Blue Turtle Partners with Tableau to deliver Business Intelligence Analytics and Data Visualization

Visual analytics platform Tableau and Blue Turtle partner to offer industry-leading integrated software data systems in the Southern Africa region

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company has partnered with Tableau Software, a global leader in visual analytics software.

The partnership will combine the overall talent pool and client reach of Blue Turtle with Tableau’s breakthrough visual analytics technology. As a Reseller Partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Tableau’s software into its Application & Data Management solutions suite which helps clients unlock the power of big data.

“In an ever changing and competitive business environment, it has never been more important for organisations to have information that allows them to optimise processes, identify risks and drive decision-making.” says Justin Arnoldi, Application & Data Management Business Manager, Blue Turtle. “Analytics is changing the Business Intelligence market and we have seen significant interest from our clients in Tableau as a great way to bring the power of data visualization to organisations. With this partnership, we have cemented a solid reputation and become a trusted BI solution advisor.”

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a broad category of applications and technologies that provide responses to business questions by translating huge volumes of data insight. BI allows management to measure key operations and existing data for hidden patterns, thereby identifying business improvement opportunities.

BI as a strategic tool is a critical element of a successful business. Blue Turtle’s mission is to help clients draw meaningful and actionable insights from their operational data by helping them to transform their data into timely, valuable knowledge through effective analytics solutions that enable smart decision making.

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Tableau’s visual analytics software. Try a free trial of Tableau 10. More information can be found at