Fourth pillar of of its Journey to the Cloud programme – SECURE. Blue Turtle Puts Security First for Cloud Customers

End-to-end cloud security with SECURE offering delivers comprehensive security roadmap for the cloud

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Johannesburg, South Africa, February, 2020 – Blue Turtle Technologies today announced SECURE the fourth service within its “Journey to the Cloud” programme. The SECURE service gives clients the peace of mind that their information assets are protected when navigating the cloud.


By leveraging Blue Turtle’s market leading security solutions, customers are provided with the technology and expertise to secure their cloud, datacentre and hybrid operations.


“The cloud has opened up the attack surface, presenting yet another vector that needs to be protected. Cybercriminals are sophisticated, organised and automated, and enterprises need to be far more vigilant when adopting cloud, and detailed when building a cloud security framework” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Looking at the different components – identity, access, data, workloads, configuration, network – and how these need to be architected or re-designed to meet cloud and hybrid needs is critical.


“At Blue Turtle we provide the capabilities to support customers in the assessment, design and transition of security to meet the challenges introduced with cloud.”


SECURE is part of Blue Turtle’s client-centric cloud migration programme, made up of five pillars, providing a service tailored to a customer’s unique cloud roadmap. SECURE, the fourth pillar includes not just access management, and attack identification, but amongst others workload protection, compliance, container security and advanced threat prevention.


The full Journey to the Cloud programme comprises ASSESS, MIGRATE, OPTIMISE, SECURE and MANAGE. Five pillars formulated to create a deep understanding of a client’s environment, deliver cost effective migration and cloud adoption, and implement the operational systems to ensure that the cloud provides the services and security required by business.


“So why work with Blue Turtle? We look at security strategically and tactically, we take a risk-based approach closely aligned to the NIST framework. We also take into account trends in cyber-threats, help customers get the basics right, understand the value of emerging technologies, and the criticality of automated active cyber-defence. Our teams are able to look beyond infrastructure to the application and the broader customer ecosystem – such as API’s, E-commerce, and third party solutions.


“This approach enables us to deliver, and execute on, plans created specifically for a customer, based on their business vertical, critical assets, risks and existing security – aligned to their current and future IT infrastructure and application landscape. This is followed up after implementation with tailored advisory and managed services. All of this ensures we create a fit for purpose security solution for our customers that extends from the datacentre to the cloud to the business ecosystem,” ends Maharaj.

Blue Turtle Technologies announced OPTIMISE, the third pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme

Customers using the OPTIMISE service enjoy significant cost savings, resource and system optimisation while improving performance in their virtual and cloud environments.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies today announced OPTIMISE, the third pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme. This key component helps customers to drive the most value from their cloud deployments and ensures systems continue to perform optimally, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Ideal for customers already making inroads into the cloud, the OPTIMISE service assists in solving performance issues and improving resource consumption. Making use of third-party optimisation tools, as well as tapping into the experience of the Blue Turtle technical services team, OPTIMISE delivers real and obvious cost-savings, performance and productivity gains.

“Post migration, optimisation is often overlooked, yet it delivers major benefits. By using leading-edge software, we can help IT deliver an exceptional user experience, and cut operating costs – two things that traditionally don’t fit well together,” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Whether it be virtual or IaaS performance, resource consumption or database services, we work across the IT ecosystem to ensure a client’s systems are functioning in the best possible way.”

The third pillar in Blue Turtle’s client-centric cloud migration programme, OPTIMISE follows on from ASSESS and MIGRATE, and provides the techniques a customer needs to turn a cloud deployment into an ongoing success. It tackles cost analysis, workload rightsizing, resource allocation, system consolidation and user experience, all key elements in ensuring that a multi or hybrid cloud deployment is a success.

The Blue Turtle Journey to the Cloud programme is developed around five key pillars, namely ASSESS, MIGRATE, OPTIMISE, SECURE and MANAGE. Each component is designed to address specific challenges customers face when mobilising to the cloud and supported by Blue Turtle’s management and technical team, underpinned by market-leading and proven software.

An OPTIMISE engagement service comprises a set of services that deliver benefits in specific areas, including:

Workload consolidation

Workload placement – IaaS, PaaS, virtual, container

Performance assurance

Container & VM density improvement

Dynamic resource allocation

Wasted resource identification

Consumption analysis

Cloud cost reduction

“By optimising a client’s virtual and cloud real estate, we give them insights into the validity of hosting workloads within different environments. Some companies backpedal out of the cloud because they just weren’t aware of how much it would cost them; cloud spend creep is a very real challenge. Our entire Journey to the Cloud programme has been designed so that our customers know what they are signing up for, that their service will run effectively, and that costs can be managed – without any nasty surprises,” ends Maharaj.

Join Blue Turtle at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 Conference at the Sandton Convention Centre between 30-31 January 2020, where it is a Gold Sponsor for the event. Its Cloud team will be on hand to guide you through its Journey to the Cloud programme and help you OPTIMISE your IT environment

Second pillar in Cloud Journey: MIGRATE moves Blue Turtle customers securely to the cloud

Following on from the company’s foundational pillar, ASSESS, this service takes charge of the safe and successful migration of a customer’s workloads and data to the public cloud.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies has launched the second pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme: MIGRATE. Following on from its foundational pillar, ASSESS, this service takes charge of the safe and successful migration of a customer’s workloads and data to the public cloud.

Taking the lead from insights gleaned from a detailed assessment of a client’s environment, the Blue Turtle team leverages its cloud competencies and migration software tools to actively place a customer’s assets in the cloud. From any source to any destination, the MIGRATE pillar is a comprehensive, secure and fast migration service, tailored to a customer’s specific objectives.

“The most daunting component of the cloud is taking the first step to migration. It is a ‘make or break’ moment for a client,” says Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle.

“With the MIGRATE pillar of the Journey to the Cloud programme, we give customers the peace of mind that their workloads and data are moved into a cloud environment that has already been specified out, is secure, and is being done by way of a process that will have nominal to no impact on their business.”

Drawing from its extensive experience, the Blue Turtle team is able to ensure a successful migration of: IaaS to Azure, AWS or GCP; PaaS such as a database or data warehouse; or SaaS, including e-mail to O365, O365 Tenant-to-Tenant, or Sharepoint and OneDrive.

MIGRATE is a cloud migration programme that builds on analyses from the ASSESS pillar to manage migration execution, based on a detailed plan underpinned by advanced automation. The follow-on services are Optimise, Secure and Manage, each adding additional value to a customer’s cloud operations.

The full five pillars in the Blue Turtle Journey to the Cloud programme draw from the management, technical skills, managed services and software capabilities of the company, with the aim of not just facilitating a cloud transition for a customer, but also ensuring that it is successful, cost-effective and secure.

The MIGRATE pillar has been developed to help accelerate and enable workload and data migration, with these key capabilities:

  • ‘Any-to-Any’ workload migration;
  • In-flight Operating System upgrades;
  • Agentless software;
  • Advanced automation;
  • Minimal downtime and low-impact cut-over;
  • High-speed data movement;
  • Support for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS;
  • Application modernisation;
  • Security of systems and data; and
  • Operations and administration set-up.

MIGRATE services can be delivered as part of a customer-managed project, or as a fully managed service.

“When we migrate a customer to the cloud, we don’t just want to get a customer to the cloud; we want them to stay there because it is adding value to their business. To date, we have been successful in achieving just that, and with this programme we are now giving customers a ‘one-stop’ service to support their cloud goals, tailored to their specific environment, timelines and business objectives,” concludes Maharaj.

Join Blue Turtle as it unpacks its Journey to the Cloud programme and its complimentary Microsoft services at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference, which takes place from 30 to 31 January 2020 at the Sandton Convention Centre where it is a gold sponsor.

Blue Turtle introduces first pillar of excellence in innovative cloud journey: ASSESS

Cloud readiness assessment, accurate TCO analysis and cloud migration planning now possible when scaling to the cloud.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies introduces ASSESS, the foundational pillar in its “Journey to the Cloud” solution offering. Designed to quantify and better plan a migration, and develop a successful cloud adoption strategy, customers can now navigate past inhibitors such as complexity, operational readiness and cost typically associated with cloud projects.

Leveraging its infrastructure and cloud expertise, together with the advanced analytics software it works with, Blue Turtle will use its ASSESS model to discover, inventory and map a customer’s IT environment, as well as analyse the full remit of IT assets in their environment. The information gathered helps it build out a cloud migration path that is both cost-effective and as nominally disruptive to operations as possible. The programme is particularly useful for customers looking to migrate workloads to public cloud providers.

“Cloud migration initiatives that don’t begin with a thorough assessment are destined for failure,” states Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “Assessments should provide customers with an in-depth analysis to better plan their migration strategy. At Blue Turtle, the ASSESS pillar within our Journey to the Cloud programme delivers a comprehensive view of not only applications, but also their associated dependencies, migration readiness and compatibility checks, and the underlying infrastructure”

“Building on this, ASSESS delivers comprehensive information on cloud configuration and cost options, and detailed activity, risk, dependency and effort.

“Once complete, we then provide our customers with the facts needed to make their move to the cloud a successful one, that will deliver tangible business results,” he adds.

ASSESS is the first of five key pillars in Blue Turtle’s cloud migration programme, which also includes migrate, optimise, secure and manage. With its strong background in infrastructure, systems management and migration, Blue Turtle has the management capability, technical skills and software to develop a comprehensive cloud roadmap with customers.

The ASSESS pillar includes a range of services to help demystify complex IT environments and better plan a successful cloud migration roadmap; these services include:

  • Operational readiness assessment;
  • Infrastructure, software, database and application discovery;
  • Topology and service modelling and dependency mapping;
  • Resource use and optimisation plan – such as compute, memory, storage, network;
  • Application compatibility, readiness checks and code analysis;
  • Cloud platform and configuration – IaaS, PaaS analysis;
  • Cloud consumption, cost and TCO analysis.

“We are currently working with some of South Africa’s most innovative enterprises, enabling portability from on-premises environments to the cloud. Our detailed assessment phase also provides tailored recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of the customer IT environment and cloud objectives. Our goal with our ‘Journey to the Cloud’ programme is to not just fulfil the role of technical expert, but also provide trusted business advice,” ends Maharaj.

Blue Turtle will be providing insight into its Journey to the Cloud programme as well as all of its Microsoft services at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference, where it is a Gold Sponsor of the event. Join the team at the Sandton Convention Centre on 30-31 January 2020.

Blue Turtle’s cloud journey delivers rapid time to value and accurate ROI results for public cloud

Packaging its technical capabilities and industry knowledge, local solutions provider is helping customers scale into the public cloud with ease and cost effectively

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies’ “Journey to the Cloud” programme and offerings draws on the collective Cloud experience within the company and packages a route to market for customers, enabling them to move to the cloud with confidence and ease.

With it’s vast cloud competencies, Blue Turtle Technologies is ideally positioned to assist customers with an end-to-end cloud capability. Its Journey to the Cloud programme draws from five key pillars, namely assess, migrate, optimise, secure, and manage. The company is already simplifying the complexities of the public cloud along with being a subject matter and technical expert with a proven track record in each pillar

“With the South African Azure Data Centres now fully operational, our customers are focusing more and more on Azure and leveraging our expertise to simplify their use of these public cloud services,” says Avash Maharaj, head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle. “But the move to cloud can be paved with complexity, which is why we have created this programme as a means to help our customers better understand their environment, and through personal engagement with clients, align their cloud aspirations with tangible business results.

“With our experience and technical capabilities, we help customers discover the inventory of their IT workloads and analyse that data to produce a rich, detailed report to begin their Journey to the Cloud, based on fact. After this we draw from the five pillars to ensure that their cloud journey isn’t just a road trip, but a journey with a destination,” he adds.

Within the remit of this offering, Blue Turtle can seamlessly and completely manage the migration of workloads to the public cloud (from any source), conduct workload migration readiness assessments, ascertain application compatibility, and conduct business service mapping. Cloud security and cost remain two of the biggest challenges facing businesses when considering the cloud. The company can notably assist customers by underpinning their migration strategy with information security industry best practices; securing identities, workloads and data; as well as manage and formulate working models for complete cloud cost control.

Through its in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure and architecture, its teams are already assisting customers with accurate analysis of their on-premise and cloud environments, and fully managing seamless migrations to the cloud. Its end-to-end cloud capabilities are tried and tested and done with minimal disruption to a customer’s business.

“Our job doesn’t end when a client is ‘living in the cloud’, we draw from the benefits of our best-of-breed technologies, as well as our subject matter experts, to drive optimal results for our clients. We consistently strive to reduce unnecessary spend for customers without impacting the performance of their business services.

“What we have learnt over our time as cloud experts is that customers often get led down a path of costly and unnecessary technology undertakings to map their move to cloud. With our approach, we are striving to ensure that the roadmap we provide is not just successful, but also technically superior in every way, as it is built on qualified and quantified best practices,” ends Maharaj.

Blue Turtle will be providing full insights into its offerings at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 where it is a Gold Sponsor of the event. Join the team at the Sandton Convention Centre on 30-31 January 2020 and speak to one of its many experts around your cloud requirements.