Blue Turtle expands its security offering with Phish5

Blue Turtle Technologies expands its current security service portfolio with the introduction of a comprehensive phishing risk assessment tool.

Phish5 is a product of 4Di Privaca, a leading provider of Information Security. 4Di Privaca offers a variety of services which seek to minimize companies’ exposure to risk, unnecessary delay, or overtly restrictive controls on online networks. By adding Phish5, Blue Turtle is looking to emphasize security awareness, and to offer a solution that addresses the risk phishing poses to an organization.

Blue Turtle believes that Phish5 will enable businesses to gain an understanding of their phishing risks. As a direct result of understanding these risks, these businesses will be able to improve the performance and operation of secure working environments by disabling the danger that phishing poses.

Simon Shaw, Business Development Manager at Blue Turtle states that “We are excited about adding Phish5, a South African developed product, to our solution set. It is mostly concerned with resolving the risk around the behavior of employees carelessly responding to inappropriate emails and exposing credentials to unauthorized parties. If these risks are not understood, organizations stand to lose not only money, but also risk reputational damage.”

South Africa is the second-most targeted country globally, with 1 in 170.9 emails identified as phishing attacks.[1] Newton Lee, the author of Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity, put it like this: “As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.” Running these phishing campaigns, promises a more secure online environment.

[1] Symantec Intelligence Report, June 2012