Blue Turtle Technologies acquires Column SA

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) today announced the acquisition of Column Technologies South Africa’s (Column SA) BMC Software practice effective 1 February 2011.

As part of the agreement, Blue Turtle will take over all customers and support commitments for Column SA. Column Technologies will retain its Global Service Desk, situated in Cape Town, to service its international clients.

The strategic decision for the acquisition allows Column Technologies to focus on its fast-growing North American, European and Australasia businesses. Blue Turtle has aggressively achieved local BMC growth over the past 24 months.

“The timing of the deal could not have been better,” said Martyn Healy, Marketing Director at Blue Turtle. “We are continually expanding our customer base as well as our support and delivery capabilities, and Column Technologies was looking for a strong local partner who could support their African customers.” The transaction also increases Blue Turtle’s footprint in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Blue Turtle Technologies, an Elite BMC Software partner, is the largest provider of BMC Software solutions and services in southern Africa, while Column Technologies is the largest global BMC Software Elite BSM Certified partner.

The two companies will also enter into a partnership that will enable Blue Turtle to drive the sales and support of other products and solutions developed by Column Technologies into the African market.

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