Blue Turtle partners with Kasisto to deliver KAI, conversational AI platform

Kasisto and Blue Turtle partner to offer an industry-leading conversational AI platform in Africa.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 31 July 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with Kasisto, a global leader in conversational AI software for the finance industry.

Through the partnership, Blue Turtle has been appointed an official reseller for KAI and will combine its overall talent pool to bring Kasisto’s advanced conversational AI platform to its clients. As a reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Kasisto’s platform into its fintech solutions suite to better help clients unlock the power of real-time and secure customer interaction.

Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, powers omni-channel bots and virtual assistants with deep financial domain expertise across mobile apps, Web, messaging platforms, and voice-enabled devices. The platform enables financial institutions to acquire, engage, support and transact with their customers via human-like, intelligent conversations.

Out of the box, KAI is fluent in banking, so bots and assistants can help customers manage money, track expenses, analyse spending, make payments, and more. With contextual and personalised conversations, it can fulfil requests, solve problems, and predict needs. Built with the deepest AI portfolio in the industry, KAI is an agile platform with self-service tools to customise and continually improve consumer experiences and seamlessly add new features.

“In an era where 24/7 customer-friendly experiences are the norm, consumers expect the same contextual, predictive and personalised experiences from their bank. There is a growing need for organisations to leverage conversational AI platforms to deliver secure, interactive and intuitive self-service experiences across all channels,” says Justin Arnoldi, Head of FinTech at Blue Turtle Technologies. “Kasisto’s KAI provides an unmatched conversational ‘AI brain’ to power virtual assistants and smart bots that simplify banking with engaging customer journeys. The platform is designed for the financial industry, with APIs to streamline the integration into a bank’s existing infrastructure, data and channels, all while ensuring compliance and regulatory conditions are met. It’s a mature, agile platform and a natural extension to our offerings.”

“We are excited to partner with Blue Turtle to bring entirely new banking experiences to consumers in the Africa region. The Blue Turtle team has the expertise, track record and relationships with leading financial institutions to help us accelerate our plans,” says Kiran Narsu, Chief Revenue Officer at Kasisto. “We look forward to hitting the ground running together, and to give banks in the region consumer experiences that differentiate them from their competitors, engage their customers, and drive business results.

“Blue Turtle will leverage our enterprise-ready platform that is proven in production to not only reduce operational costs for financial institutions, but also increase revenue with myriad customer acquisition and engagement features.”

Some of the world’s most innovative financial institutions license KAI, including DBS Bank, Mastercard, TD Bank, Standard Chartered, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan, among others.

KAI enables them to:

* Decrease customer care costs by deflecting and triaging inquiries;
* Acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of existing customers with contextual offers for products and services;
* Increase brand loyalty through its customer financial well-being features; and
* Competitively differentiate themselves with entirely new banking experiences and channels.

Financial technologies (fintech) refer to a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities.

Fintech has become a critical element of a successful e-commerce business. Blue Turtle’s mission is to help clients integrate meaningful fintech solutions to help them engage, transact, gain insight and more accurately predict customer behaviour, something that speaks directly to the use of new-generation technologies such as Kasisto’s conversational AI platform.

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Kasisto’s KAI. For more information, send an e-mail to