Veridium, Blue Turtle partner to offer leading biometrics security software in Africa

Blue Turtle partners with Veridium to deliver revolutionary frictionless customer on-boarding with a multi-factor biometric authentication platform.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 1 March 2019]

SA’s leading enterprise technology management company, is pleased to announce it has been appointed as an official reseller partner for Veridium, a leading developer of user-centric authentication solutions.

As a reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Veridium’s biometric technology into its digital transformation go-to-market offerings. Veridium’s technology solutions allow organisations to embed biometrics, including face, fingerprint and 4 Fingers TouchlessID, into enterprise environments, eliminating the need for passwords and tokens. The partnership will enable customers to unlock the power of real-time customer biometric authentication and on-boarding.

“Fast, secure, reliable and low-maintenance access control has become paramount for most organisations,” said Justin Arnoldi, Head of Digital Transformation at Blue Turtle Technologies. “The use of access cards, PINs, passwords and tokens is not always reliable, which is why customers are starting to look to multi-factor biometrics as an alternative to more traditional access control, in a bid to prevent fraudulent access to premises, accounts or data.”

“As demand increases dramatically for better enterprise security, there is no question that organisations are looking for a more iron-clad security platform, using biometric authentication,” said James Stickland, CEO, Veridium. “We’re thrilled about our partnership with Blue Turtle Technologies, which will continue to help organisations in Africa increase security and productivity for all employees, without adding any friction to the experience.”

The company’s current product portfolio includes the VeridiumID platform that allows organisations to easily embed biometrics including face, fingerprint, 4 Fingers TouchlessID and behavioural biometrics, all within the company’s Authenticator App. The company also has several pre-built business adaptors that integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and Azure, Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, ShareFile and Cloud Services, RADIUS, SAML, OpenID and WSO2.

“Working with Veridium, we will provide customer support throughout the entire Veridium value chain, from acquisition through to implementation and support, ensuring both physical and data security along the way,” said Arnoldi.

Digital transformation has become a critical element of a successful e-commerce business. Blue Turtle’s mission is to help clients integrate meaningful solutions to help them engage, transact, gain insight and more accurately predict customer behaviour. The ability to remotely identify a new prospective customer via biometrics provides core “know your customer” capabilities, and having this validated by a trusted third party provides true remote on-boarding.

The benefits of Veridium’s biometric authentication platform will be made available immediately to new and existing clients of Blue Turtle.

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Veridium’s biometric authentication solutions. For more information, e-mail

Blue Turtle simplifies file transfers, enables digital business automation with BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 1 March 2019]

Blue Turtle Technologies is assisting Africa-wide companies with streamlining and simplifying otherwise tricky and resource-intensive file transfers. With the latest iteration of BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT), customers can now control their full transfer requirements as well as gain visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers.

Today, Blue Turtle is one of only nine BMC Platinum partners globally, a partnership that extends more than 15 years. Through the partnership, Blue Turtle is in the ideal position to assist customers with the seamless delivery, scoping, implementation and support of their Control-M MFT environment.

“Many of our customers still sit with the challenge of moving large files between a vast array of complex systems and applications, something that is still largely an arduous manual process,” states Simon Shaw at Blue Turtle Technologies. “With Control-M MFT, they are able to remove the risk of human intervention while taking advantage of a solution that supports a single point of control, and that has enhanced security and encryption features.”

According to Shaw, one of the primary features of Control-M MFT is that it allows the user to build, schedule and manage file transfers in the same way they would any other “batch job”. By removing manual intervention, a client can reduce data losses and errors, while at the same time improving visibility and control. From a security point of view, it supports enhanced file transfer security via FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSL, HTTP/S or PGP encryption, while also being FIPS complaint.

Notably, the system also aligns file transfers with business processes, and, through an intuitive dashboard, an administrator can gain visibility into the status of scheduled transfers, as well as leverage its search functionality to find files. Furthermore, you can now build your own file transfer server, manage transfers with external business partners, and integrate with third-party systems such as IBM Sterling Connect:Direct.

Blue Turtle is also pleased to announce that new and existing customers can now take advantage of a slew of new capabilities, including:

B2B Hub: File transfer server that manages external file transfers and allows for virtual users and folders that can be associated with external business partners.
B2B Gateway: Listens for incoming SFTP, FTPS, and HTTP/S connections from external accounts.
B2B File Exchange: Web-based interface that external business partners can use to connect to the B2B Gateway to upload and download files.

“Compliance is a big issue for business today and Control-M MFT ensures traceable compliance with every single file transfer, leaving a trace for you to view and report on to ensure data integrity. Clients are most drawn to the speed at which it conducts transfers, as well as its ability to restart a transfer directly from a point of failure,” ends Shaw.

Pre- and post-sales support, technical assistance, project scoping and sales of BMC Control-M MFT is available immediately through Blue Turtle Technologies.

For more information, contact

Change tracking and management a synch with Blue Turtle and NNT

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting

[Johannesburg, 05 February 2019]

To assist customers with the growing need to manage and gain visibility into unauthorised changes to systems, Blue Turtle Technologies has partnered with New Net Technologies (NNT) a leader in change control, providing local customers an easy to manage and deploy change control solution.


The NNT Change Tracker Gen7 R2 allows companies to better manage the overwhelming noise associated to change control, while still ensuring the integrity of their IT systems. The solution transverses the need of both security and IT operations in a business and monitors and manages changes while adhering to organisational and compliance policies.


“The NNT Change Tracker is the ideal solution for anyone in the security department, as well as change managers, the compliance division and IT administrators that need to manage change requests across an organisation,” says Andrew Parsons, business unit manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.

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Blue Turtle is Ivanti ITSM partner of the year in 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year Awards

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting

[Johannesburg, 12 July 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, is pleased to announce it has been awarded, by vendor partner Ivanti, the award as its EMEA ITSM Partner of the Year for 2018. The awards were presented in June at a ceremony held during Ivanti Interchange18 in Madrid.

Ivanti offers customers a unified IT platform, enabling its users to effectively deploy and take advantage of full IT service management within the business. Blue Turtle has been an Ivanti partner for many years, and today boasts close to 100 customers in the southern Africa region.

“In our experience, Ivanti is the only vendor in the unified IT space that covers the length and breadth of a completely integrated solution, which is easy to deploy, integrates seamlessly into any environment and comes at a price point that makes it perfect for SME customers through to enterprise clients,” states Tommy Erlank, Application and Data Business Unit Manager at Blue Turtle.

“Furthermore, the fact that the company has built its solutions on next-generation technology means that it can be deployed in the most complex of environments faster than some of the more legacy-based ITSM solutions in the market.


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Blue Turtle helps communications service providers with end-to-end service platform

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 16 November 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies is working with communications service providers (CSPs) to improve operation management across the network landscape. SMARTsite, a locally developed solution, provides CSPs with an operating model framework for a full telco operations support system.

SMARTsite integrates into a CSP’s network management system, providing service delivery, activating service fulfilment, including management and monitoring of network inventory, activation and provisioning, as well as the delivery of functionality that extends service assurance and customer care.

Based on the eTOM/Frameworx process framework, SMARTsite enables customers to manage their network infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations through a ‘single pane of glass’. To this end, SMARTsite delivers visibility of systems, and proactive fault management, maintenance and configuration, allowing CSPs to address incidents before they affect the customer, ultimately ensuring uptime and improving the customer experience.


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Blue Turtle partners with Majesti-fi to deliver a global secure data roaming WiFi solution

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 13 August 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, a leader in enterprise technology management, has partnered with Majesti-fi to offer a competitive, hassle-free international, secure data roaming WiFi solution.

The partnership will combine the extensive skill set of Blue Turtle with Majesti-fi’s award-winning 3G/4G WiFi hotspot solution, providing the world’s first SIM-free global WiFi solution as a business alternative to new and existing clients in the region.

As a newly appointed reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Majesti-fi’s WiFi offering into its FinTech solutions to market to help clients manage and reduce expenditure when roaming in multiple countries, while ensuring a secure, encrypted connection. This removes the need for users to connect to unsecure WiFi while travelling, allowing for seamless, reliable connectivity without limits, using virtual SIM technology.

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Blue Turtle partners with Kasisto to deliver KAI, conversational AI platform

Kasisto and Blue Turtle partner to offer an industry-leading conversational AI platform in Africa.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 31 July 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with Kasisto, a global leader in conversational AI software for the finance industry.

Through the partnership, Blue Turtle has been appointed an official reseller for KAI and will combine its overall talent pool to bring Kasisto’s advanced conversational AI platform to its clients. As a reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Kasisto’s platform into its fintech solutions suite to better help clients unlock the power of real-time and secure customer interaction.

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Investec Bank selects Nastel from Blue Turtle Technologies for application performance monitoring

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting
[Johannesburg, 28 May 2018]

Enterprise technology solutions provider Blue Turtle Technologies recently worked with vendor partner Nastel Technologies, a premier global provider of enterprise-grade middleware and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions, to deliver Nastel AutoPilot at specialist bank and asset manager Investec. The solution is being used in the company’s corporate and institutional banking (ICIB) business units in South Africa and the UK.

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Anomali and Blue Turtle partner to deliver advanced threat detection and response capabilities in South Africa

Anomali hosting South Africa Threat Day event showcasing cyber threat intelligence solutions, 13 June at Sandton Sun.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 6 June 2018]

Blue Turtle today announced an alliance with Anomali, an industry-leading threat-intelligence management and collaboration provider. Through this partnership Blue Turtle will provide its customers with a suite of threat-intelligence capabilities, providing earlier detection of attacks from adversaries, helping security teams better prepare for intrusions and share threat assessments with key partners.

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