More data, no problem with Obscure Technologies and Splunk

With Covid-19 ever-present, and the approach to doing business changing at a rapid pace, more than ever we need to make better, faster decisions with real-time visibility across the enterprise — bringing relevant data to every question, decision and action. Security of data is paramount, especially with working from home the new norm.

Highlighting the Splunk “Data-to-Everything Platform” and cloud transformation — and with Splunk having developed Covid-19 tracking dashboards and being recognised as a platform with the components to support organisations and communities during this time of uncertainty — Obscure Technology invited experts to participate in a Splunk webinar entitled “More data, no problem”.

The participating experts were:

  • James Durand, a technologist with a keen interest in cybersecurity as part of the overall control environment of an organisation. In April 2020, Durand ended his 20-plus years of service with the Naspers group, where he was last responsible for the Naspers and Prosus financial reporting environment from a technical and control perspective. Splunk still plays a pivotal role in the control environment at a Naspers consolidated level. Durand is currently on a sabbatical but is immersing himself in the cybersecurity world without the confines of the corporate world.
  • Jason Oehley, a technology strategist with a passion in developing sustainable business models while providing leadership. In his current role as channel manager for Africa at Splunk, he is responsible for developing and implementing a channel strategy, and is focused on growth, awareness and sustainability of the business throughout Africa.
  • Stephan Le Roux, who has worked in the security industry for 20 years. He’s a big advocate on security in the SADC region. He has worked with some of the largest customers in region.

Ronnie Koch, an engineering graduate of University of Pretoria. Koch has been involved in the ICT industry for the past 40 years, both nationally and internationally.

Watch the webinar here

With data growing exponentially every day, the participants shared their insights into the need for technology to underpin and control data, and the move from just storing “big data” to getting visibility of data and obtaining real benefits. A wide range of topics were discussed, such as:

  • The various technologies used to obtain data;
  • Using IoT to bring a first-line health care worker to the home – and through real-time data, ultimately identifying possible Covid-19 hotspots;
  • Using IoT for the accurate scheduling of couriers;
  • How to use data to understand the impact on staff and customers – ultimately to increase revenue and profit, and the customer experience;
  • How to understand all data in servicing the business – resulting in increased revenue, reduced costs and limiting risk – leading to increased competitivity;
  • Using cloud as an enabler and managing the shift to the greater volume, variety and velocity of data;
  • Providing financial reporting to business and stock exchanges, timeously and accurately from disparate systems; and
  • Providing data insights throughout the whole organisation, nationally, with absolute faith in the reports.

Splunk in recognised as the leader in software for searching, monitoring and analysing machine-generated big data via a Web-style interface. The Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform turns data into action, tackling the toughest IT, IoT, security and data challenges. Splunk is the only platform that allows you to investigate, monitor, analyse and act.

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