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What is BitSight?

BitSight offers the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution with a mission to change the way the world addresses cyber risk.


Security Ratings

BitSight provides data-driven, dynamic measurements of an organisation’s cybersecurity performance:

  • Derived from objective, verifiable information
  • Material and validated measurements
  • Created by a trusted, independent organisation


Security Performance Management

BitSight for Security Performance Management helps security and risk leaders take a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of their organisation’s cybersecurity program through broad measurement, continuous monitoring, and detailed planning and forecasting in an effort to measurably reduce cyber risk.


Third-Party Risk Management

Have the confidence to make faster, more strategic cyber risk management decisions.
With BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management, organisations can quickly launch, grow, or optimize their third-party risk management program with the resources they have today.

Experience the BitSight Security Ratings Platform

Learn how you can simplify your risk management and take charge of your cybersecurity with these intuitive and powerful solutions.

Why BitSight?


BitSight has extensive visibility into key areas of cyber risk that are correlated to breach, including Compromised Systems, Open Ports, Mobile & Desktop Software, and File Sharing. Additionally, BitSight is the only Security Rating Service provider with a third-party validated correlation to breach.


BitSight has the most robust community of cyber risk interactions happening on our platform across 170,000 actively monitored organizations, providing customers with the necessary context to gain confidence in their interactions with third parties.


Providing a larger view into your attack surface, BitSight gives customers an easy, visual way to prioritize and collaborate internally, as well as externally with vendors, to address the largest areas of cyber risk.

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