Blue Turtle provides complete cloud management services

Full cloud management services help customers work and engage in the cloud with ease.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies today announced the fifth and final pillar of its “Journey to the Cloud” programme, MANAGE, designed to provide customers “living in the cloud” with the systems and support needed to deliver high-quality and cost-effective cloud services to their business – and effectively manage cloud workloads, cloud spend and cloud service levels.

The MANAGE offering gives customers access to Blue Turtle’s experience in systems and service management, a structured approach to cloud management alongside a set of world-class software and advisory services.

“Customers understand the value of the cloud, and those that have walked through the previous phases of our Journey to the Cloud programme are now conducting business in it. However, they don’t want just to be left to handle it alone,” says Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Within the remit of our MANAGE service offering, they can continuously oversee their public cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud deployments.

“We want clients to know that engaging Blue Turtle is more than just a once-off, and our services are supported not only by a strong team, but through innovative software systems as well.”

The Blue Turtle approach is to maintain and manage environments across multi-cloud, hybrid and data centre virtual environments. The solution offers self-service catalogue, automated deployment and standardised workload provisioning. Additionally, with advanced consumption and cost analysis software, MANAGE provides the capability to manage and optimise IT spend across cloud, virtual, and SaaS; as well as offering full Office 365 licence management, and backup and disaster recovery.

To address the complexity of operating multi-cloud or hybrid systems, Blue Turtle provides a common approach that supports cross-platform management and ensures continuous optimisation of systems. The solution arms IT operations with the tools needed to dynamically and automatically manage workloads and assure performance – no matter where their workloads reside.

The fifth and final pillar of Blue Turtle’s client-centric cloud migration programme, MANAGE draws from the other pillars ASSESS, MIGRATE, OPTIMISE, SECURE, and expands on them to create an overall and complete vision for the cloud. Within this component of the journey, its consultants regularly re-engage with the other pillars to ensure constant optimisations, that security is always on, that new business and workloads can be migrated to the cloud and that it is continuously assessing the validity of remaining in the cloud.

“The cloud is not a destination to our managed services team. It is part of constant business evolution. When our clients are living in the cloud, we want them to know that their partner is continuously exploring ways to minimise their cloud spend, manage and secure their environment, and ensure their business is performing to the best of its ability, allowing them to innovate in their industry and digitise their business,” ends Maharaj.