Substantially reduce risk of mainframe application change

Blue Turtle Technologies partner EZ Legacy is the only document as a service (DaaS) solution that gets mainframe application documentation up to date as a platform for maintenance, enhancement and transformation.

Tommy Erlank, Enterprise Application Management at Blue Turtle, comments: ”Companies are required to ensure that documentation is managed effectively and exactly. The risk to companies when they attempt to make major changes to their mainframe applications primarily because applications are mission-critical and errors are costly. They are not fully understood and documented and the resources and skills available in mainframe application development are declining.”

“With EZ Legacy’s DaaS, companies are able to reduce these risks by up to 50% through fast, non-invasive production of complete documentation and metrics to support change impact assessment, application simplification, resource and project planning,” adds Erlank.

EZ Legacy’s industry leading platform for applications analysis and measurement is fuelling increased growth for the company. The trends to streamline and bring key aspects of the application life cycle under increased management have played to the strengths of the EZSource product suite and focused recent areas of development into the areas of highest value for our customers.

Among recent developments in some of the key areas have been:

* Strengthening the capabilities of helping organisations assess and manage code quality in order to reduce technical debt.
* Increasing the analysis to analyse cross-platform transactions spanning mainframe, SAP and distributed environments.
* Adding additional language coverage to include C.
* Adding integration capabilities to complementary technologies such as IBM Rational.

EZ Legacy remains committed to remaining at the forefront of solutions that provide immediate value to both enterprise organisations and outsourcers which face challenges in application management to adopt new processes, streamline existing workloads and adopt new technologies.

Key features
* Interactive, Web-based dashboard
* Secure, cloud-based service infrastructure
* Structured, easy to read documentation
* Recommendations for application improvement
* Standard metrics
* Downloadable deliverables

“The DaaS provides a complete set of application documentation without installation of any products or tools in your environment. EZSource produces proven business benefits to development organisations faced with the real-world challenges of maintaining and enhancing their portfolio of applications and to management seeking greater visibility and improved compliance,” concludes Erlank.

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Using ESource, customers have delivered tangible cost reduction (savings) in the order of:
Planning and assessment: 50% – 80%;
Design, development and testing: 30% to 50%;
Support and maintenance: 30% – 40%;
Documentation: 60% – 90%

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