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Second pillar in Cloud Journey: MIGRATE moves Blue Turtle customers securely to the cloud

Following on from the company’s foundational pillar, ASSESS, this service takes charge of the safe and successful migration of a customer’s workloads and data to the public cloud.

Issued by: Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies has launched the second pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme: MIGRATE. Following on from its foundational pillar, ASSESS, this service takes charge of the safe and successful migration of a customer’s workloads and data to the public cloud.

Taking the lead from insights gleaned from a detailed assessment of a client’s environment, the Blue Turtle team leverages its cloud competencies and migration software tools to actively place a customer’s assets in the cloud. From any source to any destination, the MIGRATE pillar is a comprehensive, secure and fast migration service, tailored to a customer’s specific objectives.

“The most daunting component of the cloud is taking the first step to migration. It is a ‘make or break’ moment for a client,” says Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle.

“With the MIGRATE pillar of the Journey to the Cloud programme, we give customers the peace of mind that their workloads and data are moved into a cloud environment that has already been specified out, is secure, and is being done by way of a process that will have nominal to no impact on their business.”

Drawing from its extensive experience, the Blue Turtle team is able to ensure a successful migration of: IaaS to Azure, AWS or GCP; PaaS such as a database or data warehouse; or SaaS, including e-mail to O365, O365 Tenant-to-Tenant, or Sharepoint and OneDrive.

MIGRATE is a cloud migration programme that builds on analyses from the ASSESS pillar to manage migration execution, based on a detailed plan underpinned by advanced automation. The follow-on services are Optimise, Secure and Manage, each adding additional value to a customer’s cloud operations.

The full five pillars in the Blue Turtle Journey to the Cloud programme draw from the management, technical skills, managed services and software capabilities of the company, with the aim of not just facilitating a cloud transition for a customer, but also ensuring that it is successful, cost-effective and secure.

The MIGRATE pillar has been developed to help accelerate and enable workload and data migration, with these key capabilities:

  • ‘Any-to-Any’ workload migration;
  • In-flight Operating System upgrades;
  • Agentless software;
  • Advanced automation;
  • Minimal downtime and low-impact cut-over;
  • High-speed data movement;
  • Support for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS;
  • Application modernisation;
  • Security of systems and data; and
  • Operations and administration set-up.

MIGRATE services can be delivered as part of a customer-managed project, or as a fully managed service.

“When we migrate a customer to the cloud, we don’t just want to get a customer to the cloud; we want them to stay there because it is adding value to their business. To date, we have been successful in achieving just that, and with this programme we are now giving customers a ‘one-stop’ service to support their cloud goals, tailored to their specific environment, timelines and business objectives,” concludes Maharaj.

Join Blue Turtle as it unpacks its Journey to the Cloud programme and its complimentary Microsoft services at the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference, which takes place from 30 to 31 January 2020 at the Sandton Convention Centre where it is a gold sponsor.