Immediate relief for Oracle headaches

Blue Turtle Technologies, the sole Unitask reseller in Africa, provides organisations with the tools to easily manage their Oracle E-Business suite investment to maximise the investment.

Certain aspects of implementing and managing the Oracle E-Business Suite can be risky, time-consuming and resource-intensive.   The challenge is to mitigate the risk and automate the process while reducing expense and effort so that the project will achieve the organisation’s business needs and goals.

One thing is certainly clear; the higher the level of automation is, the lower the operational cost of environments. Analysts found that Oracle E-Business Suite projects took 43% more time and 39% more money than anticipated.

Many deployment and management factors contribute to the costs and delays of these projects.  These factors include:

  • Migrating AOL and other objects:  Object migration is one of the most time-consuming, error-prone and resource-intensive tasks.
  • Migrating other Oracle E-Business suite components:  In addition to AOL objects, administrators, implementers and developers are challenged with efficiently migrating configurations, XML publisher objects, personalisation, custom development, value sets and reports.
  • Enhancing the application:  Aligning the application’s interface, workflow and overall capabilities to meet business objectives consumes substantial development and testing effort.
  • Configuring and managing printers:  Printer management is complicated and costly.
  • Implementing data interfaces:  Error-prone and resource-intensive
  • Communicating with and controlling user activity:   The ability to send users information about the state of the application and, when required, terminate user activity, is vital to enhancing Oracle E-Business Suite administration.
  • Complying with regulations:  Meeting compliance requirements are at the top of almost all IT professionals’ lists.

Unitask’s Migration Director Enterprise for the Oracle E-Business Suite provides the most advanced and cost-effective automated migration software solution available in the world today.  Migration Director solves the tedious, manually intensive and continually error-prone process of migrating objects between instances in today’s advanced Oracle Enterprise.  It dramatically reduces operation burden and ongoing costs while increasing productivity and security immediately.

Automating release processes for Oracle EBS with Unitask’s Migration Director Enterprise eliminates the manual challenges of packaging and deploying changes required between instances of Oracle E-Business Suite.  With a simple “Point-Click-Change” approach, changes are compiled, packaged and ready for migration in minutes, not hours, with no errors, no worries and no delays.  Compile and change with confidence all while remaining safe, secure and compliant.

The solution is flexible and orchestrates multiple instances within one test environment with the ability to run multiple projects in one production environment – saving time, effort and money.

The solution installs directly into the Oracle Instances, therefore no additional hardware, software or security to set up and learn.  Some of the benefits include:

  • ZeroError Migrations eliminates the manual scripting required to migrate.
  • Ensures Integrity – the technology freezes the objects contained in the change package to ensure that the components cannot be modified or changed without recompiling the package.
  • Granular Change Control allows you to control who can migrate, what they can migrate and where they can migrate changes to and from.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail with each change package a detailed report is generated listing all the entities and sub-entities that will be affected by applying this change and provides automated change documentation and reporting.
  • Impact Analysis of the change before it is migrated and applied to a target instance.
  • Ensures compliance
  • Automates manually intensive processes
  • ROI measured in months
  • Integrates seamlessly into Oracle EBS environment
  • Immediately reduces operating burden & costs

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