Blue Turtle and EmailTree AI Announce Strategic Partnership in Africa

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with EmailTree AI to become the official reseller and implementation partner for Africa. EmailTree AI is a multi-lingual customer service automation solution that leverages AI, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), sentiment analysis, and automation.


The current global health pandemic has seen an upwards spike in email communications, particularly as more customers are engaging with their suppliers and retailers digitally. To maintain the highest level of customer service, organisations need to answer emails timeously, appropriately, and with attention to the overall customer experience. The automation of these tasks provided by EmailTree AI will help customers accelerate their efforts around better performing digital customer engagement.


“Internally, we have made significant strides to ensure we can provide our customers with AI solutions that help improve and automate as many businesses processes as they can and where it makes sense to do so. EmailTree AI is yet another extension of these competencies as its use of AI, and NLP (natural language processing) provides an effective tool to better understand, categorise, and even automate the response to client emails,” states Byron Wolff, Digital Product Manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.


“By adding EmailTree AI to our DTS (Digital Transformation Solutions) portfolio we are further expanding our vision to offer customers solutions that facilitate hyperautomation, conversational AI, and that speaks directly to effectively digitising and automating the customer experience,” adds Wolff.


Bolstering Blue Turtle’s growing AI capabilities, customers can now leverage EmailTree AI to better understand, categorise, and route incoming emails, automate processing within a business where required, as well as provide flexible options for email responses. Responses can either be fully automated, intervened for an agent’s input, or earmarked for a manual reply – ensuring clients can control how they want to engage with their customers, and how much automation they wish to leverage at a given time.


By adding EmailTree AI into their solution portfolio, customers can take advantage of increased efficiency and accuracy when dealing with customer emails as well as reduce response times. It will also assist in dealing with the growing volumes of email that are placing a strain on customer service organisations because of the manual time needed to tailor responses to individual clients.


EmailTree AI enables service hyperautomation through:

  • Email Understanding – Using NLP to extract meaning from emails and gathering additional information on a customer.
  • Task Automation – Predicting actions and identifying issues and situations and then automating tasks using RPA technology (robotic process automation)
  • Reply Composition – Composing suggested email replies (and sending automatically based on confidence scores and business rules), learning from actions taken by a human operator, and improving its scoring using contextual data to facilitate continual learning.


“We are delighted to announce the appointment of Blue Turtle as a partner in the African region. The company’s focus on and understanding of AI-based technologies, as well as its maturity in offering them as working solutions to a customer’s digital portfolio, was a key deciding factor in our choice of them as a partner,” says Casius Morea, CEO at EmailTree AI. “In addition, its existing relationship with our strategic RPA partner UiPath is exceptionally synergistic, and we are looking forward to exploring joint opportunities across the continent.”


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