Blue Turtle Partners with Whitebox Security to Provide Complete Data Access Governance

Technology Enhances Cybersecurity and Compliance

Blue Turtle has partnered with Whitebox Security, the leading data governance company featuring crowd-sourcing, to provide secure data governance, out-of-the-box compliance, and cybersecurity for its clients.

Blue Turtle chose Whitebox Security’s WhiteOPSTM Security Suite to overcome data sprawl and provide the essential who, what, where, when and how of data governance so only the appropriate parties can access specific files. This gives IT departments complete transparency and control over exabytes of data.

“Our basic approach is that data is data is data, regardless of the system or location – cloud or server – and no one knows your data better than the people who generate it,” said Maor Goldberg, CEO of Whitebox Security. “Meanwhile, the crowd-sourcing features protect your data better than a single individual or IT department can.”

Unauthorized access leaves companies vulnerable to a variety of expensive problems, like fines for noncompliance with a host of regulations, lawsuits, and loss of reputation. WhiteOps circumvents this.

“Whitebox Security’s solutions are unique in the marketplace because their approach to data governance is highly proactive; they strategically seek to leverage the collective intelligence across a company to protect and manage the organization’s unstructured, structured and semi-structured data,” commented Avash Maharaj, Infrastructure Manager at Blue Turtle. “Also, the fact that it offers 3600 forensics means that there’ll be no surprises on audit day.”

Blue Turtle’s customers receive rapid ROI by deploying WhiteOPSTM. It finds stale data, which allows it to be moved from high cost flash drives to lower-cost, long-term storage. It also finds stale permissions, which further reduces licencing fees.