Blue Turtle announces partnership with Tranxition to deliver Windows 10 migrations

Blue Turtle partners with Tranxition to enable IT to quickly deliver flawless migrations and include support for integration with appliances and desktop management platforms

Blue Turtle announced its partnership with Tranxition, the leading provider of desktop migration solutions. The Tranxition Migration Manager  tool automatically captures, for an entire set of users, Microsoft Office application and Windows settings. It also supports Office 365 and automatically migrates user settings cross-Office and cross OS versions simultaneously, directly to Windows 10.

“The Migration Manager software saves organizations around the world real money. And it helps VARs and IT professional services groups keep more of it. More than $1.2 billion in migration costs have been slashed since 1998[1].” Tranxition ensures that all of its customers’ personal data and settings are moved from one location to the next with every migration. As a result, the pain typically associated with data migration disappears. The results users enjoy are both emotional and tangible, ranging from empowerment, reassurance, satisfaction and success to decreased costs and increased revenues. And this translates into far more productive organizations because they are able to focus more clearly on their business missions on both an individual and collective basis.

“Blue Turtle is always striving to exceed client expectations, with Windows 10 adoptions on the rise, our partnership with Tranxition opens doors for our customer base to take advantage of Tranxition’s Migration Manager’s product set,” says Avash Maharaj,  Infrastructure & Operations Business Manager, at Blue Turtle. “We are excited to have Tranxition as a partner, since the solution has proven to entirely deliver immediate value by enabling users and prospects to easily and reliably migrate user profiles to Windows 10.”

Blue Turtle can simplify the migration process with Tranxition Migration Manager which enables you to take what you already have in place and streamline for your Windows 10 deployment. Contact Blue Turtle to get started on your OS migration on or

[1] Migration Manager for Windows – whitepaper,, accessed May 2016