Reduce time, errors and cost with Config SnapShots’s 4.2 latest

Join the Webinar: E-Business Suite Setup Migration with ConfigSnapshot to learn more on how to: Reduce Time – Reduce Errors – Reduce Cost – Reduce Risk at all stages of the E-Business Suite life-cycle.

Blue Turtle is delighted to announce that ConfigSnapshot 4.2 is now available. This product introduces a significant enhancement to the Segregation of Duties reporting / analysis further automates and extends the coverage of the E-Business Suite setup migration functionality and adds many additional areas.


On Wednesday 28th January ConfigSnapshot will be running a couple of free webinar sessions to take you through the ConfigSnapshot setup planning and migration functionality. In addition to all of the other areas of functionality that ConfigSnapshot provides, it also provides a fully supported way to move setup (insert, update & delete where supported by Oracle validation) between and across environments providing control and transparency at all stages of the process. The flexible ConfigSnapshot planning workbench enables you to highly target records that you want to migrate, transform existing setup if needed, extract the differences between environments / baselines to upload just the deltas or create best practice settings for comparison to actuals.

This 60 minute webinar will provide a brief overview of the various areas of the ConfigSnapshot functionality then focus in on the planning and migration process and walk you through it via a live product demonstration.

Register here for the free Webinar to learn what your organisation can do to be at the cutting and competitive edge of your migrations.

Date: 28 January

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM SAST or 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM SAST

The above adds to the existing functionality which supports the full E-Business Suite application lifecycle including:

  • Automatically create setup documentation – flexible formats and content including BR100 style
  • Migrate setup from one instance / entity to another (extract > transform (even across versions)> load > compare)
  • Directly compare multiple environments, showing all fields or a summary of the differences
  • Compare operating units, sets of books etc. within an environment and across environments
  • Compare setup across different versions of the E-Business Suite when upgrading / reimplementing
  • Identify and analyze customizations to determine how they are likely to be impacted during an upgrade / patching and how to remediate the code
  • Patch impact analysis – prioritize testing on areas directly affect via patching
  • Create date stamped copies of setup (baselines) enabling historic reporting and comparison over time
  • Full audit change tracking
  • Differentiate implementation and seeded data
  • See change since a specific date or by chosen users
  • Segregation of Duties conflict reporting
  • Present complex data in simple context-based reports simplifying system administration
  • Multiple reporting formats including HTML, Word, Excel, XML as well as interactive screen-based
  • Plan / transform setups before entering in the E-Business Suite
  • Extend capabilities across any data areas