Blue Turtle expands SAP capabilities

Blue Turtle Technologies has expanded its current solutions portfolio with the introduction of new products and services aimed to improve the performance and operation of SAP environments.

The solutions address challenges in infrastructure provisioning, service management, information and application life cycle management, data quality, application testing, identity and compliance management for SAP systems.

Tommy Erlank, General Manager – Enterprise Application Management at Blue Turtle, comments: “We have always provided effective solutions to manage the complexity of enterprise IT landscapes, and this move is an extension of our approach. Our SAP Management portfolio is aligned to complement tools such as SAP Solution Manager, providing capabilities that address the most commonly found challenges in our customers’ day-to-day IT operation and development.”

As an example, the solution set includes the ability to automate system provisioning and configuration, virtualisation and test landscape management, addressing costly challenges such as SAP SID and system cloning.

We deliver the SAP environments required for application development, acceptance testing and production simulation and performance testing, and extend this to data migration challenges. For example, production data can be masked and used to identify quality and consistency issues, without expensive replication efforts.

Furthermore, the Blue Turtle portfolio for SAP enables customers adopting a more agile approach to SAP to ensure consistent software release practices, aligned to enterprise practices, incorporating mainframe, Unix and Windows systems. By providing cross-platform application discovery and business transaction analysis, customers now have the ability to understand, analyse and document custom code that span platforms, including those which integrate with SAP, ensuring timely support and risk management when upgrading or refreshing SAP systems, migrating from legacy systems to SAP or interfacing enterprise systems to SAP. This includes complex transport management and system synchronisation, the creation of test data, regression and performance testing, and system monitoring.

“Our SAP Management offering appeals to customers who are looking to optimise the time and cost involved in running their SAP systems, and adopting common practice across their IT landscape,” concludes Erlank.

In conclusion, Blue Turtle assists IT in maximising their SAP investment through optimisation, consolidation, monitoring, application, change and release management.