green Planet offers a collaborative approach to optimising PC power management, backed by on-demand reporting. Green Planet identifies PC energy harvesting and conservation opportunities to reduce costs. Green Planet reporting provides actual savings and the positive environmental impact in aggregate and by business unit. (http://adaptiva.com/products_green_planet.html)

* Client Health. Performs scheduled or ad hoc health checks on one or a collection of PCs to help maximise the success of computer management services. Client Health provides 100% accountability for distribution and updates, reduces the cost of managing Windows-based PCs and centralises visibility and control for IT administrators. http://adaptiva.com/products_client_health.html)

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Blue Turtle showcases telecoms solutions at AfricaCom

Leading software information technology solutions provider, Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) showcased its telecommunications solutions and services at AfricaCom, on 9 and 10 November 2011, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

According to leading research analysts, telecommunications has seen growth of 14.5% on average since 2003, and there are in excess of 5.4 billion mobile subscribers, who have contributed to the sector’s continuous development of innovative solutions and services.

“Blue Turtle’s telecommunications solutions include ERA, a voucher management solution that is a modern, state-of-the-art pre-paid management platform for the telco industry. ERA provides a customisable solution that’s primary features include multilingual support (interaction and notification), multi-channel recharge support (IVR, USSD, SMS), voucher-based recharging, electronic and third-party voucher-less recharging, data bundle management, real-time MMS rating and charging, support for expired counter and account outbound payments and auditing,” comments Hein Pretorius, Manager at Blue Turtle Consulting.

These solutions are built on Blue Turtle’s AMSA framework with comprehensive Web-based administration front ends, statistics, performance monitoring and alerting; CORBA administration and provisioning interfaces, SMS and IN gateway; open standards approach (JAVA, Web Services), hardware independent, OS, Application and DB independent.

Benefits include reduced Capex and Opex, operator technology preferences, flexibility, reliability, scalability and simplified maintenance and support. Non-proprietary deployment limits technology lock-in.

With reduced time to market for new requirements and the ease of integration due to open standards and interfaces utilised, the solution provides the company with the ability to phase deployment, reduce the risk and manage expenditure.

Blue Turtle’s agility, credibility and tenacity has ensured that longstanding relationships are maintained and that it delivers customisable, sound, mutually beneficial, profitable and leading-edge billing, CRM, voicemail and VAS solutions.

Blue Turtle expands presence in SA

As a result of significant growth in the Western Cape, Blue Turtle Technologies has announced the opening of a Cape Town Office. Blue Turtle Western Cape is conveniently located at Century Square, Century City.

“The Western Cape operation will be managed by our regional executive, Trevor Belter, bringing together the experienced technical team we have established in Cape Town and Durban. This is an indication of the rapid growth of our footprint across the country. We have a very strong presence with many of the leading IT organisations in the region, and we are looking to grow the service and solutions we currently deliver,” says Geoff van den Bosch, Managing Director at Blue Turtle Technologies.

“The expansion further strengthens our position as it puts us in close proximity to our existing customers, and enhances our ability to better engage and service our clients in Cape Town,” concludes van den Bosch.

For further information, please contact:
Blue Turtle Technologies – Western Cape:
Tel: +27 (0)87 721 1874 | Fax: +27 (0)21 552 7764
Regional executive: Trevor Belter: Cell: 079 511 4344 / trevorb@blueturtle.co.za
Physical address: Unit E6, Century Square, Heron Crescent, Century City, Cape Town, 7446

Blue Turtle confirmed as leading BMC Software Elite Partner in southern Africa

BMC Software recognised Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) as its seventh most valuable partner worldwide at its global partner conference, held during May 2011 in the USA.

Blue Turtle is a BMC Elite Partner, providing both ESM (Enterprise Solutions Management) and MSM (Mainframe Solutions Management) solutions to its enterprise customers. Blue Turtle’s recent acquisition of Column Technologies SA in January 2011 further increased its footprint in South Africa and across the rest of Africa.

“We have a very successful relationship with BMC, as their solutions are a trusted and recognised leader in service automation, operations and management, complementing Blue Turtle’s position in the African market addressing our customers’ service needs and requirements,” comments Martyn Healy, Blue Turtle marketing director.

“We are committed to this market, are appropriately skilled; however, continually growing our competencies through training, mentorship programmes and recruitment. Our staff is a differentiator.”

The longstanding partnership and relationship between Blue Turtle and BMC Software ensures that organisations’ risks are drastically reduced and easily managed, and that they always benefit from the mutual investment made by both Blue Turtle and BMC in the development of best practice services and solutions, underpinned by sound technology and credible, solid organisations with exceptional IP, ensuring maximum return on investment.