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Blue Turtle Technologies announces Delphix support for Microsoft Azure

[Johannesburg, 26 September 2017] –

Blue Turtle Technologies is pleased to announce that with the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform’s recent announcement for support of Microsoft Azure, local Delphix customers will be able to better manage their cloud and hybrid environments when the local Microsoft Azure data centres open in South Africa in 2018.

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform securely delivers data everywhere. By providing a single platform to secure and distribute data, Delphix simplifies migrations to Azure, paves the way for DevOps, and reduces data privacy risks. The platform will allow customers to better streamline cloud migration projects, accelerate development and testing, as well as reduce the costs and complexity associated to the management of applications and workloads in their cloud environments.

“Perceived data sovereignty laws and regulations, as well as the bandwidth required to access information in the cloud via geographically dispersed data centres, have, to date, slowed the pace at which South Africans consume the full Azure stack,” states Tommy Erlank, Application and Data Business Manager at Blue Turtle Technologies. “However, now with the announcement that South African businesses will be able to enjoy full local Azure services with data centres launching locally, customers are starting to consider exactly how they can leverage their corporate data in a hybrid cloud environment using Azure. [Full Story.]