Migration deadline looms

As countdown looms to April 2014 and the end of life of Windows XP, Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), a leading South African technology management company focused on IT Technology and Service Management, is assisting companies to manage and plan for the difficulties associated with migrating from Windows XP and ensure that they are ready to migrate to Windows 7/8.


Blue Turtle through its ChangeBASE solution assists companies to prepare applications for a migration to the latest version of Windows; as well as Internet Explorer and application virtualization platforms such as Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp and Vmware ThinApp.


Companies often underestimate the major obstacles caused by application compatibility issues brought on by Windows migrations, which can involve stressful and time-consuming manual processes.  Therefore effective planning and management of your company’s migration is vital to ensure that it happens on time and to cost and at no risk.

Furthermore, ChangeBASE can quickly assess and repair application compatibility issues that can hamper productivity and delay migrations. It is therefore a business imperative to conduct application compatibility assessment as early as possible as the accurate results help ensure that rationalization decisions are sound.

ChangeBASE reduces the risks associated with Windows 7 / 8 migrations by allowing companies to leverage faster application compatibility assessment, automated testing, remediation, and packaging ready for deployment.

Blue Turtle delivers a process that simplifies ensuring application readiness and eliminating the support for Windows XP migrations.

For a consultation and additional information, please contact Blue Turtle at info@blueturtle.co.za or 011 206 5600.

More info on Dell Software’s ChangeBASE : http://software.dell.com/products/changebase/


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