Automate Workload for Effective Bottom-line Savings

Blue Turtle assists organisations with job scheduling and workflow automation


Johannesburg, 12 February 2014:   Blue Turtle Technologies, the BMC Software Top Emerging Markets Solution Provider FY 2013, is assisting companies to drastically reduce the risk of supply chain or business service hold ups through effective automation of production workloads and schedules through the exploitation of BMC’s Control-M solution.   BMC Control-M manages the IT workload environment, integrating across heterogeneous systems, applications and databases enabling cross line of business automation.

According to Neil Cullum, Blue Turtle Product Manager, ‘With the growth in Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Workload Automation needs to scale and transverse these integrating with existing customer systems, and enabling the management of large volumes of data and process.  In turn the IT infrastructure needs to become more efficient and flexible by adopting cloud, big data, streamlined enterprise apps and embracing automation.”

With this increased rate of change comes risk and Control-M provides IT Managers with the ability to minimize risk through management the workload environment.  Business process flows are effectively managed so that in the event of failures the alerts are issued and resolved proactively; therefore protecting the company from any possible revenue losses.

Self Service, BMC’s Control-M scheduling self-management component, enables users to gain access to and manage their environments.  This enables business users to request and manage workload services through a simple, role-based web interface.  Self Service allows you to:

  • Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need for business users to submit service request tickets, as well as the work associated with those tickets.
  • Improve customer service by providing business users with the information they need, such as processing status of transactions and the ability to request scheduling changes.
  • Retain control and compliance by ensuring that changes are documented and logged, and configure changes to require approval by IT operations, if desired.

Blue Turtle, as a BMC Elite partner, has streamlined environments in various industries and for multiple customers, integrating their systems using BMC Control-M workload automation.

For a consultation and additional information, please contact Blue Turtle at or 011 206 5600.