Blue Turtle joins with Gigamon to enhance its Infrastructure Management Offerings

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) announced that it has signed a value added reseller agreement with Gigamon® to provide intelligent Traffic Visibility Fabric™ solutions to enterprises, data centres and service providers across Africa.

“As a leading provider of Infrastructure Management solutions, we are always looking at new technologies that enhance our capabilities and deliver a strong value proposition.   Gigamon is a natural addition to our portfolio as it is an innovator in network traffic visibility solutions. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric works alongside the network backbone infrastructure to provide multiple management tools such as IPS, data leakage, QoS, application and network performance with dynamic and reliable access to the traffic data they specifically need,” comments Paul Meintjes, Technology Consultant, Blue Turtle.

“Gigamon has identified Africa as a key growth area for organizations requiring access to intelligent solutions to better manage their networks. Our relationship with Blue Turtle allows us to effectively extend our reach into the southern African market while our technology complements and strengthens the portfolio of enterprise solutions currently offered by Blue Turtle,” advises Nigel Norris, Gigamon Channel Director.

“By working with Gigamon, our resellers are able to enhance the network monitoring solutions used for security, performance and compliance across the network,” adds Hildburg Hofer, Gigamon Business Development Manager at AxizWorkgroup. “Our customers demand solutions that enable best-of-breed networks, and adding the Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric fulfills this request and further proves our commitment to equipping our reseller partners with robust technology and platforms to support their success,” advises Hofer.

“A significantly increasing challenge faced by IT professionals is to maintain accurate and pervasive management and monitoring of the rapidly rising volumes of traffic across the enterprise infrastructure. The past approach of connecting monitoring and management tools into specific segments or domains of the network will not scale into the future,” said Meintjes. “Gigamon allows you to centralize your monitoring tools and helps ensure accurate monitoring and management including monitoring of transactions and processing.  Furthermore, the Gigamon solution is able to scale providing a cost-effective expansion of monitoring points across the network by replicating traffic from a single switch SPAN or mirror port to a multitude of analysis ports.”

With a Gigamon Visibility Fabric, backbone traffic that is normally analyzed for forensic and performance monitoring can be filtered to the specific requirements of tools like probes. This allows for reduced processing requirements on the probe side and can often result in reduced costs as many probes are licensed based on throughput required. Gigamon also provides advanced features including time stamping which can be crucial in forensics and monitoring of time-based transactions like share trades where every millisecond can matter.

“As network traffic increases and accelerates, both Blue Turtle and Gigamon recognize the need to invest in solutions that will help deliver better performance, security and scale across ever-expanding infrastructure,” concludes Meintjes.


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