Blue Turtle Technologies appointed local partner for Octopus Deploy

Local customers can now leverage a deployment automation tool that makes it easy to orchestrate on-premises and cloud releases and to deploy applications.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies has today announced that it has been appointed as a preferred partner of Octopus Deploy, further extending its capabilities to provide a deployment automation solution to customers looking to deploy and scale Web applications locally and to the cloud.

“Octopus Deploy is not new to the South African market. The name kept popping up in conversations with our customers, especially our Redgate customers currently automating their database deployments. It’s an enterprise solution with a very competitive price point that provides customers with an intuitive, reliable and easy method to automate deployments,” says Marius Nauhaus, Product Manager for DevOps and Messaging at Blue Turtle Technologies.

According to Nauhaus, Octopus Deploy complements existing Continuous Integration (CI) solutions and has plug-ins to most of the CI servers out there, including Azure DevOps, Bamboo, TFS and Jenkins, to name but a few.

The solution also comes bundled with conventions for deploying different types of applications like .NET and Java, etc, as well as configuration files and various scripting languages. You can deploy to physical as well as virtual machines on premises and, with cloud adoption becoming increasingly prevalent in the local market, it also provides support for deployments to Azure, AWS and Docker.

The solution goes beyond just automating Web application deployment. It also assists customers with creating a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) pipeline for their database deployments, a gap that many customers currently have in their DevOps strategy.

“If you look at DevOps and automation, there is a huge drive towards getting applications to the market more quickly, and all the focus is on the ‘code portion’ of the application,” says Nauhaus.

“There is a big gap in automating the database portion of application releases, particularly with regard to database CICD. Octopus Deploy fixes this. Combine Octopus Deploy with Redgate’s Change Automation Solution, and you have a robust, reliable and automated deployment pipeline for your database deployments.

“From an IT perspective, it alleviates the workload of the database administrator during deployments, while for the business it means more reliable database deployments and a faster time to market for applications. Looking at what Octopus Deploy offers and the fact that so many of our customers are already using it, formalising our partnership just made sense.”

As per the agreement, Blue Turtle will provide local customers with support for Octopus Deploy, a conduit to the vendor, as well as access to new releases and product announcements.