Fourth pillar of of its Journey to the Cloud programme – SECURE. Blue Turtle Puts Security First for Cloud Customers

End-to-end cloud security with SECURE offering delivers comprehensive security roadmap for the cloud

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Johannesburg, South Africa, February, 2020 – Blue Turtle Technologies today announced SECURE the fourth service within its “Journey to the Cloud” programme. The SECURE service gives clients the peace of mind that their information assets are protected when navigating the cloud.


By leveraging Blue Turtle’s market leading security solutions, customers are provided with the technology and expertise to secure their cloud, datacentre and hybrid operations.


“The cloud has opened up the attack surface, presenting yet another vector that needs to be protected. Cybercriminals are sophisticated, organised and automated, and enterprises need to be far more vigilant when adopting cloud, and detailed when building a cloud security framework” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Looking at the different components – identity, access, data, workloads, configuration, network – and how these need to be architected or re-designed to meet cloud and hybrid needs is critical.


“At Blue Turtle we provide the capabilities to support customers in the assessment, design and transition of security to meet the challenges introduced with cloud.”


SECURE is part of Blue Turtle’s client-centric cloud migration programme, made up of five pillars, providing a service tailored to a customer’s unique cloud roadmap. SECURE, the fourth pillar includes not just access management, and attack identification, but amongst others workload protection, compliance, container security and advanced threat prevention.


The full Journey to the Cloud programme comprises ASSESS, MIGRATE, OPTIMISE, SECURE and MANAGE. Five pillars formulated to create a deep understanding of a client’s environment, deliver cost effective migration and cloud adoption, and implement the operational systems to ensure that the cloud provides the services and security required by business.


“So why work with Blue Turtle? We look at security strategically and tactically, we take a risk-based approach closely aligned to the NIST framework. We also take into account trends in cyber-threats, help customers get the basics right, understand the value of emerging technologies, and the criticality of automated active cyber-defence. Our teams are able to look beyond infrastructure to the application and the broader customer ecosystem – such as API’s, E-commerce, and third party solutions.


“This approach enables us to deliver, and execute on, plans created specifically for a customer, based on their business vertical, critical assets, risks and existing security – aligned to their current and future IT infrastructure and application landscape. This is followed up after implementation with tailored advisory and managed services. All of this ensures we create a fit for purpose security solution for our customers that extends from the datacentre to the cloud to the business ecosystem,” ends Maharaj.