Change tracking and management a synch with Blue Turtle and NNT

Issued by: Anti-Clockwise Consulting

[Johannesburg, 05 February 2019]

To assist customers with the growing need to manage and gain visibility into unauthorised changes to systems, Blue Turtle Technologies has partnered with New Net Technologies (NNT) a leader in change control, providing local customers an easy to manage and deploy change control solution.


The NNT Change Tracker Gen7 R2 allows companies to better manage the overwhelming noise associated to change control, while still ensuring the integrity of their IT systems. The solution transverses the need of both security and IT operations in a business and monitors and manages changes while adhering to organisational and compliance policies.


“The NNT Change Tracker is the ideal solution for anyone in the security department, as well as change managers, the compliance division and IT administrators that need to manage change requests across an organisation,” says Andrew Parsons, business unit manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.

“As a reseller partner for the solution in South Africa, we are working with a host of clients to help them better manage and track change in their organisations. Critically NNT not helps better manage the complexity of integrity monitoring and policy management, but it also allows for unprecedented scalability and management, while firmly putting control back into the hands of business administrators across the organisation,” adds Parsons.


Notably, what sets NNT apart from similar systems in the market is the speed at which it is able to identify potentially nefarious change in your environment. The product performs real time caching and tagging of files and allows administrators to realise what changes are being made on a system as well as who is performing the change at a granular level, all in real time.


According to Parsons it is the perfect fit for businesses who are being squeezed by audit and compliance issues as it is perfectly aligned to globally recognised industry standards and can be customised to cater for a business’s own change management and user access policies. It also integrates with leading Service desks and Change Management solutions and will dynamically reconcile changes that are either not authorised or those that were expected and part of an approved Request for Change.


Some of its more notable features include its ability to automates critical security controls, breach prevention underpinned by threat intelligence and breach detection.


“We have a client in Nigeria who has deployed the solution to manage change management. Their business requires to follow certain aspects of PCI compliance and we have helped them to adapt the documentation to be specifically relevant to their own environment, as well as built a template to assist them to audit every machine in their network and infrastructure to track compliance. NTT has made this all possible,” ends Parsons.