Blue Turtle Appointed a MongoDB Partner – Accelerating Modern Database Delivery

Application developers in Africa can now accelerate application development by using leading modern, general-purpose database platform.

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, today announced its appointment as an official partner for MongoDB, the leading modern, general-purpose database platform. With MongoDB, Blue Turtle customers can leverage a next-generation database for multiple development projects and applications including single view, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile apps, analytics, personalisation, catalogue and content management.


The partnership marries perfectly with Blue Turtle’s strategic vision, whereby they assist customers in their bid to build better, more digitally transformative systems. A general-purpose, document-based, distributed database platform, MongoDB is easy to use and deploy while offering enterprise-grade database support for developers to support the development of modern applications and cloud-native systems.


MongoDB covers a plethora of use cases from a single view to real-time analytics. With its distributed key-value store, MapReduce calculation capability and document-oriented NoSQL features, it was named the “Database Management System of the Year“ by DB-Engines in 2013.


“Data is king, but accessing, engaging and building modern databases that support modern applications built for a cloud-first world, is often the missing link for developers.  Seen by many as the world’s most popular database for modern applications and with strategic initiatives such as legacy modernisation and business agility, MongoDB offers something special to our market”, says Marius Nauhaus, Senior Product Manager at Blue Turtle.


“By partnering with MongoDB, we can offer customers a database solution that provides them with the features and flexibility of both relational and non-relational databases. A robust solution that has been stress-tested in some of the most demanding of environments, it is the perfect fit for customers who still need the performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability of legacy databases for their modern applications,” he adds.


The MongoDB platform is developed on a JSON-based, document data model with dynamic schemas. It has been designed from the ground up to ensure the preservation of the functionality offered by relational databases, such as secondary indexes, full query language and aggregations. It provides extensive driver support, can horizontally scale as a result of auto-sharding, perform automated replication, and includes a flexible storage architecture with pluggable storage engines.


The full remit of offerings available from Blue Turtle include:

  • MongoDB Enterprise Advanced – Available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription it features comprehensive support and SLAs when MongoDB is run on-premise. MongoDB Enterprise Advanced provides users with comprehensive operational tooling, advanced analytics and data visualisation, platform integration and certification, along with on-demand training for teams.
  • MongoDB Atlas – Is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering run and managed in the public cloud as a hosted offering. MongoDB Atlas is based on Community Server and supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. It is a global cloud DBaaS for modern applications with a fully managed version of MongoDB hosted on a public cloud and pairs best-in-class automation and proven practices that guarantee availability, scalability and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards.
  • MongoDB Realm* – combines Realm, the popular mobile database and data synchronization technology, and MongoDB Stitch, the serverless platform for MongoDB, into a unified solution that makes it easy for you to build powerful and engaging experiences on more devices.
  • Community Server – A free-to-download version of its platform that includes the core functionality that developers need to get started with MongoDB.


* For all the latest product news and exciting announcements around their products, MongoDB has reinvented their global annual user conference. MongoDB World is now, and will take place online on June 9th and 10th. Register here


“We are deeply committed to our global channel and are delighted to welcome Blue Turtle to the over 1,000 systems integrators, independent software vendors, cloud providers, technology partners, and resellers with whom we are closely aligned,” said Alan Chhabra, SVP of Worldwide Partners at MongoDB. “Today, we support more than 17,000 customers in over 100 countries, helping them better build, run and scale their modern applications. We believe that Blue Turtle will be a valuable partner in helping us meet these needs amongst our African customers across the continent.”