Blue Turtle hosts Front Range Heat Service Management Training

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend HEAT 2014 Service Management Training. I learned a great deal and have a much better understanding of the product. All of a sudden the possibilities and offerings of HEAT Service Management have increased.” – training attendee.

Coinciding with the Release of HEAT 2014 Service Management, Blue Turtle Technologies is hosting Front Range HEAT Service Management Training. As the sole Master VAR for Frontrange Solutions in Southern Africa, Blue Turtle Technologies are the only authorized training providers for the region.

HEAT Service Management is more than just a an IT centric product, it is a fully fledged Service Management Solution, which allows you to scale out over multiple Business Units, including Human Resources and Facilities Management.

Our Bundled licenses give you access to more than just Incident Management. The entry level Bundle includes modules for Incident, Request, Problem, Knowledge, Mobile, and Survey out of the box.  All bundles immediately give your end users access to Self Service & Service Catalog, allowing them the freedom to log and track their own Incidents & Services Requests via any device.



Melissa Oosthuisen

Frontrange BU Manager

Tel: 011 206 5600