Blue Turtle announces partnership with Tranxition to deliver Windows 10 migrations

Blue Turtle partners with Tranxition to enable IT to quickly deliver flawless migrations and include support for integration with appliances and desktop management platforms

Blue Turtle announced its partnership with Tranxition, the leading provider of desktop migration solutions. The Tranxition Migration Manager  tool automatically captures, for an entire set of users, Microsoft Office application and Windows settings. It also supports Office 365 and automatically migrates user settings cross-Office and cross OS versions simultaneously, directly to Windows 10.

“The Migration Manager software saves organizations around the world real money. And it helps VARs and IT professional services groups keep more of it. More than $1.2 billion in migration costs have been slashed since 1998[1].” Tranxition ensures that all of its customers’ personal data and settings are moved from one location to the next with every migration. As a result, the pain typically associated with data migration disappears. The results users enjoy are both emotional and tangible, ranging from empowerment, reassurance, satisfaction and success to decreased costs and increased revenues. And this translates into far more productive organizations because they are able to focus more clearly on their business missions on both an individual and collective basis.

“Blue Turtle is always striving to exceed client expectations, with Windows 10 adoptions on the rise, our partnership with Tranxition opens doors for our customer base to take advantage of Tranxition’s Migration Manager’s product set,” says Avash Maharaj,  Infrastructure & Operations Business Manager, at Blue Turtle. “We are excited to have Tranxition as a partner, since the solution has proven to entirely deliver immediate value by enabling users and prospects to easily and reliably migrate user profiles to Windows 10.”

Blue Turtle can simplify the migration process with Tranxition Migration Manager which enables you to take what you already have in place and streamline for your Windows 10 deployment. Contact Blue Turtle to get started on your OS migration on or

[1] Migration Manager for Windows – whitepaper,, accessed May 2016


Blue Turtle and VMTurbo partner to bring Application Performance Control to the Southern Africa region

VMTurbo and Blue Turtle enable customers the ability to unlock the full value of  their infrastructure whether on premises or in the cloud

Blue Turtle announces the launch of  VMTurbo’s Application Performance Control system in South Africa. VMTurbo enables customers to guarantee Quality of Service for any application while maximizing resource utilization of on complex virtualised infrastructure.. VMTurbo is part of Blue Turtle’s  Infrastructure & Operations product portfolio driving cost reduction and operational efficiency for customers, maximising the value of their infrastructure.

Key priorities of CIOs today are data center consolidation, increased exploitation of virtualisation and adoption of cloud computing technologies. With all of these ensuring that applications perform at the level needed by business demands they get the resources they need from the underlying compute, storage and network supply.

IT organisations wishing to address these priorities as part of the implementation of a ‘Next-Generation’ Datacenter strategy will usually start by consolidating the servers and storage layers through virtualisation. However, as businesses rely on increasingly complicated applications managed in highly dynamic environments, the complexity of the modern data center confounds IT’s ability to guarantee application performance.

VMTurbo is the only solution that assures application performance for any workload running in any virtualized or cloud environment. VMTurbo continuously analyzes application demand and allocates infrastructure resources accordingly to prevent issues and alerts. Control Modules extend VMTurbo control further into and across the stack.

“Application Performance Control serves as one of the foundational building block of our Next Generation Datacentre strategies said Avash Maharaj, Infrastructure & Operations Business Manager at Blue Turtle. “Our partnership with VMTurbo will enable our customers to leverage the control VMTurbo provides not only to automatically assure performance and drive their environment into a healthy state, but accelerate the transformation they look to us to enable.”

“Through this partnership we are enhancing our EMEA go-to market and embracing the channel to leverage Blue Turtle’s extensive relationships within the South African business community to accelerate the adoption of Application Control in line with the cloud boom,” said Karl Barton, Director of EMEA Channel and Alliances at VMTurbo.  “Blue Turtle shares our vision of where IT is heading, understands the challenges to build today and tomorrow’s clouds, and has the complementary best-of-breed technologies for the Software Defined Data Center already in its portfolio.”


The Countdown is on for Windows Server 2003 End of Support

Microsoft will stop patching Windows Server 2003 in less than 90 days, and a recent survey found that a lot of enterprises aren’t even aware that the end of support is coming.

The extended support for Windows Server 2003 ends in July 14, 2015. It will mean to many South African enterprises still running on Windows Server 2003 that, while their systems may still be working well, they will no longer get support from Microsoft. Change is inevitable, After July 14, If enterprises are still running Windows Server 2003 in their datacenter, they need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect their infrastructure.

Blue Turtle delivers solutions, based on technology from Appzero and Dell Software that will automate much of the migration effort and allow for the move from 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, where organisations can achieve concrete benefits, including performance, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased agility and speed of response to their business.

Further, Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003, that means no more patches at all, just like with Windows XP last year. “After support ends, organisations will face the cyber crime risks, and potential compliance issues. Blue Turtle is now providing technology, from Bit9, that will allow ‘unpatched’ systems to run securely while a customer migrates”, says Martyn Healy, Blue Turtle Marketing Director.

Bit9, an endpoint security firm, recently released results of its “Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3) End-Of-Life Survey,” and the findings were rather startling. There were two glaring results from the survey:

  1. Nearly one in three enterprises (30%) plan to continue to run Server 2003 after the July 14 deadline, leaving an estimated 2.7 million servers unprotected.
  2. More than half of enterprises surveyed (57%) do not know when the end-of-life deadline is. In the survey, Bit9 gave respondents a multiple choice question asking the month when Server 2003 end-of-life would occur. Thirty percent of organizations surveyed said “I do not know,” and another 27% guessed wrong.

Server 2003, migrations are nowhere near as quick as they are with desktops. Bit9 says a migration could take up to six months, depending on the variances in the apps and complexity. This means that millions of Windows servers holding sensitive data will be unpatched. Bit9’s mission is security, so it was most concerned about this.

“Servers, including domain controllers and Web servers, are where most organizations’ critical information resides. So, if organizations continue to run Windows Server 2003 after July 14, without implementing appropriate compensating controls, they are putting customer records, trade secrets, and other highly valuable data at risk. Cybercriminals, hacktivists, and nation-states prey on unprotected servers, leaving enterprises exposed to potentially catastrophic breaches that can lead to lawsuits, regulatory fines, and loss of customer trust,” said Christopher Strand, Senior Director of Compliance at Bit9.

With less than 100 days left, Bit9 survey and blog stresses that organizations yet to upgrade must immediately aim to get their Server 2003 systems into a compliant state to eliminate both financial and legal penalties and avoid the brand damage associated with failed audits, data breaches, and noncompliance. Effective compensating controls for organizations without an upgrade plan include network isolation, application whitelisting, and continuous server monitoring[1].

Read the full Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3) End-Of-Life Survey report here.

To get started with the Migration Planning, please contact Blue Turtle on or (011) 206 5600.

[1] Andy Patrizio, Network World, Windows Server 2003 support ends in 100 days, and many don’t even know, April 2015


Nlyte Software Releases “DCIM for Dummies” Reference Book

Company Offers Expertise in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Vendor Selection and Deployment Best Practices to Bolster Adoption in 2015

SAN MATEO, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM- John Wiley & Sons, publisher of the world’s best-selling For Dummies® reference series, and Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company developing solutions for automating the management of data center infrastructure, today announced the availability of “DCIM for Dummies.” This new title clearly outlines what data center professionals need to know to derive maximum value when selecting, integrating and deploying an infrastructure management solution.

Over the last several years, DCIM has become a strategic investment for optimizing resource usage in data centers. In a 2014 report, reNlytesearch firm Gartner said, “DCIM should be a requirement in all major data center builds and renovations,” so it should not be surprising that prospective adopters have been searching for guidance on DCIM to enable them to get started.

As the primary driving force behind the DCIM industry for more than 10 years, Nlyte was ideally positioned to work with Wiley & Sons to create “DCIM for Dummies.” The guide is designed to set expectations about DCIM, offer insights into an organization’s unique challenges, share an objective process for vendor selection and capability prioritization, and discuss how best to integrate DCIM into business practices for change management.

“We have been providing leadership to the DCIM industry for more than a decade and have helped hundreds of companies improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of operating a data center,” said Mark Harris, vice president of Strategy at Nlyte Software. “Through this experience, we learned that data center professionals could benefit from a primer on how to get started with DCIM. We created ‘DCIM for Dummies’ to share our working knowledge of data center operations strategies and the best practices to realize maximum impact from more automated data center operations.”

“DCIM for Dummies” is available for download from the link:


Blue Turtle redefines disaster recovery with Quorum’s onQ solution

Blue Turtle partners with Quorum to deliver resilient, reliable, cost-effective onQ On-Site Disaster Recovery services to protect data and applications for enterprises of all sizes.

Blue Turtle, a leading South African technology management company, today announced its partnership with Quorum, the number one provider of one-click backup and disaster recovery (DR) for small to mid-sized business.

Blue Turtle has expanded its infrastructure product portfolio with Quorum’s award-winning hypervisor-based DR solution, onQ On-Site. onQ On-Site is the building block of Quorum’s unique high-availability (HA), DR, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) capabilities. Organisations may choose DRaaS, protecting on-premises applications to the cloud, and in-Cloud DR, protecting applications deployed in the cloud, and replicated to a secondary cloud data centre.

Quorum’s onQ On-Site effectively maintains up-to-date virtual machine clones of critical systems, and transparently takes over failed servers within minutes. Leveraging Quorum technologies, Blue Turtle now offers a simple, fast and cost-effective platform to protect and recover critical IT services for users; whether service interruption is caused by man-made or natural disaster, equipment failure or data loss.

“Disaster recovery is often considered a first step for small to medium enterprises transitioning to a fully outsourced IT model, consisting of co-location, managed hosting, and cloud. The Quorum platform allows organisations to test the viability of this strategy, while meeting critical business continuity objectives,” says Avash Maharaj, Infrastructure Business Manager for Blue Turtle Technologies. “With Quorum’s onQ On-Site offering, enterprises can eliminate months’ worth of cloud compute costs, by maintaining a disaster recovery strategy.”

With Quorum, downtime events are essentially eliminated, ensuring instant asset restoration, so that daily activities remain uninterrupted and business continuity prevails. “Easy to use, cost-effective and PCI-compliant, the Quorum onQ On-Site solution is the best defence against costly downtime events, which are particularly vexing for mid-market government and educational organisations,” said Walter Angerer, CEO at Quorum. “With its Quorum-powered onQ HA solution, customers can rest assured that they have the very best in disaster recovery protecting their critical assets.”

Worldwide disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements look bleak, and South African (SA) enterprises echo these trends. According to an EMC-sponsored survey: “The top three causes of data loss and system downtime in SA are loss of power (56%), hardware failure (51%) and software failure (50%)”1. This is hurting business in loss of employee productivity and loss of revenue. The ability to instantly recover critical data, systems, and applications after a failure or disaster is crucial to the continuity of business operations.

David Fisk, EMEA Sales Director at Quorum, reiterated: “Many organisations today need a highly-available disaster recovery solution to protect critical applications and data, but without the traditional price tag or complications. As a result, Quorum’s highly regarded technology is plugging a gap in the market with its simple to manage and cost-effective platform. In fact, Network Products Guide 2013 Best Products Awards announced Quorum as a finalist for the ‘Best Cloud Storage and Backup Solution’, as this is the only solution in the industry that delivers assured one-click recovery in minutes.”

1 EMC Disaster Recovery Survey 2013: South Africa

Blue Turtle Partners with Whitebox Security to Provide Complete Data Access Governance

Technology Enhances Cybersecurity and Compliance

Blue Turtle has partnered with Whitebox Security, the leading data governance company featuring crowd-sourcing, to provide secure data governance, out-of-the-box compliance, and cybersecurity for its clients.

Blue Turtle chose Whitebox Security’s WhiteOPSTM Security Suite to overcome data sprawl and provide the essential who, what, where, when and how of data governance so only the appropriate parties can access specific files. This gives IT departments complete transparency and control over exabytes of data.

“Our basic approach is that data is data is data, regardless of the system or location – cloud or server – and no one knows your data better than the people who generate it,” said Maor Goldberg, CEO of Whitebox Security. “Meanwhile, the crowd-sourcing features protect your data better than a single individual or IT department can.”

Unauthorized access leaves companies vulnerable to a variety of expensive problems, like fines for noncompliance with a host of regulations, lawsuits, and loss of reputation. WhiteOps circumvents this.

“Whitebox Security’s solutions are unique in the marketplace because their approach to data governance is highly proactive; they strategically seek to leverage the collective intelligence across a company to protect and manage the organization’s unstructured, structured and semi-structured data,” commented Avash Maharaj, Infrastructure Manager at Blue Turtle. “Also, the fact that it offers 3600 forensics means that there’ll be no surprises on audit day.”

Blue Turtle’s customers receive rapid ROI by deploying WhiteOPSTM. It finds stale data, which allows it to be moved from high cost flash drives to lower-cost, long-term storage. It also finds stale permissions, which further reduces licencing fees.


Blue Turtle partners with market leader in Identity & Access Management Solutions, Courion

Blue Turtle, a leading South African technology management company focused on IT solutions and service management has signed a VAR partner agreement with Courion. The deal will see the two companies collaborating to provide identity and access management solutions to clients across all industries.

Courion, a prominent provider of Provisioning, Governance, and Identity & Access Intelligence solutions, has appointed Blue Turtle Technologies as a reseller of Federated Identity Management Solutions in the fast-growing Southern African market.

“The challenges facing IT organisations are not getting any easier, particularly when it comes to access,” states Nick Berents, Director of Product Marketing at Courion. “Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions make it possible for companies to increase the efficiency of user account provisioning and more effectively manage IT audits. Intelligent IAM continuously monitors identities, access rights, policies and user activities to identify and remediate vulnerabilities quicker. Intelligent IAM can flag unusual activity and see what human eyes could never discover.” Berents adds.

By partnering with Courion, Blue Turtle will be extending its portfolio with a solution that is renowned for its efficiency, compliance and agility. “We as Blue Turtle are very excited about our partnership with Courion and we have faith that as we work closely together we can make a great success in our region. We are finding many customers in our market that are looking for a comprehensive toolset for the governance of identities and access. With this partnership, we will be able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients, while at the same time growing the breadth of our business together,” says Avash Maharaj, Infrastructure Business Manager, at Blue Turtle.

Gartner has positioned Courion in the leaders quadrant of the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration. Being positioned within the leader’s quadrant is based on a company’s ability to execute and the completeness of its vision. Gartner has recognised that Courion’s offering provides exactly these essential abilities and the company has been placed in the leaders quadrant nine times since 2007. KuppingerCole, a global analyst company headquartered in Europe focusing on information security and IAM, has recognized Courion as a leader in product features, innovation and market reach in its 2014 Leadership Compass for Identity Provisioning.

“We are pleased to be working with Blue Turtle, a value added reseller with a strong presence in the market, to extend our reach in South Africa,” said Nick Berents.

Silver Sponsor Blue Turtle deliver compelling IT infrastructure security solutions at ITWeb Security Summit

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) is a silver sponsor at the 8th annual ITWeb Security Summit at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 7th to 9th May 2013.


“We will be showcasing how you can secure your business IT infrastructure through ensuring visibility of your infrastructure, threat management, access control and secure mobility within your IT environment In partnership with Aruba Networks, Dell, Gigamon and Radware,” comments Paul Meintjes, Senior Consultant at Blue Turtle.


Gigamon provides intelligent traffic visibility solutions for the enterprise.  The portfolio offers high availability and high density product and intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to enterprise security, monitoring and management systems.


Radware AMS (attack mitigation system) is a real time network and application attack mitigation solution that protects the application infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft, web service attacks and web defacement.


Dell’s One Identity assists in the control and audit administrative access with privileged credentials through granular delegation and command control, keystroke logging and session audit, policy based control, and secure & automated workflows. This approach enhances security and compliance while improving the efficiency of administering superuser access.


Aruba Networks’ ClearPass with the new Aruba WorkSpace is now the first solution that delivers Network Access Control (NAC), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) in one integrated system.


Blue Turtle invites you to visit us at Stand 12 to discuss your IT security requirements at the 8th annual ITWeb Security Summit at the Sandton Convention Centre. The gathering creates an opportunity for senior Security professionals and business decision makers to learn about new strategies and tactics, and hear insight and comment from leading international and local subject-matter experts. With expert insights, interactive workshops, an expo, valuable networking, sought-after SANS training, and practical solutions, this is a must-attend event for every IT professional with a security mandate. For further information visit



Paul Meintjes                                                                              Ronnie Koch

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Blue Turtle joins with Gigamon to enhance its Infrastructure Management Offerings

Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) announced that it has signed a value added reseller agreement with Gigamon® to provide intelligent Traffic Visibility Fabric™ solutions to enterprises, data centres and service providers across Africa.

“As a leading provider of Infrastructure Management solutions, we are always looking at new technologies that enhance our capabilities and deliver a strong value proposition.   Gigamon is a natural addition to our portfolio as it is an innovator in network traffic visibility solutions. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric works alongside the network backbone infrastructure to provide multiple management tools such as IPS, data leakage, QoS, application and network performance with dynamic and reliable access to the traffic data they specifically need,” comments Paul Meintjes, Technology Consultant, Blue Turtle.

“Gigamon has identified Africa as a key growth area for organizations requiring access to intelligent solutions to better manage their networks. Our relationship with Blue Turtle allows us to effectively extend our reach into the southern African market while our technology complements and strengthens the portfolio of enterprise solutions currently offered by Blue Turtle,” advises Nigel Norris, Gigamon Channel Director.

“By working with Gigamon, our resellers are able to enhance the network monitoring solutions used for security, performance and compliance across the network,” adds Hildburg Hofer, Gigamon Business Development Manager at AxizWorkgroup. “Our customers demand solutions that enable best-of-breed networks, and adding the Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric fulfills this request and further proves our commitment to equipping our reseller partners with robust technology and platforms to support their success,” advises Hofer.

“A significantly increasing challenge faced by IT professionals is to maintain accurate and pervasive management and monitoring of the rapidly rising volumes of traffic across the enterprise infrastructure. The past approach of connecting monitoring and management tools into specific segments or domains of the network will not scale into the future,” said Meintjes. “Gigamon allows you to centralize your monitoring tools and helps ensure accurate monitoring and management including monitoring of transactions and processing.  Furthermore, the Gigamon solution is able to scale providing a cost-effective expansion of monitoring points across the network by replicating traffic from a single switch SPAN or mirror port to a multitude of analysis ports.”

With a Gigamon Visibility Fabric, backbone traffic that is normally analyzed for forensic and performance monitoring can be filtered to the specific requirements of tools like probes. This allows for reduced processing requirements on the probe side and can often result in reduced costs as many probes are licensed based on throughput required. Gigamon also provides advanced features including time stamping which can be crucial in forensics and monitoring of time-based transactions like share trades where every millisecond can matter.

“As network traffic increases and accelerates, both Blue Turtle and Gigamon recognize the need to invest in solutions that will help deliver better performance, security and scale across ever-expanding infrastructure,” concludes Meintjes.


Paul Meintjes                                                                              Hildburg Hofer

Security Consultant                                                                    Gigamon Business Development Manager

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Dana Jedrisko


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Blue Turtle and Securicom partner to deliver Zenprise

Blue Turtle Technologies, a leading IT Software solutions provider for managing and optimising IT infrastructures, has partnered with Securicom, a South African specialist IT security company, providing an end-to-end range of managed IT security services, to deliver the leading mobile device management solution from Zenprise to companies in Africa.

Blue Turtle has the rights to distribute this technology in South Africa and Africa, while Securicom, with over 10 years’ experience in developing cloud-based IT security services, will provide the ZenCloud that will enable the technology to be delivered as a fully-managed, locally-hosted service.

Zenprise’s MobileManager Platform is the only end-to-end, enterprise-grade mobile device management solution currently available. It boasts advanced security features and comprehensive tools for managing mobile devices across an enterprise, supporting every major smart mobile device platform, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

“Managing the security and risks associated with the use of mobile devices in the workplace is becoming one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. We believe Zenprise’s MobileManager Platform is the best fit for addressing mobile security requirements in our market.

“Zenprise is undoubtedly the most robust, flexible and comprehensive mobile device management solution available. We consider it an ideal complement to Securicom’s end-to-end IT security focus, allowing us to extend our services to mobile devices which, more than just communications devices, have become stores for critical business data and therefore a key risk factor for companies.

“We are delighted to partner with Blue Turtle to provide Zenprise’s mobile device management (MDM) as a complete hosted and managed service,” says Dries Morris, Operations Director at Securicom.

Michael Hutchinson, Infrastructure Product Manager at Blue Turtle, says the partnership with Securicom will enable the company to further expand the reach of Zenprise in the South African market through utilising Securicom’s cloud services expertise and local data centre for cloud operations.

“Having a credible and capable, locally-based cloud services provider is pivotal for broadening the scope for Zenprise and bringing it within the grasp of more South African companies.

“Through our partnership with Securicom, which has the expertise and locally-based, secure data centres, and our IP and extensive experience, we can offer companies the assurance that their data is housed on South African soil; and that their mobile device management services are being managed by experts. It further affirms that legal compliance with legislation relating to the security, storage and accessibility of information is ensured,” says Hutchinson.

Zenprise MobileManager is the first, all-in-one solution that allows companies to secure and manage the entire life cycle of the most comprehensive array of mobile devices, protecting the mobile enterprise at all levels, from devices, to mobile apps, to the network.

With Zenprise MobileManager, companies can have complete visibility and control over device security from a secure, user-friendly management console. From the console, the company administrator can perform device compliance checks; block devices if they are unmanaged, lost or don’t adhere to company blacklist or whitelist policy; monitor network traffic and user behaviour; block disallowed apps; identify mobile threats and compliance violations; and enforce device security upgrades.

Hutchinson concludes: “Companies of all sizes are faced with the tricky challenge of ensuring security and maintaining compliance across a plethora of mobile devices. This is made more challenging with employees utilising their own and a diversity of smart devices for work-related purposes.

“With these devices acting as gateways for employees to companies’ networks, applications and data, the need for an end-to-end mobile device security and management strategy is becoming increasingly pertinent.

“Mobile device management solutions like Zenprise simplify and facilitate companies’ efforts to ensure security and compliance across a large number of diverse mobile devices. Offering Zenprise as a managed service makes the technology more affordable to average businesses.”

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