Blue Turtle simplifies file transfers, enables digital business automation with BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 1 March 2019]

Blue Turtle Technologies is assisting Africa-wide companies with streamlining and simplifying otherwise tricky and resource-intensive file transfers. With the latest iteration of BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT), customers can now control their full transfer requirements as well as gain visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers.

Today, Blue Turtle is one of only nine BMC Platinum partners globally, a partnership that extends more than 15 years. Through the partnership, Blue Turtle is in the ideal position to assist customers with the seamless delivery, scoping, implementation and support of their Control-M MFT environment.

“Many of our customers still sit with the challenge of moving large files between a vast array of complex systems and applications, something that is still largely an arduous manual process,” states Simon Shaw at Blue Turtle Technologies. “With Control-M MFT, they are able to remove the risk of human intervention while taking advantage of a solution that supports a single point of control, and that has enhanced security and encryption features.”

According to Shaw, one of the primary features of Control-M MFT is that it allows the user to build, schedule and manage file transfers in the same way they would any other “batch job”. By removing manual intervention, a client can reduce data losses and errors, while at the same time improving visibility and control. From a security point of view, it supports enhanced file transfer security via FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSL, HTTP/S or PGP encryption, while also being FIPS complaint.

Notably, the system also aligns file transfers with business processes, and, through an intuitive dashboard, an administrator can gain visibility into the status of scheduled transfers, as well as leverage its search functionality to find files. Furthermore, you can now build your own file transfer server, manage transfers with external business partners, and integrate with third-party systems such as IBM Sterling Connect:Direct.

Blue Turtle is also pleased to announce that new and existing customers can now take advantage of a slew of new capabilities, including:

B2B Hub: File transfer server that manages external file transfers and allows for virtual users and folders that can be associated with external business partners.
B2B Gateway: Listens for incoming SFTP, FTPS, and HTTP/S connections from external accounts.
B2B File Exchange: Web-based interface that external business partners can use to connect to the B2B Gateway to upload and download files.

“Compliance is a big issue for business today and Control-M MFT ensures traceable compliance with every single file transfer, leaving a trace for you to view and report on to ensure data integrity. Clients are most drawn to the speed at which it conducts transfers, as well as its ability to restart a transfer directly from a point of failure,” ends Shaw.

Pre- and post-sales support, technical assistance, project scoping and sales of BMC Control-M MFT is available immediately through Blue Turtle Technologies.

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