CognitBot for IT

Purpose-built AI, Chatbot and Automation for IT


AI & Automation for IT

Fundamentally changing the way IT issues are resolved in the enterprise

AutomationEdge AI for IT helps to automate most of the IT areas like end-user support, networking, data center, security, and application support. AI bot can assist the support staff with automatic resolution of remaining IT tickets.

AutomationEdge understands the language of IT with the help of its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. AutomationEdge AI Assistants are pre-trained in more than 250+ skills of IT, which helps in delivering the automation of IT issues instantly.

AI & Automation for Business

Automate tasks across enterprise

AutomationEdge is the AI-driven integrated automation platform. It’s highly advanced Intelligent Automation Process, brings down together all the essential technical requirements of an enterprise for automation like Artificial Intelligence, iPaaS Machine learning, Chatbot, ETL, ready API integrations, and the IT Process automation.

AutomationEdge helps organizations automate the mundane, repetitive, and rule-based tasks across verticals: front office, middle office, and back office.

How AutomationEdge is Different

AutomationEdge is an integrated AI-powered automation platform that automates both the IT and business processes instantly. Its advanced Machine Learning, NLP, deep integrations, iPaaS,and ready bots delivers the best automation easily and instantly.

Pre-Built NLP for IT.

Pre-built NLP understands the language of IT for the IT tickets and conversations from diverse channels like email, chat, SMS, incident request, and call.

Self–Learning & Auto healing

Self-learning capabilities enable the learning from humans and keeps improving its knowledge repository. Also, powerful action engine enables the auto-healing.

Universal Knowledge Search

The Extensive knowledge repository helps for the dynamic and faster search capabilities which help users in faster understanding of issue resolution, and reducing TAT.

Guided Automation

Guided automation is used to guide users in troubleshooting critical tasks and incidents. It helps in faster resolution with reduced manual errors.

Machine learning for prediction

Advanced Machine Learning algorithms help in the appropriate classification and prediction of giving enough time to take precautionary actions.

250+ Pre-built skills

250+ advance ready bots combined with NLP and ML capabilities like: Salesforce, software install and mail management skills

One Platform to Automate both IT and Business

AI-Driven Enterprise-wide Automation beyond RPA

AI for IT

Automate all of IT issues faster with AI that understands the languages of IT.

AI for Business

Automate across enterprises with RPA, iPaaS, Data Integration, Industry Ready Bots.

Industry Recognized

Only automation tools recognized in both Gartner Market Guides for ITPA and RPA.

Top Rated

Rated among top 5 RPA vendors in Gartner Peer Insight ratings by customers

Gartner mentions AutomationEdge in the Hype Cycle for Platform as a Service 2020 report

Technology providers that offer best-of-breed tools for AIOps and RPA will influence intelligent automation.

“Real value of intelligent automation is realized when it improves the accuracy of decisions within complex workflows and expands the scope of automated workflows to enable new and differentiated business value.

Use Intelligent automation as an engine that continually collects and updates data models with the ability to predict business outcomes and automate or augment business decisions based on the data.”

Digital Enterprise with Intelligent Automation

  1. Faster RPA product, with the fastest spreadsheet processing

    A large insurance company could reduce policy processing time from 3 hrs. – 3 min. using RPA.

  2. RPA, Cognitive Capabilities, ETL and Rapid API Integration capabilities in one platform

    A large number of general insurance companies automate underwriting using Chatbot.
  3. One unified automation platform for both business and IT operations

    A leading bank automates its IT operations as well as business operations.

Why Global Organizations Trust AutomationEdge

Intelligent Automation ensures all operations are done at a faster speed and upto 80% reduced cost with almost zero errors. Intelligent Automation comes with all the essential technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Ready bots and Chatbots.

  • 400+ Ready Bots.
  • Upto 80% Cost Reduction.
  • Visible ROI from 4 weeks.
  • TAT Improvement from hours to minutes.
  • Zero Errors.

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