SLA Mobile signs partnership agreement with Blue Turtle Technologies

SLA Mobile, a global mobile solutions provider, announced an agreement with Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), a leading IT management solutions company, to bring together managed Digital Services to the African market.

Blue Turtle is a South African Enterprise Technology company focused on optimising, enhancing and leveraging existing IT investment. Their expertise within the IT, mobile and service management markets has given them the status of industry leaders in South Africa.

SLA Mobile, a white labelled mobile solutions provider working with both global operators and merchants, will leverage their relationship with Blue Turtle to bring a host of managed Digital Services including Direct Operator Billing and Identity Management to the African and LATAM markets.

Amelia Power, Head of Sales and Marketing at SLA Mobile commented, “Partnering with Blue Turtle further enhances our delivery capabilities to the rapidly growing African market.”  Amelia added, “By working in partnership with Blue Turtle and pooling our years of expertise together, we can provide a seamless and secure mobile experience to African subscribers.”

The explosion of new applications, devices and content in the mobile environment has opened new challenges for enterprises of all sizes. Justin Arnoldi, Operations Manager of Blue Turtle’s Application Management, explained “Blue Turtle continues to search for partners that have a unique competitive advantage which solves real challenges for our clients.   In the last year, we have seen the market demand for Direct Operator Billing grow at a staggering rate, as operators start to see the revenue opportunities. These new revenue opportunities are critical for operators as margins from traditional services (especially voice) are starting to decline. From both a technology and thought leadership perspective, SLA Mobile is the clear leader in the market and we are very excited to be partnering.”