Blue Turtle accelerates data provisioning with Datamaker™ HP ALM Quality Center Integration

Create the right data to satisfy the perfect set of tests with the Datamaker™ HP ALM Quality Center Integration. Centralise test case design and data provisioning and export them to HP Quality Center (QC) with ease.

Blue Turtle Technologies has introduced the Datamaker™ HP ALM Quality Center Integration, which will be a talking point at the HP Discover 2014 annual conference taking place in Barcelona, from the 2nd to the 4th of December 2014.

The Datamaker™ HP ALM Quality Center Integration solution is aimed at enabling individual testers to design, create and maintain their own test cases by hand. They also rarely delete them, resulting in significant over-testing. Each test also needs data. Manually searching for, manipulating and creating the data for this number of tests accounts for up to 20% of the software development lifecycle. This data is then often stored in unstable, inconsistent spreadsheets by testers.

Using copies of production typically provides just 10-20% functional coverage and exposes you to the risk of data breach. Supplementing and manipulating it by hand is laborious and error-prone. It also fails to accurately reflect changes. This results in test and QA teams being provided with incorrect data. These data errors cause tests to fail and prevent you from shifting testing left in development.

The HP ALM Quality Center Integration solution ensures that teams can access the right data, in the right place, at the right time. Using synthetic data creation, it covers all combinations in the smallest amount of data. It also reduces the time required to find data from multiple systems by 95% and automatically matches tests to the appropriate data. You can centralise data requests through Test Data on Demand™ and export to QC.

“We are confident that Grid-Tools’ Datamaker™ for HP ALM Quality Center will provide our clients with tremendous benefits, both in the speed of adoption, but more so assisting them with the current data privacy regulations in South Africa,” said Tommy Erlank, Application Manager at Blue Turtle. “This useful tool helps enterprises and service providers create fit for purpose test data with agility and efficiency.”


Benefits of the ALM Quality Center Integration:

  • Drive optimal test case design from unambiguous visual requirements in Agile Designer™
  • Reduce the time required to find data from multiple systems by up to 95%
  • Automatically match “fit for purpose” data to the optimal minimum number of test cases
  • Quickly enhance existing legacy data and generate missing data using synthetic data creation
  • Centralise data requests, and share and re-use data and tests through Test Data on Demand™

The Datamaker™ HP ALM QC solution features answer the following questions:

How can I match data to optimise test cases?

Datamaker™ uses powerful data mining functionality to reduce the time it takes to find and extract the right data across multiple systems by up to 95%. Based on pre-defined criteria, Datamaker™ automatically matches data to the appropriate test cases, prioritising the rarest combinations.

How can I enhance existing legacy data?

Production data typically provides 10-20% coverage. Datamaker™ lets you rapidly generate synthetic data to create any missing combinations. Small blocks of data are stored in the Test Data Warehouse and can be assembled up and down through versions and projects into more complex test scenarios.

How can I remove bottlenecks in provisioning?

Centralize data requests and remove data dependencies through the self-service Test Data on Demand™ web portal. Deliver, share and re-use the right data and optimised tests from a central location and export them directly as part of the ALM Quality Center Integration with Datamaker™.