Crittercism reveal improved app performance for digital experience

Keynote, the global leader in digital business optimization, announced a strategic partnership with Crittercism, the leader in mobile App Performance Management. Through this partnership, both companies will co-develop integrations between Keynote’s Mobile Quality and Performance Intelligence Solution and the Crittercism Mobile App Performance Management Platform. Blue Turtle Technologies, as a renowned partner of Keynote in the Southern African region recognises this joint integration as a strategy to actively deliver high quality mobile apps that consistently perform.

As the line between testing and monitoring blurs, this first to market solution from Keynote and Crittercism allows faster mobile app releases and at higher quality. Quality and performance are critical elements of an amazing customer experience. These plus a keen eye for design excellence is mandatory to grow, engage and retain consumers and enterprise employees alike. With a third of mobile app usage lasting less than one minute, an exceptional experience is critical to achieve success in the digital transformation.

The benefits of the integrated Keynote and Crittercism solutions are:

  • Instant identification and prioritization of real customer crashes and exceptions that can be built into the regression testing process.
  • A real-time, correlated view of real and synthetic mobile app performance to continuously measure app and customer journey success after download from an app marketplace.
  • Proactive diagnoses of mobile app performance issues to resolve issues before they impact experience, and ensure consistency in meeting customer expectations.

“With many consumers and employees abandoning low-performing apps in a fraction of a second, the expectation for higher quality experiences delivered by apps that perform is greater than ever,” said Jennifer Tejada, Chief Executive Officer, Keynote.  “Our partnership with Crittercism underscores our joint commitment to help our mutual customers deliver a higher quality, frictionless digital experience to their customers.”

“As apps make the shift to businesses and services, the need for quality becomes ever more important — and the key to achieving an optimal level of performance lies in managing the entire lifecycle of an app,” said Andrew Levy, co-founder and CEO of Crittercism. “Together, Crittercism and Keynote provide an end-to-end solution to ensure a high standard of quality is being maintained from the testing phase of the app all the way to production.”

Enterprises are increasingly relying on mobile applications to engage with customers and employees; as enterprises continue to deploy mobility initiatives, they will require comprehensive solutions to ensure quality of the mobile user experience. “APM space is becoming the primary customer interface for technology-driven products and services on mobile and other environments, and a key channel for driving revenue and brand engagement. Customers will benefit from the best mobile experience through the fast delivery of these high quality apps that are continuously released and monitored in real-time,” said Tommy Erlank, Application Business Manager, Blue Turtle.

“With these joint efforts, Blue Turtle is equally helping to enable parallel development efforts and improve application quality. We believe Keynote made the right decision to integrate their Mobile Quality and Performance Intelligence Solution with the Crittercism Mobile App Performance Management Platform. Offering these kinds of combined capabilities is differentiating and can enable rapid application delivery in the Southern African region.”

To learn more about this partnership, visit this site.