Blue Turtle appointed AppZero Solutions Partner

Blue Turtle, a leading IT software solutions and services provider, has been appointed solutions provider by AppZero.  Microsoft recommends AppZero for moving a variety of applications from Windows Server 2003, which reaches the end of extended support in July 2015, to Microsoft’s newer operating systems.

Blue Turtle’s Andrew Parsons, business unit manager IT infrastructure, comments:  “We are excited about the partnership with AppZero as it equips Blue Turtle with a vital component to our cloud application lift and shift services.  AppZero enables large enterprise application migrations at speeds that we have never previously come across, which naturally translate into a reduction in investment for our customers.”

AppZero’s CEO, Greg O’ Connor adds: “We welcome Blue Turtle into the AppZero network of valued service and solution providers for enterprise application migration.  As a trusted partner, we will equip Blue Turtle with the tools and resources necessary to support and implement application migrations, especially during the busy run-up to Windows Server 2003 end of support.”

AppZero partners combine cutting edge products and services that open up the business potential of the cloud.

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