See and understand your data, better.

According to the IDC, the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011, with 75 times the number of information sources.

Potentially, that amount of data can be of great use as organisations seek to find ways that will drive better efficiencies, while looking at customer experience and optimisations that will improve overall performance – across various departments and stages of the client engagement.

To turn these potential opportunities into actionable data companies require clear insights, powered by software that makes data analyses fast, easy and useful.

Tableau builds software that does exactly that.

Making data understandable (and useful)

From its days as a startup at Stanford University, the fundamental ingredient for Tableau was the drive to make data understandable to all people. A philosophy built on three key pillars:

  1. Liberate data: Data analysis should be about asking questions, not learning software. Data must be free to tell stories that can be easily understood by those who need it.
  2. Empower people: Tableau’s self-service tool helps people feel respected, capable and powerful – motivating employees to drive their organisations forward in a different, insightful, way.Ivanti is built to help democratize data – giving people that ability to think, act and deliver.
  3. Design for people: Tableau is built from the ground up to put the user first and everything else (frankly) comes second. The company believes helping people to see and understand data is one of the most important missions of the 21st century.

What other companies say about Tableau?

From Financial, Healthcare and Public sector services to Travel, Retail and Communications-related services – companies from just about every industry are gaining significant insights through Tableau.

Lufthansa, for example, increased efficiency by 30% while gaining flexibility and departmental autonomy through its Tableau engagement.

Although Lufthansa has been a very analytical and data-driven company for a long time, there was no uniform group reporting in 2016.

Heiko Merten, Head of BI Applications in Sales at Lufthansa, remembers: “Each department had its own reporting system and there were no uniform standards. The development of each new analysis had to be formally applied for in the IT department and often took a long time because of the high workload, which resulted in a constantly growing backlog.”

“With Tableau, it is much easier to consolidate different data sources in a fast and interactive format,” explains Christian Novosel, Head of Strategic BI Initiative at Lufthansa. “We can now make data-based decisions live in a meeting. Acceptance reaches all the way to the board level with our CFO, who supports our initiative.”

Liberate your data with Tableau and Blue Turtle

Tableau’s products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems.

The software makes analysing data fast, easy, beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone.

Blue Turtle, as South African technology partners, look forward to helping local businesses liberate their information (and their teams) to make data-driven-decisions that offer ‘a single source’ of truth.

We believe there is significant scope for South African companies to capitalise more on the efficient use of information and invite you to reach out to our team of specialists to discuss ways in which our partnership with Tableau can benefit your business.