Blue Turtle enters partnership with Data Security and Compliance Specialist New Net Technologies

Blue Turtle has announced that it will be partnering with New Net Technologies Ltd (NNT), a leading provider of IT security and compliance software solutions. The deal will see the two companies collaborating to provide File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solutions for Security, Compliance & Configuration, Change & Configuration Management and Data Security & Compliance Software solutions to clients across all industries.

NNT has established itself as one of the leading forces in the data security and compliance market and its Change Tracker Enterprise™ solution delivers market-leading File Integrity Monitoring for any security and compliance initiative. The solution is unique in enabling organizations to bring IT systems into compliance with a ‘known good and secure’ state then providing non-stop, real time detection of vulnerabilities and immediate notification if a breach is successful.

FIM powered host intrusion detection capabilities are becoming more relevant as hacking vectors become more ‘defense aware’. “We feel that NNT’s security solutions are unique in the marketplace because their approach to data security and compliance is highly proactive. NNT looks strategically at the configuration and compliance business drivers and not just the technology that underpins it,” says Andrew Parsons, IT Service Operations Product Manager at Blue Turtle.

NNT provides a complete range of configuration management solutions, which allow organizations to gain configuration control of the entire IT estate. This means that IT teams can establish the best possible state and configuration for the IT infrastructure and ensure that any changes are planned and approved. As a result, unplanned or unauthorized changes are detected immediately, allowing IT to react and investigate further. This vastly improves IT service delivery quality and ensures that compliance audits are easily met.

Jordan Parkin, Partner Programme Manager at New Net Technologies, comments, “At NNT we have a strong focus on expanding our global partnerships. However, we wanted to partner with organizations that had a similar ethos and a deep understanding of the issues, as well as the technical ability to deliver our solution well. Blue Turtle ticks all these boxes; not only do they have an impressive client list but they have a great understanding of the South African market.”

“Today’s business environment is extremely demanding from a security configuration point of view. We are confident that NNT’s specialist focus on compliance software and configuration management will further complement our approach to providing secure and effective solutions that adapt to changing threats and the needs of industries,” concludes Parsons.