Blue Turtle helps communications service providers with end-to-end service platform

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 16 November 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies is working with communications service providers (CSPs) to improve operation management across the network landscape. SMARTsite, a locally developed solution, provides CSPs with an operating model framework for a full telco operations support system.

SMARTsite integrates into a CSP’s network management system, providing service delivery, activating service fulfilment, including management and monitoring of network inventory, activation and provisioning, as well as the delivery of functionality that extends service assurance and customer care.

Based on the eTOM/Frameworx process framework, SMARTsite enables customers to manage their network infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations through a ‘single pane of glass’. To this end, SMARTsite delivers visibility of systems, and proactive fault management, maintenance and configuration, allowing CSPs to address incidents before they affect the customer, ultimately ensuring uptime and improving the customer experience.


“What we have done is build a service management platform based on industry best practices such as eTOM and ITSM, providing CSPs with visibility across and into their IT and network infrastructure systems,” says Simon Shaw, business manager at Blue Turtle Technologies. “We have already deployed the solution with a number of leading mobile service operators, and from the real-world experience gained on these projects, we are continually developing new modules and adding new customer-driven features.”

SMARTsite comprises a set of modules covering service request, base-station site management, site access management, trouble-ticketing, fault and workforce management.

A knowledge-based system, SMARTsite has extensive intelligence built into the system and can perform a wide range of functions ranging from boot stock management, fault geolocation and resolution, automated incident logging and asset release management, as examples.

According to Shaw, the power of the system really comes into play when managing remote sites such as base stations in hard-to-access areas and locations. Here, a technician can be alerted to, as an example, an electrical fault, and the fact that a generator is running low on fuel, and be dispatched before there is any interruption to customer service.

“Blue Turtle has extensive experience in service management, and we have been developing custom service management systems for over 15 years. We firmly believe that it makes sense for customers to manage their environment from a single source; this not only removes the headache of trying to cross-reference data from multiple sources, but also gives them full visibility of their operations in one place. SMARTsite helps achieve this for our telco and CSP customers,” ends Shaw.