Blue Turtle partners with Redis Labs, bringing the fastest NoSQL database to South African businesses

The agreement brings Redis Labs’ commercial offering, Redis Enterprise, to customers looking to perform at scale and speed in a cost-effective way.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies has announced a partnership with Redis Labs, home of the in-memory NoSQL database most loved by developers: Redis. The agreement will bring the power of Redis Labs’ commercial offering, Redis Enterprise, to customers looking to deliver performance at scale in a cost-effective way for their mission-critical workloads.

The addition of Redis Enterprise to its portfolio enables Blue Turtle to provide its database customers with a complementary product that can provide database caching and message brokering at sub-millisecond latency. Boasting a throughput of over 200 million operations per second, Redis Enterprise is the ideal modern database for large financial services companies, telecommunications service providers and clients with large customer bases where transactions, applications and services need to query and deliver data at speed.

“When it comes to speed and performance, there is no database as fast as Redis; and its commercial offering, Redis Enterprise, is perfect for high throughput and transactional use cases, as well as mobile apps where speed of access is critical,” says Justin Arnoldi, head of digital transformation at Blue Turtle.

“Redis is an emerging technology that is growing in popularity. Many of our customers already use the open source product, and because of its effectiveness, they are eager to take advantage of Redis Enterprise as they scale their applications and business.

“This is where Blue Turtle comes in. Our technical teams are able to support and maintain Redis Enterprise on behalf of our customers and ensure that they can unlock the true potential of the solution.”

Redis Enterprise supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperLogLogs, geospatial indexes with radius queries and streams. Its caching ability is perfect for customers looking to reduce app load time and who need real-time access to data. It is also being used for fraud detection by large global clients as it is able to ingest and alert parties to potentially fraudulent activities in milliseconds.

The product has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU and LFU eviction policies, transactions and tunable durability. It also provides high availability and advanced clustering. All of these are critical for customers where real-time communication is required, and who have high-volume and sensitive data environments.

“Redis Labs is one of the fastest growing database companies in the world, and we are constantly looking for partners who can help bring our product to new markets and help our customers be successful with Redis Enterprise,” says Richard Paton, Country Manager South Africa at Redis Labs.

“Blue Turtle is an ideal partner in SA as it has an excellent technical team and a reputation for successful project delivery, and it is a cultural fit with our business. With our roots in open source, we believe that the developer is king, and we have a very strong community backing us.

“Redis Enterprise is replacing many database systems where customers require speed and agility. Our philosophy is to build on the speed, simplicity and cloud-native foundation Redis is known and loved for by providing an enterprise-grade database platform that offers scalability and reliability, and in an economic way,” adds Paton.

In partnership with Redis Labs, the Blue Turtle database team will provide consulting services, technical support, and pre- and post-sales engagement.

Blue Turtle Technologies appointed local partner for Octopus Deploy

Local customers can now leverage a deployment automation tool that makes it easy to orchestrate on-premises and cloud releases and to deploy applications.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies has today announced that it has been appointed as a preferred partner of Octopus Deploy, further extending its capabilities to provide a deployment automation solution to customers looking to deploy and scale Web applications locally and to the cloud.

“Octopus Deploy is not new to the South African market. The name kept popping up in conversations with our customers, especially our Redgate customers currently automating their database deployments. It’s an enterprise solution with a very competitive price point that provides customers with an intuitive, reliable and easy method to automate deployments,” says Marius Nauhaus, Product Manager for DevOps and Messaging at Blue Turtle Technologies.

According to Nauhaus, Octopus Deploy complements existing Continuous Integration (CI) solutions and has plug-ins to most of the CI servers out there, including Azure DevOps, Bamboo, TFS and Jenkins, to name but a few.

The solution also comes bundled with conventions for deploying different types of applications like .NET and Java, etc, as well as configuration files and various scripting languages. You can deploy to physical as well as virtual machines on premises and, with cloud adoption becoming increasingly prevalent in the local market, it also provides support for deployments to Azure, AWS and Docker.

The solution goes beyond just automating Web application deployment. It also assists customers with creating a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) pipeline for their database deployments, a gap that many customers currently have in their DevOps strategy.

“If you look at DevOps and automation, there is a huge drive towards getting applications to the market more quickly, and all the focus is on the ‘code portion’ of the application,” says Nauhaus.

“There is a big gap in automating the database portion of application releases, particularly with regard to database CICD. Octopus Deploy fixes this. Combine Octopus Deploy with Redgate’s Change Automation Solution, and you have a robust, reliable and automated deployment pipeline for your database deployments.

“From an IT perspective, it alleviates the workload of the database administrator during deployments, while for the business it means more reliable database deployments and a faster time to market for applications. Looking at what Octopus Deploy offers and the fact that so many of our customers are already using it, formalising our partnership just made sense.”

As per the agreement, Blue Turtle will provide local customers with support for Octopus Deploy, a conduit to the vendor, as well as access to new releases and product announcements.

Plan now to optimise cloud spend

Moving from a Capex and Capacity model to a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is key to managing cloud spend effectively.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

The growth in cloud service use requires organisations to rethink their approach to IT spend. Moving from a Capex and Capacity model to a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is fundamental if technology departments want to manage cloud spend effectively.

The cloud challenge

Many customers are excited by the opportunity that cloud presents, and while a small number have moved operational workloads, most are still testing the waters, with developers having access to Azure or AWS to spin up instances for application development and testing. Often, these instances are over-provisioned, or left running over weekends, resulting in significant and unexpected expense.

Customers with a cloud footprint of any significance are generally unaware of how much they are spending day to day, who is using cloud and what they are using it for. Limited visibility and complex cloud billing present real challenges. Unlike on-premises systems, the constraints of Capacity and Capex don’t apply in the world of cloud.

The bottom line is that businesses need to be proactive in managing costs, budget and spend when adopting cloud. Cost optimisation and good governance needs to be built into every cloud plan.

Create visibility

To begin with, businesses need visibility of the infrastructure resources and software licence usage, across on-premises and cloud environments. With this visibility, IT will not only gain insight into how to spend optimally, but how to lower risk at the same time, enabling the IT department to make real contributions to strategic, business-wide cost reduction and risk management initiatives.

Blue Turtle’s solutions deliver visibility, insight and automation for IT spend management, from software licence optimisation, workload assessment and cloud sizing, to real-time cloud resource right-sizing.

Optimise spend

Managing cloud spend has to be a primary goal, and Blue Turtle’s solutions deliver real-time spend optimisation, dynamically adjusting cloud resource allocation, as well as the ability to contextualise spend between business units and services in a multi-cloud environment, with the added benefit of trending and forecasting spend.

Enable operations efficiency

It’s great to clean up waste but better still to prevent it. This means automating cloud-use policies to root out anomalies such as unattached volumes and remove them; and making sure that cloud instances are created via approved templates to ensure the right placement, sizing, operating hours and security and operational policies are applied by design at deployment time, not reactively.

Blue Turtle’s service

Working with market-leading software vendors such as Flexera RightScale, Turbonomic, BMC and Morpheus, the Blue Turtle team are able to lower operating costs and improve operations and compliance, while reducing business risk at the same time.

Blue Turtle’s  approach enables business to understand their complex on-premises licence and infrastructure utilisation; optimise spend in a multi-cloud world; run workloads at optimum cost and performance; and ensure operational efficiency through automated provisioning, monitoring and governance.

Blue Turtle is now a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner

Through its alignment with Microsoft best practice, Blue Turtle Technologies helps businesses to assess, migrate to, optimise, secure and manage Microsoft Azure Cloud initiatives.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as Microsoft Gold Partner for the Cloud competency.

“Our appointment as a Microsoft Gold Partner for the Cloud competency is as a result of our investment in Azure competencies and the great support we have received from the Microsoft team in SA,” says Avash Maharaj, cloud business manager at Blue Turtle. “Today we are delivering a range of innovative solutions for cloud that deliver real value to customers.”

“Building our team and developing our Microsoft Cloud skills has enabled us to offer clients access to a range of services and all the advantages that go along with working with a Microsoft Gold Partner,” states Mervyn Yan, product manager at Blue Turtle. “It is a recognition of our capability to deliver, develop and deploy on Microsoft’s proven cloud platform, delivering both innovative software and ‘as-a-service’ offerings.”

Through its alignment with Microsoft best practice, Blue Turtle is helping businesses with their migration to Microsoft Azure, ensuring that the right workloads are moved to the cloud, where it makes financial and business sense. As part of its Azure services, the company already assists clients with discovery, assessment, migration, optimisation, operation and security for Azure.

“The cloud decision is not simple, and the actual move to it and adoption of it by business comes with potential challenges. A partner needs to understand how to identify the right workloads, get customers into the cloud efficiently and get them to operate in the cloud without cost consumption running out of control. The public cloud needs to be a feasible cost decision. Incorrect migration and sizing can damage the bottom line. What we do as Blue Turtle is get you into the cloud and keep you in the cloud,” concludes Yan.

Blue Turtle chooses RiverMeadow as its preferred Cloud Migration Platform

By delivering a seamless migration solution, RiverMeadow will foster greater agility, speed and flexibility for Blue Turtle customers in their adoption of cloud.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

RiverMeadow Software, the leading provider of multi-cloud automated cloud migration software, announced today that it has partnered with Blue Turtle, a leading South African provider of enterprise technology solutions. Blue Turtle delivers solutions that drive IT efficiency, support cloud adoption, and enable digital transformation and big-data initiatives.

Blue Turtle selected RiverMeadow’s Cloud Migration Platform to deliver a seamless cloud migration solution to its customers, complementing its cloud assessment and operations services. Supported by some of the world’s finest technology and best practice services, the collaboration with RiverMeadow will foster greater agility, speed and flexibility for Blue Turtle’s customers in their cloud adoption.

Speaking of the partnership, Martyn Healy, technology director at Blue Turtle, said: “In today’s results-driven market, it is critical that our customers can quickly and cost-effectively take advantage of cloud offerings. RiverMeadow’s integrated, end-to-end Cloud Migration Platform provides for a secure, fast, low-cost and low-risk migration of applications and workloads to the cloud, regardless of the scale or complexity. Delivered ‘as a service’ with fixed cost options, the combination of RiverMeadow and Blue Turtle makes this a great solution for our customers in their adoption of cloud.”

Graham Smith, executive vice-president of the EMEIA and Asia-Pacific region at RiverMeadow, said: “I am extremely proud of the recent collaboration with Blue Turtle. The partnership sees RiverMeadow join an elite group of global software leaders and emerging technology vendors to empower digital enablement. We are excited about the opportunities and look forward to accelerating Blue Turtle’s customers on their journey to the cloud.”

Blue Turtle partners with Kasisto to deliver KAI, conversational AI platform

Kasisto and Blue Turtle partner to offer an industry-leading conversational AI platform in Africa.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

[Johannesburg, 31 July 2018]

Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company, has partnered with Kasisto, a global leader in conversational AI software for the finance industry.

Through the partnership, Blue Turtle has been appointed an official reseller for KAI and will combine its overall talent pool to bring Kasisto’s advanced conversational AI platform to its clients. As a reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Kasisto’s platform into its fintech solutions suite to better help clients unlock the power of real-time and secure customer interaction.

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Attunity named to CRN Big Data 100 for Third Consecutive Year

Blue Turtle Technologies announces that Attunity Ltd, a leading provider of information availability software solutions, has been named to The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN® Big Data 100 for its high-performance data usage analytics and data delivery offerings. The annual list recognizes companies that bring innovative tools, technologies and services to market, helping organizations productively manage, process and analyze the increasing volume of information being generated today.

Attunity is recognized in the industry for its ability to help organizations overcome the challenges of making Big Data available quickly and easily. The company’s technology portfolio delivers automated, end-to-end Big Data usage and delivery solutions to support mission-critical data and analytics initiatives. In addition, Attunity’s robust solutions enable users to easily analyze, manage, and move small or large amounts of data with key optimizations specific to chosen platforms – whether in the data center, Hadoop or the cloud.

“When it comes to selecting building block technologies for Big Data solutions, channel partners need a dependable resource they can rely on to identify the key tools available,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “We congratulate the vendors of the CRN Big Data 100 for their innovation and commitment to helping businesses manage the Big Data challenge.”

“The Big Data industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and it is important for us at Attunity to stay innovative and agile so we can help organizations effectively reach their most challenging data delivery goals,” stated Lawrence Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing at Attunity. “We are honored to receive this important industry recognition for the third year in a row and look forward to continuing to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Nlyte Software Releases “DCIM for Dummies” Reference Book

Company Offers Expertise in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Vendor Selection and Deployment Best Practices to Bolster Adoption in 2015

SAN MATEO, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM- John Wiley & Sons, publisher of the world’s best-selling For Dummies® reference series, and Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company developing solutions for automating the management of data center infrastructure, today announced the availability of “DCIM for Dummies.” This new title clearly outlines what data center professionals need to know to derive maximum value when selecting, integrating and deploying an infrastructure management solution.

Over the last several years, DCIM has become a strategic investment for optimizing resource usage in data centers. In a 2014 report, reNlytesearch firm Gartner said, “DCIM should be a requirement in all major data center builds and renovations,” so it should not be surprising that prospective adopters have been searching for guidance on DCIM to enable them to get started.

As the primary driving force behind the DCIM industry for more than 10 years, Nlyte was ideally positioned to work with Wiley & Sons to create “DCIM for Dummies.” The guide is designed to set expectations about DCIM, offer insights into an organization’s unique challenges, share an objective process for vendor selection and capability prioritization, and discuss how best to integrate DCIM into business practices for change management.

“We have been providing leadership to the DCIM industry for more than a decade and have helped hundreds of companies improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of operating a data center,” said Mark Harris, vice president of Strategy at Nlyte Software. “Through this experience, we learned that data center professionals could benefit from a primer on how to get started with DCIM. We created ‘DCIM for Dummies’ to share our working knowledge of data center operations strategies and the best practices to realize maximum impact from more automated data center operations.”

“DCIM for Dummies” is available for download from the link:


Keynote Announces Partner Program with New Alliances to Expand Global Footprint

Partners join force with Keynote to optimize the digital experience for their customer’s journey


SAN MATEO — DECEMBER 18, 2014Keynote, the global leader in mobile and web performance management analytics, today announced the expansion of its Keynote Global Alliance Program. This program allows partners worldwide to combine Keynote’s performance and quality management suites with their own services or seamlessly integrate with their products. With this global ecosystem, Keynote’s blue chip customers and partners’ customers will realize additional and immediate value from their digital investments.New partners include:

  • GlobalDots, a web acceleration and security provider in the UK
  • Blue Turtle Technologies, a South African provider for IT and Service Management solutions
  • Spelldata, a Japan-based solution provider based in Japan focused on website quality assessment and improvement
  • Masterson Technology Limited, a consulting partner in Hong Kong providing consulting, implementation and managed services for the AWS environment
  • Bell Integrator, a global consulting, technology services and outsourcing company headquartered in the U.S.
  • Office IT Partner Stockholm, in Sweden helps companies increase their profitability through cost-effective IT solutions
  • BitBang, a leader in digital analytics, digital intelligence, optimization and customer experience management consulting services in Italy and throughout Europe
  • C2L2 Consulting, expert in IT Performance in France, providing solutions in load test and monitoring for desktop and mobile applications
  • Meaconsat, a solution consulting and telecommunication support services company in Nigeria
  • eCloudValley, an IT and cloud services technology consulting company in Taiwan
  • Intracom Limited, an IT solutions provider in the sub Sahara African market delivering next generation solutions designed to streamline internal operations
  • Orientek, a consulting and training leader in the Information and Communications Technology sector serving Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Keynote’s Global Alliance Program includes solution providers, value add resellers, strategic and technology partners who are experts in areas such as performance management, mobile and DevOps.

The digital transformation requires an open and collaborative approach to deliver performance and quality in the context of business objectives.  Through Keynote’s Global Alliance Program, businesses can ensure that with Keynote’s open and flexible solutions, each digital touch point in their customers’ journey can be integrated seamlessly across any platform including web, mobile and wearables.

Keynote Partner Quotes
“Strategic partnerships with the world’s technology leaders, such as Keynote, enable us to deliver cross-platform innovations to our clients. There is a strong demand for online performance monitoring and analytics solutions within our telecom clients and we are happy to fulfill this need with the Keynote solutions.” – Eugene Pozdnikov, Managing Director, Bell Integrator USA

“We are excited to be part of the Keynote Global Alliance Program. As a leading reseller and consulting partner helping enterprises embrace the AWS cloud, we can now deliver our customers the insights they need to optimize their experience by ensuring that key business applications deliver high performance.” – Calvin Lam, Sales Director, Masterson Technology Limited

Keynote Leadership Quotes
“As Keynote continues to expand our presence in Europe and Asia Pacific, our partners become even more of an integral part of that growth plan. Putting local experts closer to our customers and enabling them to deliver an exceptional digital experience through our Global Alliance Program is good for both our businesses and complements Keynote’s performance and quality product suites.” – Jennifer Tejada, CEO, Keynote

“With the Keynote Global Alliance Program, we are crafting a tailored experience that places training, product resources and access to special promotional programs in the hands of our strategic partners so customers receive the maximum return for their technology investments. ” – Steve Gross, Vice President of Business Development, Keynote

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Keynote is the global leader in cloud–based testing, monitoring and analytics for mobile and web, optimizing the value of every digital interaction, enhancing user experience and driving business value through online performance. The company runs the world’s largest cloud testing, monitoring and analytics network in the world and collects over 700 million mobile and website performance measurements daily. In 2012 Keynote, a Thoma Bravo portfolio company, was recognized by Forbes Magazine as “One of the Best 100 Companies in America.”