Blue Turtle Technologies Partners with Hyperscience for Intelligent Document Processing

Hyperscience is a leading machine learning platform that expands on current offerings to provide the most accurate means to capture structured and semi-structured document data.


Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has been appointed as an official go-to-market partner for Hyperscience, the developer of next-generation intelligent document processing solutions for the enterprise. This partnership strengthens the intelligent document processing capabilities of Blue Turtle, enabling customers to more accurately capture, classify and extract customer data.

The proprietary, machine learning-driven technology of Hyperscience enables the automated extraction of handwritten, cursive, and machine-printed text with accuracy rates over 99%. Hyperscience continues to learn on an organisation’s documents to drive continuous performance improvement.

“With the Hyperscience platform, we have strengthened our HyperAutomation capabilities to provide customers with an effective and comprehensive solution that transforms how they capture data that was previously heavily reliant on manual processes,” says Harry Nicholson, Senior Product Manager for HyperAutomation at Blue Turtle. “Through this partnership, we now offer a path to increasing output and productivity while minimising manual effort.

“Our extensive knowledge around Enterprise Content Management, Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation coupled with the Hyperscience partnership, sees us able to give customers complete control over their data. The machine learning platform features a built-in quality assurance mechanism that not only measures how well it is performing but sends a subset of cases to the data entry teams if it thinks it has made a mistake. Once the team reviews and resolves these edge cases, the system learns from these revisions to further improve its capabilities,” adds Nicholson.

The Hyperscience offering is designed to handle diverse document types, including handwritten forms, skewed images, and faxed and low-resolution documents. It works from the document ingestion point all the way through to the system of record. Hyperscience automates document processing and data extraction within all document- and labour-intensive market sectors where companies have relied heavily on data capture teams or legacy capture software to classify and extract information from the ever-increasing documents that move between organisations and their clients.

The platform integrates completely into Blue Turtle’s existing offerings with no impact on customer workflows. This enterprise-grade offering is built for non-technical business users to empower them to easily create new layouts and monitor operational performance metrics for improved output and productivity. Nicholson says this partnership will help South African companies accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

“At Hyperscience, we are passionate about helping companies use automation to reduce manual work, speed up processing and better serve their customers. Partnering with Blue Turtle as a reseller for the Africa region enables us to transform the document processing capabilities of organisations on the continent,” says Nay Odutola, Area Vice President, EMEA at Hyperscience.

“Our intelligent document processing solution allows companies to automate data capture, classification, and extraction. And because most data organizations have today is locked in documents, PDFs, images and more, which traditional, rules-based technologies cannot process, the respective strengths of Hyperscience and Blue Turtle can unlock significant value while freeing up employee capacity to focus on delivering more strategic value elsewhere,” concludes Odutola.

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