Partnering with SkySync to Deliver Cloud Content Migration

Strengthens value proposition with complete content migration, synchronisation, and oversight capabilities


Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with SkySync, an enterprise content integration and orchestration platform provider. This partnership will see Blue Turtle deliver a migration and synchronisation solution across a range of content and collaboration platforms.


The SkySync Platform rapidly orchestrates content across a network of storage repositories. It enables companies to intelligently analyse, simulate, migrate, copy, and synchronise their content across all their existing systems.


“SkySync perfectly complements the Blue Turtle cloud migration and enterprise content management (ECM) modernisation solutions. This includes driving standardisation with cloud risk, data privacy, and security,” says Harry Nicholson, Senior Product Manager for HyperAutomation at Blue Turtle. “This partnership gives us the capability to integrate content-driven systems and applications, so we can cater to any content-driven use case integrating a myriad of business applications that interrogate, produce, or consume content.”


SkySync technology facilitates advanced, large-scale file migration. In addition to connecting to any storage platform, it enables enterprises to migrate and copy not only files but also the related file metadata across dissimilar on-premise and cloud-based systems. This is done at scale to ensure the IT environment can remain flexible and accommodate the digital transformation efforts of the organisation.


Furthermore, the SkySync Platform synchronises on-premises files to cloud sharing services. Its comprehensive approach ensures decision-makers have complete content oversight. By discovering and interrogating unstructured content irrespective of where it is stored, companies will become more agile in their content-driven approaches.


“SkySync supports our cloud initiatives and digital services. Using their platform, we can deliver a migration and synchronisation solution across a range of content and collaboration platforms. Some of the use cases include migrating from legacy ECM platforms to newer technologies and cloud platforms as well as migrate file share content to ECM and Office 365 and OneDrive,” adds Nicholson.


“Even though many local companies are embracing cloud-based content generation platforms, their biggest challenge remains migrating or even synchronising their files. This partnership is designed to unlock the value of true digital transformation and equip companies with the means to effectively manage their content irrespective of location, environment, or file format,” concludes Nicholson.


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