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Blue Turtle Partners with Tableau to deliver Business Intelligence Analytics and Data Visualization

Visual analytics platform Tableau and Blue Turtle partner to offer industry-leading integrated software data systems in the Southern Africa region

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company has partnered with Tableau Software, a global leader in visual analytics software.

The partnership will combine the overall talent pool and client reach of Blue Turtle with Tableau’s breakthrough visual analytics technology. As a Reseller Partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Tableau’s software into its Application & Data Management solutions suite which helps clients unlock the power of big data.

“In an ever changing and competitive business environment, it has never been more important for organisations to have information that allows them to optimise processes, identify risks and drive decision-making.” says Justin Arnoldi, Application & Data Management Business Manager, Blue Turtle. “Analytics is changing the Business Intelligence market and we have seen significant interest from our clients in Tableau as a great way to bring the power of data visualization to organisations. With this partnership, we have cemented a solid reputation and become a trusted BI solution advisor.”

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a broad category of applications and technologies that provide responses to business questions by translating huge volumes of data insight. BI allows management to measure key operations and existing data for hidden patterns, thereby identifying business improvement opportunities.

BI as a strategic tool is a critical element of a successful business. Blue Turtle’s mission is to help clients draw meaningful and actionable insights from their operational data by helping them to transform their data into timely, valuable knowledge through effective analytics solutions that enable smart decision making.

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Tableau’s visual analytics software. Try a free trial of Tableau 10. More information can be found at

Blue Turtle commends Hewlett Packard as a 2016 CIO 100 Award Winner by Using Delphix Technology

Blue Turtle’s leading Data as a Service partner Delphix has aided Hewlett Packard in being named a recipient of the 2016 CIO 100. The 29th annual award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology.

Breakups are never easy – but what if you’re trying to split a $100 billion company into two independent leaders? Who manages the IT Infrastructure?

When HP was facing a corporate separation, it needed to divide 2,800 applications, 300,000 employees, 75,000 application interfaces and their network connectivity, 570 projects and 50,000 servers1. In the company’s 2014 Q4 earnings call, CEO Meg Whitman called this undertaking “a big and complicated separation — the biggest ever done. This is not a spin-off, but two Fortune 50 companies, both with about $57 billion in revenue.”

Under the leadership of CIO Scott Spradley, HPE enlisted a team of their top talent to tackle this herculean challenge – one that involved splitting 6 data centers2 – with the help of Delphix. Now, they’ve been named one of this year’s CIO 100 winners for their successful efforts. Read how CIO summarizes the project here.

Mahesh Shah, General Manager of M&As at HPE, said of this undertaking, “Infrastructure, data and security – those were the most critical elements and the most complex elements for us to go and separate into two companies.”

All three of those discrete challenges are areas in which Delphix excels. Although data virtualization had never before been used to support a corporate separation, much less one of this size, HPE leadership recognized conventional methods would not be fast enough to meet their aggressive deadline. They looked towards a relatively new technology for this massive, mission-critical project, and by the project’s conclusion, the HPE team had applied Delphix software through multiple stages, including data conversion, regression testing, business continuity, data archiving and legal hold.

HPE achieved four major benefits through its engagement with Delphix:

  1. A dramatic reduction in application downtime
  2. Retention of a complete copy of the applications, with 70% data compression
  3. Disaster recovery capabilities to “roll back” the applications in case of accidental data deletion
  4. Reduced infrastructure requirements of over 50%


HPE continued to amaze watchers-on and their internal team alike. Mr. Spradley explained, “Nobody ever thought that we would do design in a month, or that we would do build in a month, or that we would write 172,000 [System Integration Test] cases, that we would test 74,000 interfaces, that we would split up 50,000 production servers in the amount of time. You typically build 900 servers in a year, maybe 1000 for an IT organization. We built 4000 servers in six weeks.”

We’d like to congratulate HPE for this exciting win. This talented and hard working team was able to execute this split efficiently, in 9 months with only two hours of downtime. For a process that could have taken years, and with a minimum of sixteen costly hours of downtime, the time and cost savings are nothing short of spectacular.

We’re proud that Hewlett Packard’s efforts in using Delphix’s technology have been recognized at the CIO 100 Awards,” stated Tommy Erlank, Application & Data Management Business Manager at Blue Turtle. “Hewlett Packard, being selected for this award along with top global companies speaks volume about our chosen technology – as the CIO 100 awards continuously honor the innovative use of technology that delivers genuine business value. Delphix’s renowned technology offering successfully delivers full environments for development, testing, and reporting needs – at a fraction of physical costs and complexity and we are honoured to have it as an offering in the Southern African region.”

More information on this and other Delphix Use Cases in Southern Africa, can be found at or




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Blue Turtle and Experitest Partner to Offer end-to-end Mobile Testing Solutions Throughout Africa

Blue Turtle, one of South Africa’s largest enterprise solutions companies, and Experitest, the world’s leading provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps including test automation, manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for mobile applications, entered into a partnership that allows Blue Turtle to offer Experitest’s end-to-end mobile application testing tools to businesses worldwide.

This partnership will enable Blue Turtle to improve their client’s productivity with a continuous testing process using Experitest’s onsite cloud-based architecture, while covering all operating systems and all mobile devices including the newest models. Blue Turtle will immediately be able to begin using Experitest’s new SeeTest Load tool, along with their revamped Network Virtualization software.

“Partnering with Experitest who are globally renowned for their end to end mobile testing solution suite is perfect as Blue Turtle recognizes the significant demand for a mobile application testing tool that includes cutting edge capabilities in network virtualization, and load in the African region,” said Justin Arnoldi, Application and Data Management Business Manager at Blue Turtle. “There is a startling push to make the internet available to over 1 billion people of the world’s second largest continent, primarily through smartphones.” Experitest offers mobile test automation for both functional and performance testing, with a cloud solution that enables our clients to perform the most comprehensive mobile testing regimen in the most efficient amount of time.”

“We see a huge opportunity in this new partnership. Mobile growth in Africa is the highest in the world,” explains Tal Barmeir, CEO of Experitest, “SeeTest tools meet all the needs for today’s mobile application, integrating with all major continuous integration platforms, and all ALM environments. An enterprise can meet all of its mobile testing needs in one place, while expanding its productivity dramatically using a mobile device lab running on SeeTest Cloud.”


Blue Turtle reinforces Information Protection and Control by joining forces with Secure Islands

Secure Islands Extends Partner Program to Offer Advanced Information Protection and Control Solution in Southern Africa with Blue Turtle partnership

Secure Islands, the leading provider of advanced Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Blue Turtle Technologies, a leading technology management company based in South Africa. The partnership enhances Blue Turtle’s  data protection offering, allowing it to include next-generation DLP, Data Classification, and IRM solutions into its portfolio of data security services.

Blue Turtle, as Secure Islands re seller in Southern Africa, features Secure Islands’ IQProtector™, a persistent, active Data Immunization technology, which offers a unique paradigm that is fundamentally different from other existing solutions: automated, policy-driven classification and protection at the very beginning of the information life cycle. In addition to enhanced data protection, IQProtector intelligently allows organizations to map their information assets to understand where information is created, analyzes and classifies the data by multiple configurable criteria including content and context (i.e. usage, data type, source, user etc.).

“As organisations increasingly turn to the cloud, they now have the opportunity to streamline their entire data management approach with Secure Islands IPC platform,” said Justin Arnoldi, Application & Data Manger at Blue Turtle.  “The ability to classify and protect data upon creation ensures data integrity without having to tightly control the flow of data.  It’s a brilliant approach to securing data that will deliver our clients unprecedented peace of mind. We are excited to have Secure Islands as a partner and look forward to introducing their high standards for information protection.”

“We are happy to expand our reach in South Africa with a strong partner like Blue Turtle,” said Guri Geva, VP Sales EMEA for Secure Islands. “Leading organizations across the globe already embrace our data immunization technology that makes for true, persistent classification controlled encryption management. Coupled with Blue Turtle’s application expertise we bring our customers a clear added value.”

Blue Turtle announces partnership with Bizagi to drive BPM adoption in SA

Partnership with Bizagi to drive BPM adoption in SA

Depth and breadth of combined services plus a state-of-the-art BPM platform create a perfect combination to deliver value to a very attractive market

Blue Turtle Technologies announces its partnership with Bizagi Ltd, the global Business Process Management (BPM) software author, to jointly offer BPM solutions to the South African Market.

Under this partnership, Blue Turtle will be able to complement its consultancy portfolio, with Bizagi offerings in order to help its customers gain better control over their processes and improve their performance. “Partnering with an organization such as Bizagi, who are globally respected for implementing highly functional business process management solutions, is an exciting opportunity for Blue Turtle,” stated Justin Arnoldi, Application and Data Business Manager at Blue Turtle. “Clients looking to implement highly intuitive, mobile ready solutions, now have the tools necessary to deliver tangible results fast.”


Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO, says: “We’re excited by the opportunity to work with Blue Turtle. The business value that customers such as Old mutual have already achieved can now be more effectively delivered to other businesses in the region. The partnership with Blue Turtle opens up new markets and new opportunities for Bizagi, while giving our SA customers a local partner they can rely on; together we can deliver enterprise best practice at a global level.”


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Parasoft Named a Leader in Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools

Forrester Research, Inc., "The Forrester Wave™: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015," 17 April

Forrester Research, Inc., “The Forrester Wave™: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015,” 17 April

Parasoft Cited for “Solid features in UI automation and very comprehensive functional API testing automation features

Blue Turtle, the leading Parasoft partner in Southern Africa announces that Parasoft, a market leader in the automation of application testing has been named a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015.”*

Forrester Research gave Parasoft the highest score among all vendors in the Current Offering category, and stated that “Agile project management (PM) and test management tools make [Parasoft’s] solution stand out.”

According to the report, “Parasoft’s API testing roots and comprehensive integrations pays off. Parasoft has a very strong product offering…[Its] strong vision on the use of analytics to drive greater testing performance, implemented in its current products and road map, make it a key player in the continuous delivery world allowing developers to promote low-risk, quality-release candidates in delivery pipelines.”

After examining past research, user-need assessments, and vendor and expert interviews, Forrester developed a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria. They evaluated vendors against 40 criteria, which they grouped into three high-level buckets: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence.

“To us, Forrester’s evaluation confirms the value of the advanced automation, comprehensive capabilities, and easy extensibility that we believe earned us this position as a leader,” said Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer. “We are impressed by Forrester’s efforts to help AD&D professionals select the right FTA tool, and we are extremely honored to be recognized in this important research.”

“We are excited to share the news with all our local clients, said Tommy Erlank, Business Manager for Application Optimization at Blue Turtle. This is great validation of Parasoft’s ability to understand and manage software application quality in the context of the “real world”. Parasoft’s ability to automate application testing of end-to-end business processes has always been very strong, and we see our clients reap the benefits of a comprehensive functional, regression, load and stress testing suite. More so, Parasoft’s SOA testing and Service Virtualization capabilities are key differentiators when it comes to Agile development and Continuous testing practices.”


Delphix acquires data masking leader, Axis Technology Software

Blue Turtle’s Data as a Service partner Delphix acquires Axis Technology, an acquisition that adds integrated masking to industry-leading data as a service platform.

Blue Turtle Technologies recognises that business applications and databases are growing at a rapid pace. According to Delphix, the market leader in Data as a Service, announced that it has acquired Axis Technology Software to enable secure, self-service data delivery for application projects, including ERP rollouts, custom development and migrations to private and public clouds.

Data as a Service delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, dramatically accelerating a wide range of application projects. By acquiring Axis Technology Software, a market leader in data masking, Delphix becomes the only solution for integrated data masking, data virtualization and data archiving.

“We believe that data masking—the ability to scramble private information such as social security numbers and credit card information—has become a critical requirement for managing data across development, testing, training and reporting environments,” said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO of Delphix. “With Axis, Delphix not only accelerates application projects, but also increases data security for our customers.”

High-profile data breaches continue to make headlines as organizations struggle to manage information security in the face of rapidly changing applications, data centers and the cloud. Data masking replaces confidential data such as social security numbers, birthdates and addresses with scrambled data that cannot be used to target customers. Adding data masking to the robust Delphix DaaS platform enables IT organizations to eliminate confidential and private information before it reaches developers, QA engineers or other privileged users—both on premises and in the cloud—dramatically reducing the surface area of data at risk.

Secure Data as a Service delivers a triple benefit to enterprise customers:

  • Security: meet external regulatory and internal requirements for managing private information, including PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Speed: accelerate time to market by 50 percent for critical application projects and releases that drive customer retention, upsell opportunities and operational efficiency
  • Cost: reduce IT operating and capital expenses for projects by 50 percent

Many organizations leave the responsibility for data masking in the hands of various application teams that employ a range of scripts and manual processes to secure data, often leaving sensitive data at risk. Legacy test data management solutions mask data, but they leave the distribution of masked data up to IT administrators, resulting in stale datasets that reduce the effectiveness of application development and testing.

Secure Data as a Service combines automated data masking, data virtualization and data archiving into a single, powerful solution that delivers data within data centers and across private and public clouds.

Molina Healthcare, a customer of Delphix and Axis Technology Software, has deployed Data as a Service across more than 6,000 databases and over 2 petabytes of data in its private cloud.

“As a user of both solutions, we rely on Delphix and Axis to help us increase agility, reduce costs and meet industry regulations for data protection,” said Bharani Krish, associate vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Molina Healthcare. “We expect the combination to better enable our own IT transformation initiatives.”

“We’ve built a sophisticated platform to secure customer data at Axis, proven at many of the world’s biggest banks and enterprises,” said Michael Logan, founder and CEO of Axis Technology Software. “We’re excited to join Delphix in its mission to transform enterprise data management. The integrated power of our platforms will provide our customers the ability to protect their data where and when they need it.”

As vice president of Data Masking at Delphix, Logan will be responsible for driving technology synergies and continued market adoption of masking as an addition to the Delphix platform.

“Ongoing data breaches are driving an increased interest in data-centric security,” said Garrett Bekker, senior security analyst, 451 Research. “The combination of Delphix Data as a Service and Axis’ data masking brings a new approach to securing application data during development and testing.  While organizations have relied on data masking as a way to ‘de-identify’ sensitive information for some time, masking can be a challenge to manage, particularly for large-scale development projects that require numerous copies of a specific database instance. By virtualizing a ‘golden masked image’ that can be easily replicated or torn down as needed, Delphix can provide a degree of scalability to masking projects that was previously hard to achieve.”

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Delphix Secure DaaS. More information can be found at

Attunity named to CRN Big Data 100 for Third Consecutive Year

Blue Turtle Technologies announces that Attunity Ltd, a leading provider of information availability software solutions, has been named to The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN® Big Data 100 for its high-performance data usage analytics and data delivery offerings. The annual list recognizes companies that bring innovative tools, technologies and services to market, helping organizations productively manage, process and analyze the increasing volume of information being generated today.

Attunity is recognized in the industry for its ability to help organizations overcome the challenges of making Big Data available quickly and easily. The company’s technology portfolio delivers automated, end-to-end Big Data usage and delivery solutions to support mission-critical data and analytics initiatives. In addition, Attunity’s robust solutions enable users to easily analyze, manage, and move small or large amounts of data with key optimizations specific to chosen platforms – whether in the data center, Hadoop or the cloud.

“When it comes to selecting building block technologies for Big Data solutions, channel partners need a dependable resource they can rely on to identify the key tools available,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “We congratulate the vendors of the CRN Big Data 100 for their innovation and commitment to helping businesses manage the Big Data challenge.”

“The Big Data industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and it is important for us at Attunity to stay innovative and agile so we can help organizations effectively reach their most challenging data delivery goals,” stated Lawrence Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing at Attunity. “We are honored to receive this important industry recognition for the third year in a row and look forward to continuing to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Unitask Software Partners for Global Expansion with Blue Turtle

Partnership Delivers Value for South African Oracle EBS Customers Globally

Building upon the success of its Partner Advantage Program, Unitask Software has announced an International Partnership with Blue Turtle Technologies, a South African Solutions Provider for the delivery of Automation Solutions for the Oracle EBS marketplace.

Partnering with Blue Turtle, a leading integration deployment solutions provider for Oracle EBS application market will allow Unitask Software solutions to be readily available for deployment via the Blue Turtle team in the South African geography. Understanding and designing solutions to meet the automation demands and modernization needs as customers move to the newest versions of Oracle’s EBS R12 Application. This partnership will further allow for full transparent integration of Migration and Promotion processes in Enterprise Implementations.

“The Global EBS marketplace has directed us to search out and partner with Best of Breed Partners who are like minded in their determination for timely completion and success. Tom and the Blue Turtle Team fit those criteria as we bring fully implemented, automation solutions to the Oracle EBS world,” said Dale D. Royal, Chairman & CEO of Unitask.

“Unitask’s software solutions add tremendous value to our clients in Southern Africa. The ability to natively manage the development and release processes in an Oracle EBS landscape saves a lot of time and effort compared to what we are seeing customer teamsd o today with scripts and / or manual work. Unitask automates the movement of code, keeping change packages in sync and ensuring the application and infrastructure teams know exactly what is coming down the line and when. If you have Oracle EBS, you need Unitask,” shared Tom Erlank, Head of Application and Data Management at Blue Turtle.

Attunity acquires Appfluent to Help IT Teams With Big Data

Attunity Ltd, a leading provider of information availability software solutions, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Appfluent Technology, Inc., a U.S.-based leading provider of data usage analytics for Big Data environments, including data warehousing and Hadoop.

Through this acquisition, Attunity will be able to offer the industry’s first product suite that analyzes Big Data usage patterns, and then moves large data volumes and processing workloads to Hadoop. Recent Industry analysts report that Hadoop can save 70% or more of data storage and processing costs compared to traditional data warehouses. Appfluent’s solutions enable the efficient utilization of Hadoop, delivering a significant ROI to enterprises using Big Data. These savings can be in the order of millions of dollars annually for large enterprises.

“This acquisition aligns with our strategy to capitalize on the changing dynamics in the market due to the Big Data revolution, expanding our position as a leading provider of highly valuable and uniquely differentiated Big Data solutions,” said Shimon Alon, Attunity’s Chairman and CEO. “We also expect the acquisition of Appfluent to contribute directly to our revenue growth in 2015 as well as drive cross selling and bundling opportunities with customers and business partners across the entire Attunity product line. With data volumes growing so rapidly, it is critical for enterprises to accurately understand how Big Data is being used, and Appfluent provides a leading solution in the market to address this growing demand.”

Mr. Alon added: “With the unique technology and market leading capabilities of Appfluent, we believe this acquisition will strengthen the demand for Attunity Big Data solutions and the awareness of the Attunity brand. Furthermore, we expect that it will enable us to expand opportunities with both existing and new partners. The respective products, partners and go-to-market strategies of the two companies are very complementary and well aligned, which will enable us to quickly turn this opportunity into a growth engine that enhances shareholder value. As we expand our platform and offerings, enterprises continue to rely on us as their trusted provider of solutions that facilitate and optimize their Big Data initiatives.”

Frank Gelbart, founder and CEO of Appfluent, said: “We see tremendous synergy and are excited to join forces with the Attunity team. Put together, our solutions provide an answer to one of the most common needs that enterprises are trying to address with the modern Big Data technologies – when and how to leverage Hadoop. Our customers see significant advantages from having deep insight into their data usage patterns so they can strategically and intelligently decide where to store and process their data, including a significant reduction in their Big Data costs. Now, they will be able to see additional value by facilitating the process of moving data across platforms and offloading it from expensive ones with the Attunity suite of solutions. Leveraging our complementary solutions and our mutual success building partnerships, we will focus on becoming the strategic partner of choice to the leading vendors in the Big Data space.”

“We are excited by the announcement as Appfluent Visibility can be configured to monitor multiple data warehouse systems including Teradata, Oracle Exadata, IBM DB2, IBM® PureData™ for Analytics powered by Netezza and Hadoop, whilst Attunity software augments the world’s leading business intelligence, data integration, application integration and development platforms, facilitating real time integration with existing data sources and enterprise applications.

Key platforms Attunity supports include:

Apache Hadoop, Microsoft Platforms and Technologies, Oracle Platforms and Technologies, SAP Sybase Platforms and Technologies, SAP Software Solutions, DB2, Actian Vector, Amazon Redshift, Pivotal Greenplum Database (Pivotal GPDB), HP Vertica, Microsoft APS / PDW, Oracle Exadata, SAP Sybase IQ, Teradata UDA.

Attunity software also helps enterprises that are looking for ways to reuse, repurpose, and integrate existing systems in support of new business and IT initiatives. Attunity simplifies and accelerates integration with Mainframes, HP NonStop (Tandem), OpenVMS and iSeries,” says Tommy Erlank, Blue Turtle’s Application and Data Business Manager.