Increased role of SAM in corporate governance

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 8 March 2019]

With the evolution of software asset management (SAM) over the past five years, corporate South Africa has increasingly turned to Blue Turtle and its managed service offering on Flexera FNMS (FlexNet Management System).

Customers are viewing it as a solution to support improved corporate governance through comprehensive licence management to ensure better alignment of process, practice and business. In short, it is able to manage and control extreme complexities in both licensing and infrastructure.

“SAM has grown past its initial promise of asset management and is today being used by the vast majority of our corporate clients as a means to better get ahead of their software audits, as a means to reduce their risk appetite and better highlight process control shortfalls,” states Nico Erasmus, Senior SAM Consultant at Blue Turtle Technologies.

“While the original idea behind investing in a SAM solution is that it can help to lower software costs in a business (and while this is still a factor), it can also identify areas where organisations need to spend more in order to be compliant. The real benefit of an effective SAM solution can be evidenced in its ability to proactively manage software and drive down costs by ensuring effective use of the applications within your business, for example, the ability to audit desktop software and provide compliance views of ‘high-cost’ data centre software.

According to Erasmus, most of the top South African banking groups and top financial services groups are either already using Flexera FNMS or are in the process of deployment and adoption of the solution. These organisations have chosen to implement a SAM solution to help address their unbudgeted software spend and reduce compliance risk.

Customers initially want the solution out of concern of regulatory indiscretions and/or loss of control of their IT estate, which they want to understand before an auditor comes through the door. Key to deploying a successful SAM solution is helping customers to uncover the unknowns in a business and then put them in the know.

SAM solutions with Flexera help a business to identify what it can do/procure better, provides insights into how asset acquisition can be improved, and highlights how business processes can be implemented so future manual mistakes don’t creep in. Key functionality built into Flexera FNMS includes: IT asset discovery and inventory, software inventory normalisation, purchased versus installed/consumed licence reconciliation, licence optimisation for desktop software and a management dashboard and reporting.

“Our customers are doing some incredible things with Flexera FNMS and are gaining a better understanding of their licence entitlements and deployed software estates. It allows them to have a record of and visibility into their risk, because if you don’t have accurate record-keeping, you don’t have true visibility, which is a real risk,” ends Erasmus.

Blue Turtle currently boasts the largest and most skilled SAM team in the region and is able to assist with architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining the Flexera FNMS solution.

Change tracking and management a synch with Blue Turtle and NNT

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting

[Johannesburg, 05 February 2019]

To assist customers with the growing need to manage and gain visibility into unauthorised changes to systems, Blue Turtle Technologies has partnered with New Net Technologies (NNT) a leader in change control, providing local customers an easy to manage and deploy change control solution.


The NNT Change Tracker Gen7 R2 allows companies to better manage the overwhelming noise associated to change control, while still ensuring the integrity of their IT systems. The solution transverses the need of both security and IT operations in a business and monitors and manages changes while adhering to organisational and compliance policies.


“The NNT Change Tracker is the ideal solution for anyone in the security department, as well as change managers, the compliance division and IT administrators that need to manage change requests across an organisation,” says Andrew Parsons, business unit manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.

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Blue Turtle is Ivanti ITSM partner of the year in 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year Awards

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting

[Johannesburg, 12 July 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, is pleased to announce it has been awarded, by vendor partner Ivanti, the award as its EMEA ITSM Partner of the Year for 2018. The awards were presented in June at a ceremony held during Ivanti Interchange18 in Madrid.

Ivanti offers customers a unified IT platform, enabling its users to effectively deploy and take advantage of full IT service management within the business. Blue Turtle has been an Ivanti partner for many years, and today boasts close to 100 customers in the southern Africa region.

“In our experience, Ivanti is the only vendor in the unified IT space that covers the length and breadth of a completely integrated solution, which is easy to deploy, integrates seamlessly into any environment and comes at a price point that makes it perfect for SME customers through to enterprise clients,” states Tommy Erlank, Application and Data Business Unit Manager at Blue Turtle.

“Furthermore, the fact that the company has built its solutions on next-generation technology means that it can be deployed in the most complex of environments faster than some of the more legacy-based ITSM solutions in the market.


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Blue Turtle helps communications service providers with end-to-end service platform

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 16 November 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies is working with communications service providers (CSPs) to improve operation management across the network landscape. SMARTsite, a locally developed solution, provides CSPs with an operating model framework for a full telco operations support system.

SMARTsite integrates into a CSP’s network management system, providing service delivery, activating service fulfilment, including management and monitoring of network inventory, activation and provisioning, as well as the delivery of functionality that extends service assurance and customer care.

Based on the eTOM/Frameworx process framework, SMARTsite enables customers to manage their network infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations through a ‘single pane of glass’. To this end, SMARTsite delivers visibility of systems, and proactive fault management, maintenance and configuration, allowing CSPs to address incidents before they affect the customer, ultimately ensuring uptime and improving the customer experience.


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How Ivanti helps simplify and accelerate your IT unification efforts.

For IT to deliver maximum business value it needs to eliminate IT silos and islands – unifying efforts across assets, endpoint, security, IT and business services.

Everyone talks about the need for resilience and agility in response to the new, “tech-enabled” customer that expects seamless business interactions across a variety of contact points. Often the result of trying to respond to their rapidly-evolving requirements sees new and legacy tools / systems converge to create massive complex IT environments.

Benefits to getting it right

Companies who are getting it right by way of adopting new applications and processes, investing in technology-innovation and upping their game in terms of customer experience are seeing the benefits.

According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CXi) research, “Customer experience leaders had a cumulative 22.5 percent gain in performance over the past years, compared with a 46.3 percent decrease for a portfolio of customer experience laggards.”

Most organisations with disjointed IT monitoring tools and operational silos experience similar challenges, namely:

  • IT invests time in putting out fires and are not fully contributing to strategic solutions and projects that deliver real business value. In addition the “downtime” instances impact employee performance and customer experience.
  • The multitude of monitoring tools often make it difficult to pinpoint the source of system failures – resulting in the usual blame game that ultimately leads to delays in issue resolution while, once again, negatively impacting on the overall customer experience.
  • The exercise of working within a clash of systems equates to entering the boxing ring of an agile business technology world with one hand behind your back. Eventually the competition is going to land some heavy punches that may, eventually, prove too damaging to ever truly recover from.

The answer is Unified IT by way of our Ivanti Solution.

The lack of communication between tools and teams increases risk and cost, slows IT response, and leaves users and the business exposed.

Ivanti is changing the IT landscape – breaking down IT silos with increased visibility and automated processes. With Ivanti you can:

  • Protect and manage your endpoints
  • Resolve your biggest IT headaches
  • Survive your next software audit, to name but a few key solution benefits.

Certainly, at Blue Turtle Technologies we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the need for the Ivanti solution, with some companies going on record – stating the solution is “the best application they have ever purchased.”

The strength of Ivanti is its total focus on the user, high-speed responsiveness and its ability to increase productivity – while reducing costs.

At Blue Turtle we provide solid, proven expertise and abilities in helping our clients successfully implement Ivanti (and other solutions) in their respective organisations.

If you are looking for a partner to help align your business and IT strategies we encourage you to reach out and connect with us today.

Awards confirm Blue Turtle Technologies is still top BMC partner in Africa

Local partner clinches Emerging Markets DBA Partner of the Year and Emerging Markets DSM Partner of the Year awards.
Issued by: Anti-Clockwise

[Johannesburg, 3 October 2017]

Local enterprise technology solutions provider, Blue Turtle Technologies, is pleased to announce it has once again managed to clinch two premier BMCaccolades in the 2017 BMC Partner of the Year awards for EMEA.

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Blue Turtle acknowledges Nastel as a Strong Performer in the APM market space

Blue Turtle’s partnership with Nastel reinforces our view on Middleware Management covering transaction based end-user, application flow analytics and business process mapping, which further combines to provide a holistic situational, statistical, and predictive image of the middleware intergration layer

Nastel, leader in Application Performance Management (APM) was named a strong performer by Forrester in a recent APM Research Report.  Nastel, provides real-time APM and IT Operations Analytics for middleware and applications, specifically the IBM Websphere, MQ, Database environments. In the Forrester Wave™ Application Performance Management, (Q3 2016) Nastel achieved the highest score possible in APM Analytics criterion. It evaluates vendors across 28 distinct criteria, aggregated into three general groupings: current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Forrester notes in the report that, along with other key customer considerations, APM solutions compete on their ability to “not only get to the root cause of downtime and performance issues more quickly, but also anticipate these problems so I&O pros can resolve them before they become issues at all.”

This is still the number one concern, according to Charley Rich, VP-Product Management at Nastel. But he notes there are other major business drivers of Nastel’s product roadmap. “Our customers must be ready to handle the swell of digital transformation sweeping their organizations. So we’re expanding their capacity for seamless, end-to-end visibility and analytics across their enterprise assets, cloud services, microservices, mobile apps, and the IoT—all must be included in a holistic solution. The tangible business outcomes are more productivity, better business service reliability, real-time customer experience, knowledge, and explicit knowledge of how IT activities are tied to the 24/7 delivery of business services.”

As the usage model for analytics accelerates its shift from reactive to proactive, Nastel is expanding clients’ ability to take advantage of fast data—characterized as high-volume, time-sensitive streaming metrics and unstructured data. Rich says, “Use cases range from compliance, security, on-line order processing, mobile apps—the list is almost endless. If you can process and analyze massive amounts of short-lived data regardless of source, and link that ability to natural language query and visualization tools, then you have the foundation for identifying trends and taking corrective actions in real-time. Not an easy feat by any means, but absolutely necessary to enable an ever expanding set of digital business services.”

“In an era when business functions are more sophisticated, diverse, integrated and immediate than ever, analytical Application Performance Management plays an essential role for our clients and IT professionals,” says Andrew Parsons, Business Product Manager at Blue Turtle. “To properly manage today’s application environment, organizations must be able to analyze the entire application chain from end to end, understanding the dependencies between the links in the chain. It must also be able to focus on early detection of abnormalities, differentiating symptom from cause rather than simply reacting to an outage.” “We are confident in Nastel’s APM technology ability to combine these two factors providing the level of assurance, IT needs in its key mission: to reduce the frequency and duration of outages and we commend them on their continuous growth and award recognition.”


Blue Turtle receives 2016 BMC Software Partner of the Year

Blue Turtle scoops BMC Software Partner of the Year Award   and continues to reinforce its position as the leading provider of BMC Software and services in the EMEA South region

Blue Turtle Technologies, has once again been awarded the  BMC Software Partner of the Year Award 2016 for the EMEA South Region. The award recognises Blue Turtle’s outstanding contribution to the BMC Software business, customer service, and ability to help customers realise results in managing and optimising IT services.

The BMC Software Partner Awards shine a spotlight on partners that have demonstrated excellence in delivering on customer needs and driving business results. This award recognizes Blue Turtle for significant growth in the adoption of BMC software solutions, excellent customer support, and solution delivery across Africa.

The awards were received by Geoff Van Den Bosch, Managing Director at Blue Turtle, “It’s great to be recognized, year on year, as the top-performing BMC partner. It’s an exciting time at Blue Turtle, with a focus on working with our customers on improving the effectiveness of their IT landscapes and the enablement of mobile, SaaS and Cloud services.  We place significant value on collaborating with BMC to deliver world-class solutions in enterprise service management to our customers”.

BMC Software, a global leader in enterprise service management, presented their annual partner awards at the BMC Engage Conference event, held in Las Vegas. Blue Turtle, a BMC Partner for over 10 years, delivers best-in-class solutions that help customer’s plan, operate, optimize & secure their IT landscape and services.

Enterprise Application Deployment Strategies for Windows 10





Simple Application Deployment for Windows 10

Windows 10 is bringing new capabilities to the enterprise and organizations are looking for ways to simplify the move to Windows 10 for both end users and administrators. The old way of migrating to a new OS was a major project that consumed IT resources, frustrated many end users, and was often forced by the end of life of the old OS (remember Windows XP?).

By leveraging an enterprise app store organizations can deploy the new OS and empower users with self-service that enables them to choose when they upgrade their systems. Learn how App Portal can be used to upgrade or migrate users’ computers and applications and provide a better user experience.

Blue Turtle invites you to Join Jason Snook, Product Manager at Flexera Software, as he explains how enterprise customers have been using App Portal to deploy the new OS, what challenges they have overcome, and the benefits they have realized.


Available Dates

Thursday, 15th October 2015 – 1:00 pm (North America)

Tuesday, 20th October 2015 – 10:00 am (EMEA)

Tuesday, 20th October 2015 – 10:00 am (APAC)

Blue Turtle unveils advanced BMC Control-M 9 Platform

Blue Turtle assists in delivering high-speed IT innovation for faster application deployment with built-in stability for optimal production performance with BMC Control-M 9

Delivering services at the speed of digital business is a major challenge for most enterprise IT organizations. To meet this need, Blue Turtle, as the leader in solutions for optimisation and management of IT systems, announces the general availability of Control-M 9, the latest version of its industry leading workload automation solution, which accelerates application time-to-value while simultaneously delivering stability, lowering operating costs, and increasing enterprise application services performance.

BMC’s Control-M 9 is a part of Blue Turtle’s Business Service Management platform and a part of BMCs Digital Enterprise Management strategy designed to make digital business fast and seamless and optimize every environment from mainframe to mobile to cloud.

High-speed IT innovation requires companies to deliver continuous application availability while simultaneously maintaining stability, control, and enterprise application services performance. The Control-M 9 solution enables competitive advantage by providing both IT operations and application developers with a new way to collaborate by automatically promoting application workflows across the stages of development through production with built-in stability and production performance.

“Control-M 9 is a game changer for companies that must deliver high-speed IT digital innovation,” said Gur Steif, president, BMC Workload Automation. “Our new automated application promotion gives the Ops and AppDev teams a friction-free way to meet their simultaneous need for speed and stability. With a host of other innovations that reduce total cost of ownership and improve business value, Control-M 9 delivers better bottom line business results.”

The Control-M 9 solution continues to improve workload automation services’ performance, usability, and cost reduction. New capabilities include risk-reducing high availability, out-of-the-box single view predictive analytics across the enterprise, automated agent and client deployment for faster upgrades, and maintenance, and improved data security. The solution also provides native interface capability to any application with Application Integrator, open platform support for JDBC-compliant databases, and a native interface for Apache Spark, complementing the Control-M solution’s leading position in native Big Data application integration support.

“BMC has made several enhancements that stand to improve workload automation services”, said Neil Cullum, Principal Control M Specialist at Blue Turtle. “We are excited about the Control-M 9 features, our clients will leverage the capabilities within Control-M to overall improve the value of their business and of course, delivering the applications faster.”

“Control-M 9 offers BMC’s customers an important set of enhanced automation capabilities that enable both IT operations and application developer teams to simplify and streamline complex business process workflows and data transformations,” said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president for Enterprise Systems Management at IDC. “Control-M 9 is a vital part of BMC’s broader Digital Enterprise Management portfolio. By enabling customers to reduce operational complexity and cost-effectively link traditional compute platforms with emerging cloud and mobile applications, Control-M 9 will help many organizations execute their digital business strategies while continuing to maximize the value of existing applications and infrastructure.”

The next generation of leading workload automation software is now available, contact us for a consultation at (011) 206 5600 or