Parasoft named 2014 winner of VDC Research Embeddy Award


“Best of Show” Award for Development Testing Platform Component Featured in Embedded Testing Solution

Blue Turtle announced today that the Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine (PIE)—a core component of Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP)—has been honoured with the VDC Research Embeddy award for Process Intelligence Engine. Parasoft PIE analyses data from disparate systems and tools in the embedded software development infrastructure and identifies risks and opportunities for improvement based on the organisation’s priorities.

Parasoft PIE helps organisations identify business risks and reduce the costs associated with software failures. Since Parasoft’s open architecture allows any development tool (including custom and third-party tools) to contribute observations to its advanced analysis, the possibilities are endless.

VDC’s Embeddy is awarded for the most cutting-edge product or service for embedded software developers and system engineers and is intended to highlight important advances in the embedded industry. “VDC chose Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine for the Embeddy award because it puts together pieces of software development information in an innovative way,” remarked Steve Hoffenberg, VDC Research’s Director of M2M Embedded Software & Tools. “PIE should help many software organisations actually become more organised.”

“Software engineering professionals are being challenged to do more with less while facing increased time-to-market demands,” remarked Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer at Parasoft. “To meet these demands and capitalise on competitive advantages, organisations need to shift from the creation of software in team silos into an integrated software supply chain. The Parasoft Process Intelligent Engine facilitates this transition by aggregating and analysing information throughout the embedded development lifecycle to identify business risks early and automatically.”

“This is a great validation of the embedded development testing solutions from Parasoft, and we are excited to share this news with all our local customers”, says Tommy Erlank, Applications Business Manager at Blue Turtle. “Parasoft has been a long time key partner and has experienced great success while providing excellent leadership across its markets and with us in Southern Africa,” he says. “We would like to congratulate Parasoft on the hard work and dedication that has led to the achievements of this milestone.”


Samsung Electronics Delivers Cutting-Edge Functionality with Parasoft’s Static Analysis


Samsung Electronics develops embedded applications that drive some of the most innovative functionality the technology market demands. On increasingly compressed schedules, Samsung is expected to deliver exponentially more complex and fully-tested functionality. Their development effort is distributed across the world, underscoring the importance of communication and transparency.

The Software Engineering Group determined that the key to delivering more complex and more reliable applications faster was to reduce the time spent finding and fixing defects late in the process. They knew that one of the most effective and efficient ways to do this was to root out error-prone code at the earliest stages of development.


Improve Code Quality with Parasoft’s Development Testing Solution for C/C++ Samsung needed a solution flexible enough to enforce its unique internal coding guidelines and reliable enough to handle its vast number of projects. Parasoft recommended Parasoft’s development testing solution for C and C++, which enables automated and integrated compliance monitoring for a range of guidelines that improve software development team productivity and software quality. With Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform, Samsung can automatically monitor compliance with internal coding guidelines via static analysis.

Samsung Software Engineering Group determined that the key to delivering more complex and more reliable applications faster was to reduce the time spent finding and fixing defects late in the process.

After an extensive proof of concept, Samsung concluded that Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform solution was suitable for their software testing and development needs. What first impressed them about the Parasoft Development Testing Platform is how it meets a vast number of industry standards out of the box. Through these standards, Parasoft ensures that Samsung’s code meets uniform expectations around security, reliability, performance, and maintainability.

Another primary driver was that it automatically checks standards that are customized for their particular needs. When Samsung wants the development team to follow custom rules or policies that fall outside of the scope of the built-in rule set, Parasoft’s Rule Wizard technology allows them to customize built-in rules. Compliance with these rules can then be monitored automatically using static analysis.

In addition to static analysis, it also facilitates code review, unit testing, and runtime error detection.


Samsung Fulfills Its Needs with the Right Solution The team is currently using the solution to prevent defects while porting applications and to make code more readable and maintainable. By introducing the Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform into their process, Samsung is able to prevent coding errors that compromise security, reliability, and performance. This reduces the overall time in dealing with low-level problems and increase the time available to address higher-level concerns such as design issues, missing customer requirements, and algorithmic issues.

In this way, Parasoft assists Samsung with their efforts to speed up their development while maintaining stringent quality standards. They expect new functionalities to be updated faster and easier than ever before.


Case Study: Samsung Electronics Delivers Cutting-Edge Functionality with Parasoft’s Static Analysis

Article: Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) Earns VDC Research Embeddy Award, 2014