Blue Turtle partner Serena Software named Pink Elephant 2011 Innovator Award

Blue Turtle partner Serena Software, the leader in orchestrated application delivery, IT and business processes, announced its solutions for Orchestrated IT, Serena Service Manager (SSM) and Serena Release Manager (SRM) have been named finalists for the prestigious Pink Elephant 2011 Innovation of the Year Award.

Tommy Erlank, General Manager – Enterprise Application Management (EAM) at Blue Turtle, comments: “Blue Turtle is the Serena Software partner in southern Africa and this nomination further entrenches Gartner-recognised Serena’s application solutions as a leader that understands the complexities and challenges experienced by organisations. Blue Turtle has assisted organisations across all sectors in implementing these solutions to streamline their application life cycle.”

Serena’s unique process-based approach to application development and IT service management (ITSM) is effectively breaking down the walls between development and operations and allowing enterprise companies to realise the benefits of true DevOps. Automation of key processes and the ability to offer its products both on-premise and in the cloud solutions have propelled Serena to the top of the class and gained the attention of notable IT industry organisations such as Pink Elephant.

The Serena technologies that have been named finalist include:

Serena Service Manager, which represents a revolutionary process-based approach to ITSM by integrating processes that connect IT operations to application development. Unlike traditional ITSM solutions that are SaaS-only in delivery, expensive to maintain, and provide limited visibility across the service delivery life cycle, Serena Service Manager draws on the power of a process management platform at its core to provide enterprises with its benefits.

Serena Release Manager provides unmatched release control and collaboration capabilities, coupled with industry leading release automation. With this technology, users can drastically speed up the application deployment process, meaning applications can be moved to production environments much more quickly than with limited delivery alternative approaches.

The Pink Elephant Innovation of the Year Award recognises a product or service developed by the vendor community that has made the greatest contribution in IT service management in the previous calendar year. The award considers the following criteria:

* Development of open standards for process and tool integration;
* Automation of complex processes across management tools;
* Advancements in data consolidation, federation or analysis; and
* Support of organisational change initiatives through innovative use of management and monitoring tools.

David Hurwitz, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing for Serna Software, comments: “Serena has turned IT Service Management on its head by bringing a fresh solution to what was an otherwise stale market in terms of product innovation. Serena has effectively ‘closed the loop’ between dev and ops by automating processes well beyond the simple break-fix realm, so both IT groups can be proactive in nature, and in the end, more successful.”

“We evaluated Serena Service Manager and it does exactly what we need it to do. It is extremely comprehensive and provides an interface that is both easy for us and customisable when needed. The other products that we looked at were too rigid and didn’t offer the level of flexibility we required. Price and deep reporting capabilities also played an important role in our decision to go with Serena – the competition didn’t come close.” – Quinn Lanus, Director of Technical Services and Operations, Institutional Asset Management, SunGard

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