Blue Turtle, JDisc announce partnership

The need for a cost- and time-reducing network discovery system sees Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) and JDisc, a leading network systems expert, announce a partnership agreement.

Thomas Trenz, CEO of JDisc, comments: “JDisc are expanding continuously and have a worldwide presence. Africa is a key target area and we identified Blue Turtle as a leader in the southern African market with a strong foothold in the region that would add know-how, expertise and support.”

JDisc is a network inventory and documentation solution. One of the benefits is that it targets all sizes of business, irrespective of the location, size and network. The solution can be purchased for ongoing operation, and is also available on a project-based licence for short-term requirements and audit exercises. There is a trial device for 25 devices (PCs/servers) that is fully functional and never expires.

Andrew Parsons, Product Manager, Blue Turtle, adds: “The added benefit of JDisc enables companies to obtain a quick overview of network including detailed hardware and software inventory, as well as allowing you to determine the relationship and dependencies between systems and devices. A key advantage is that JDisc is agentless working in the network, centrally deployed with a common management and reporting system.”

“JDisc feeds other ITIL components such as CMDB systems. Additionally, JDisc runs across any and all operating systems. It is non-proprietary and suited for any size company. Import data into CMDB to manage IT processes,” says Trenz.

“Annual support includes software upgrades, patches and repairs (as part of a signed SLA). If no support agreement is in place, then this is charged per item. Installation time is nominal; however, this does depend on customer environment and that the customer is able to provide the accounts on the PCs. The focus is to get a quick snapshot and quicker return on the investment. The true value is also seen in JDisc’s ability through the addition of asset inventory and network discovery as a service. A sound solution to any organisation with a network that offers highly competitive pricing and no limitations,” concludes Parsons.

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