How Ivanti helps simplify and accelerate your IT unification efforts.

For IT to deliver maximum business value it needs to eliminate IT silos and islands – unifying efforts across assets, endpoint, security, IT and business services.

Everyone talks about the need for resilience and agility in response to the new, “tech-enabled” customer that expects seamless business interactions across a variety of contact points. Often the result of trying to respond to their rapidly-evolving requirements sees new and legacy tools / systems converge to create massive complex IT environments.

Benefits to getting it right

Companies who are getting it right by way of adopting new applications and processes, investing in technology-innovation and upping their game in terms of customer experience are seeing the benefits.

According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CXi) research, “Customer experience leaders had a cumulative 22.5 percent gain in performance over the past years, compared with a 46.3 percent decrease for a portfolio of customer experience laggards.”

Most organisations with disjointed IT monitoring tools and operational silos experience similar challenges, namely:

  • IT invests time in putting out fires and are not fully contributing to strategic solutions and projects that deliver real business value. In addition the “downtime” instances impact employee performance and customer experience.
  • The multitude of monitoring tools often make it difficult to pinpoint the source of system failures – resulting in the usual blame game that ultimately leads to delays in issue resolution while, once again, negatively impacting on the overall customer experience.
  • The exercise of working within a clash of systems equates to entering the boxing ring of an agile business technology world with one hand behind your back. Eventually the competition is going to land some heavy punches that may, eventually, prove too damaging to ever truly recover from.

The answer is Unified IT by way of our Ivanti Solution.

The lack of communication between tools and teams increases risk and cost, slows IT response, and leaves users and the business exposed.

Ivanti is changing the IT landscape – breaking down IT silos with increased visibility and automated processes. With Ivanti you can:

  • Protect and manage your endpoints
  • Resolve your biggest IT headaches
  • Survive your next software audit, to name but a few key solution benefits.

Certainly, at Blue Turtle Technologies we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the need for the Ivanti solution, with some companies going on record – stating the solution is “the best application they have ever purchased.”

The strength of Ivanti is its total focus on the user, high-speed responsiveness and its ability to increase productivity – while reducing costs.

At Blue Turtle we provide solid, proven expertise and abilities in helping our clients successfully implement Ivanti (and other solutions) in their respective organisations.

If you are looking for a partner to help align your business and IT strategies we encourage you to reach out and connect with us today.