Delphix acquires data masking leader, Axis Technology Software

Blue Turtle’s Data as a Service partner Delphix acquires Axis Technology, an acquisition that adds integrated masking to industry-leading data as a service platform.

Blue Turtle Technologies recognises that business applications and databases are growing at a rapid pace. According to Delphix, the market leader in Data as a Service, announced that it has acquired Axis Technology Software to enable secure, self-service data delivery for application projects, including ERP rollouts, custom development and migrations to private and public clouds.

Data as a Service delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, dramatically accelerating a wide range of application projects. By acquiring Axis Technology Software, a market leader in data masking, Delphix becomes the only solution for integrated data masking, data virtualization and data archiving.

“We believe that data masking—the ability to scramble private information such as social security numbers and credit card information—has become a critical requirement for managing data across development, testing, training and reporting environments,” said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO of Delphix. “With Axis, Delphix not only accelerates application projects, but also increases data security for our customers.”

High-profile data breaches continue to make headlines as organizations struggle to manage information security in the face of rapidly changing applications, data centers and the cloud. Data masking replaces confidential data such as social security numbers, birthdates and addresses with scrambled data that cannot be used to target customers. Adding data masking to the robust Delphix DaaS platform enables IT organizations to eliminate confidential and private information before it reaches developers, QA engineers or other privileged users—both on premises and in the cloud—dramatically reducing the surface area of data at risk.

Secure Data as a Service delivers a triple benefit to enterprise customers:

  • Security: meet external regulatory and internal requirements for managing private information, including PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Speed: accelerate time to market by 50 percent for critical application projects and releases that drive customer retention, upsell opportunities and operational efficiency
  • Cost: reduce IT operating and capital expenses for projects by 50 percent

Many organizations leave the responsibility for data masking in the hands of various application teams that employ a range of scripts and manual processes to secure data, often leaving sensitive data at risk. Legacy test data management solutions mask data, but they leave the distribution of masked data up to IT administrators, resulting in stale datasets that reduce the effectiveness of application development and testing.

Secure Data as a Service combines automated data masking, data virtualization and data archiving into a single, powerful solution that delivers data within data centers and across private and public clouds.

Molina Healthcare, a customer of Delphix and Axis Technology Software, has deployed Data as a Service across more than 6,000 databases and over 2 petabytes of data in its private cloud.

“As a user of both solutions, we rely on Delphix and Axis to help us increase agility, reduce costs and meet industry regulations for data protection,” said Bharani Krish, associate vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Molina Healthcare. “We expect the combination to better enable our own IT transformation initiatives.”

“We’ve built a sophisticated platform to secure customer data at Axis, proven at many of the world’s biggest banks and enterprises,” said Michael Logan, founder and CEO of Axis Technology Software. “We’re excited to join Delphix in its mission to transform enterprise data management. The integrated power of our platforms will provide our customers the ability to protect their data where and when they need it.”

As vice president of Data Masking at Delphix, Logan will be responsible for driving technology synergies and continued market adoption of masking as an addition to the Delphix platform.

“Ongoing data breaches are driving an increased interest in data-centric security,” said Garrett Bekker, senior security analyst, 451 Research. “The combination of Delphix Data as a Service and Axis’ data masking brings a new approach to securing application data during development and testing.  While organizations have relied on data masking as a way to ‘de-identify’ sensitive information for some time, masking can be a challenge to manage, particularly for large-scale development projects that require numerous copies of a specific database instance. By virtualizing a ‘golden masked image’ that can be easily replicated or torn down as needed, Delphix can provide a degree of scalability to masking projects that was previously hard to achieve.”

Blue Turtle can facilitate the implementation of Delphix Secure DaaS. More information can be found at