Four ways Software License Management Can Transform your Business

Software License Management (SLM) is often misunderstood as it refers to the processes and/or tools used to help you document and control the usage and distribution of your software. SLM also helps ensure the compliance of your software licences. “SLM concerns itself with tracking, monitoring, and managing where and how software products are able to run within an organization.” [1]

Your enterprise’s software assets are exposed to so many risks, it is therefore critical for you to have the necessary measures in place. SLM is important because it gives you essential outward and inward facing functions. This helps you manage risk and ensures that your business software authorisation policy is being complied with and that unauthorised use of software is prohibited.



Software license management offers the following four benefits:

  1. It helps you optimise the usage and spend of your business software assets.
  2. It protects your software assets from being duplicated, shared and illegally distributed by unauthorised users.
  3. It provides constant monitoring and evaluation to maintain license compliance.
  4. It enables you to keep record of application usage.

The adoption of usage-based software licensing models paves the way for software consumers to have more control over how much they spend on their IT assets. With the flexibility of these licensing models, customers can freely scale their license pool as the demand increases, or cut back as the need decreases.

Organisations may struggle with:

  • What is the best way to control costs and manage business and legal risks?
  • Can we do more with the software we already have?
  • Will our current IT infrastructure be able to expand as the organization grows?

Software asset management needs to be an integral part of an organisation’s strategy, from implementation to managing the life cycles of software assets. Without proper SLM, many of the potential benefits , such as cost and risk reduction, will not be realised.

How can we get you started?

Blue Turtle defines SLM as the practice of managing the life cycle of software license assets within an organisation. One objective of SLM is compliance with the organisation’s software license agreements, adding that SLM is applicable to and necessary for all organisations using software.

A recent study conducted by Federation against Software theft (FAST) revealed that 41% of companies waste money by over licensing. The average company will be over-licensed by between 5-10%. [1] The study also revealed that a large percentage of companies are in breach of their software licensing agreements and therefore non-compliant. Blue Turtle assists organisations in not only meeting the legislative requirements, but also effectively implementing a discovery and management solution to assist them in managing their licenses.

Gain control of your licenses!

Even if you are aware of your asset status, how much control do you have over them? Managing  assets with confident and standardised decision making is a fast evolving and unruly task in growing organisations.

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