Blue Turtle and Securicom partner to deliver Zenprise

Blue Turtle Technologies, a leading IT Software solutions provider for managing and optimising IT infrastructures, has partnered with Securicom, a South African specialist IT security company, providing an end-to-end range of managed IT security services, to deliver the leading mobile device management solution from Zenprise to companies in Africa.

Blue Turtle has the rights to distribute this technology in South Africa and Africa, while Securicom, with over 10 years’ experience in developing cloud-based IT security services, will provide the ZenCloud that will enable the technology to be delivered as a fully-managed, locally-hosted service.

Zenprise’s MobileManager Platform is the only end-to-end, enterprise-grade mobile device management solution currently available. It boasts advanced security features and comprehensive tools for managing mobile devices across an enterprise, supporting every major smart mobile device platform, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

“Managing the security and risks associated with the use of mobile devices in the workplace is becoming one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. We believe Zenprise’s MobileManager Platform is the best fit for addressing mobile security requirements in our market.

“Zenprise is undoubtedly the most robust, flexible and comprehensive mobile device management solution available. We consider it an ideal complement to Securicom’s end-to-end IT security focus, allowing us to extend our services to mobile devices which, more than just communications devices, have become stores for critical business data and therefore a key risk factor for companies.

“We are delighted to partner with Blue Turtle to provide Zenprise’s mobile device management (MDM) as a complete hosted and managed service,” says Dries Morris, Operations Director at Securicom.

Michael Hutchinson, Infrastructure Product Manager at Blue Turtle, says the partnership with Securicom will enable the company to further expand the reach of Zenprise in the South African market through utilising Securicom’s cloud services expertise and local data centre for cloud operations.

“Having a credible and capable, locally-based cloud services provider is pivotal for broadening the scope for Zenprise and bringing it within the grasp of more South African companies.

“Through our partnership with Securicom, which has the expertise and locally-based, secure data centres, and our IP and extensive experience, we can offer companies the assurance that their data is housed on South African soil; and that their mobile device management services are being managed by experts. It further affirms that legal compliance with legislation relating to the security, storage and accessibility of information is ensured,” says Hutchinson.

Zenprise MobileManager is the first, all-in-one solution that allows companies to secure and manage the entire life cycle of the most comprehensive array of mobile devices, protecting the mobile enterprise at all levels, from devices, to mobile apps, to the network.

With Zenprise MobileManager, companies can have complete visibility and control over device security from a secure, user-friendly management console. From the console, the company administrator can perform device compliance checks; block devices if they are unmanaged, lost or don’t adhere to company blacklist or whitelist policy; monitor network traffic and user behaviour; block disallowed apps; identify mobile threats and compliance violations; and enforce device security upgrades.

Hutchinson concludes: “Companies of all sizes are faced with the tricky challenge of ensuring security and maintaining compliance across a plethora of mobile devices. This is made more challenging with employees utilising their own and a diversity of smart devices for work-related purposes.

“With these devices acting as gateways for employees to companies’ networks, applications and data, the need for an end-to-end mobile device security and management strategy is becoming increasingly pertinent.

“Mobile device management solutions like Zenprise simplify and facilitate companies’ efforts to ensure security and compliance across a large number of diverse mobile devices. Offering Zenprise as a managed service makes the technology more affordable to average businesses.”

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